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  1. Standard scoring and 1 point for 2 receptions.... Already starting Chad Johnson vs. Bears...need 2 more to start with CJ.... One dilemma about the WR's is I'm already starting Cadillac Williams for Bucs...do I double dip on the "O" of Tampa and start Clayton too...or do I go elsewhere???? Help me out will respond to yours...
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. Congrats to the Cats

    Gotta say this....Delhomme was trying IMO to give the game away...did you see his int. to Vrabel....he just plain threw it to him...threw 5 yards over the head of his receiver who was 7 yards away from him....incredibly (even though I thought that would put the Pats on the road to winning) the Panthers "D" held up and they ran more after that (way more)...Delhomme has to make a step up and stop making poor decisions before I believe the Panthers are contenders.....like last week vs. Saints....it was the Saints week...this week the Panthers returned the favor to New England....Jake looked very shaky most all the game...and Kolbert can't catch a cold....one thing I will say that hurts the Pats more than anything was special teams and penalties...bet there will be some changes on kickoff and punt coverages this week!!! Meanwhile Panthers---SALUTE!!!!---Jake Delhomme
  4. Tough match-ups this week. RB's get 1 point for 10 yds -total yards...1 point for each 10 rushes---1 point for each 5 receptions... Starting Westbrook already. Need to decide who gives me the best chance to win--Williams or Portis....will respond to yours....
  5. Tough match-ups this week. RB's get 1 point for 10 yds -total yards...1 point for each 10 rushes---1 point for each 5 receptions... Starting Westbrook already. Need to decide who gives me the best chance to win--Williams or Portis....will respond to yours....
  6. Cadillac Williams or Portis

    By the way---Williams vs. Bills (in Tampa) Portis vs. Cowboys on MNF in Washington
  7. Cadillac Williams or Portis

    Some how did wrong forum....DMD can you kove this please...sorry guys!!
  8. A good laugh!

    Thanks for sharing it!! Love the analogies and the 3 monkeys!!! Especially the rotating of them....really though I envisioned Shannanigans on an island with three monkeys and his RB carousel...he would definitely rotate them as to which one had the best sh!t!!! Good stuff...Thanks!!
  9. Can I get opinions

    Tampa will win with a big defensive play....as Losman has happy feet and will cost the Bills the game---TB--13 Buff--9
  10. King Of The Mountain

    Cowboys on MNF!!!! McNabb's injury makes me steer clear...
  11. Tatum Bell

    Joke isn't it?? Bell and Parker will be the same when all said and done... Maybe Bell and me will have the same stats is closer to truth than your statement of Bell and Parker!! :doah: :doah:
  12. Weekly Blitz

    Bal Clev KC NEP STL
  13. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Parker Fitzgerald Holmes
  14. ECB draft pictures

    No screaming donkeys there eh!??
  15. cheese and Rice

    Jerry can't go to Green Bay...per DMD and the Huddle he is kicking for Denver this week(see projections).......what a versatile receiver!!!
  16. Saints

    It's a sad state of affairs, the devastation and destruction in New Orleans. So much so to incorporate a football game into the arena of despair in New Orleans is ludicrous. While we, who have power, televisions, a game to go, etc...maybe its just me...but the Saints winning or losing has nothing to do with the spirit and courage the citizens of New Orleans has displayed. Their existence and hopes have nothing to do with the Saints and Panthers today...look at the video and look into those faces and think a Saints win will do something for them.....the human spirit was attacked by Katrina and possession and lives destroyed...but not their faith, determination and will to live and help their fellow neighbor. Today we remember the victims of 9/11/2001, the victims of Katrina and pay tribute to the many heroes, survivors and the human spirit to persist in the face of destruction.The Saints and Panthers game is and should be a separate issue and incorporation of the destruction, fears and despair in New Orleans stands alone..not on the hopes of a Saints win....which will not restore one building or put together one basket of food and water. We shouldn't make football a soother to human despair.
  17. Reggie Williams story

    To capsulize what I think I see here: Based on rookie stats..Williams is a bust(so far)? Balogna!!! Could care less what he did last year....gotta look what the Jags did this year and what Williams has done to improve...all indicators point ---upsdie IMO....Believe Reggis Williams unlike Peerless Price thrives as a #1...not #2....believe he will make vast improvement this year--will triple even quadruple his yards of last year...and Jimmy Smith will be hard pressed to maintain the #1 position...also believe as noted before...Leftwich, the running game and offensive play selection(vertical passing) has to increase and improve in order for Williams to get Fantasy starter stats...the future of the Jags is in Williams and Matt Jones....obviously the Huddle think tank is showing signs in their projections that Leftwich is up to the task with their 270 yards- 3 TD projections vs. Seahawks--also projecting 3 different WR's--Williams, Smith and Jones getting the TD's.....tomorrow will settle a lot of opinions....right now Williams makes my roster as a 5th WR based on 2004 stats and a 4th WR as an "upside" WR....
  18. Big year for Pennington

    IMO....talking with other football freaks like myself...jury is out until Penny gets in his first week of IT COUNTS NFL football.....I like Pennington, but gotta see how his arm hold up after a couple of quarters...hits, etc....
  19. Game Day Weather

    Carolina vs. Saints (in Charlotte)---Gametime: Sunny and High 82 Hurricane Ophelia is off the coast of S.C/NC....but is 250 miles--ESE of Charleston, SC and not moving in any direction....could move toward NC--Monday...
  20. I got a C-note

    Who is to say in this day of identity theft that he is not another name in the Huddle...could have used his wife-Jack's maiden name.....
  21. Same old Moss?

    Couldn't have said it better myself!!
  22. Weekly Blitz

  23. Colts let Walters go then pick him back up....possibly a normal move and possibly Walters already knew he would be picked back up by the Colts...let's say all this is true? See wire below: COLTS RE-SIGN WALTERS The Indianapolis Colts re-signed WR TROY WALTERS on Wednesday and released S DEXTER REID. Reid had been claimed off waivers from the New England Patriots last week. Source: Indianapolis Star. Maybe Reid needed to believe he made the team before he would sell out to the Colts what he had seen, learned, etc in Patriots camp ......??? Imagined or real.....I wonder how bad Dungy and caompany wanted to know what Reid learned all the way up to last week in New England?????? Would the management there hatch a plot so conniving and ethically challenged to get any edge on the Pats....could be real...could be my imagination....hmmm.... Naw...nothing like this would go on in the NFL....would it?