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  1. Kamara for ODB and Collin

    You cannot lose Kamara. I would not do trade.
  2. 1 QB league. I have both Rodgers and Mahomes. Should I stand pat and play matchups? Or do I trade one - and which one you all think to trade - and upgrade my weak WR's (fitz, a Rob, Goodwin , Crabtree) and what/who at wr should I Target?
  3. Sell High and Buy Low?

    If it's 1 QB league and you can give lesser RB then yes trade because of upside in DJ. I think Mahomes is real deal but 1 he cannot keep this pace up and 2 whenever you can over sell you should do it.
  4. Drop Someone to Pick Up Calvin Ridley?

    I'd say drop Parker or Crabtree. Both those 2 are mediocre at best over last few years. Ridley is very good and learning FAST but most important lines up in passing offense along side Julio. A few more games and Ridley will prove himself to all and you'll be glad you got him!
  5. Pick a D

    Seattle defense at home is still tough to pass up
  6. What to do...

    Clement. All else on Philly is banged up.
  7. Which RB this week

    Ekeler is the man. He's being used more and more promising in getting touches especially in this matchup.
  8. Odell For DJ trade

    Depends on who your RB's are. But early thoughts say OBJ will still be more worthy than DJ in their respective offenses.
  9. Rodgers or Mahomes

    1 QB league. Who would you start? And Why!! Thx
  10. I Was Offered Keenan Allen (Updated)

    No way. Bell ain't coming back before week 11 and that's if he ain't traded by then. You need Conner and yes he is the real deal. Plus you are already solid at wr.
  11. which TE RoS

    Trey Burton. Jack. Jimmy. In that order.
  12. Flex question

    I'd say Thompson. 1. Sarkasian ATL OC has turned that offense into plain Jane vanilla. They looked all to predictable last year and last week 2. If two Bengals RB's can make Indy defense look bad then just imagine what AP and Thompson will do too!
  13. Kupp and Algholor and don't look back. Great matchup based plays this week
  14. 2 QB league. I'm starting Jimmy G. But who start at flex Ryan or Thompson? My other RB's are Gordon and Cook. I'm leaning towards Thompson but not sure. Please help!
  15. Rodgers or Mahomes

    I know you never bench your studs unless they out or on bye week! But I do have Mahomes on my bench in 1 QB league. What you all think? Who should I start?