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  1. Is anyone else over the NFL?

    Or, another possibility is that some of us are simply playing the string out until the season ends and don't want to give up on the season or league out of respect to the other long-time leaguemates. Because, yes, I AM over the NFL.
  2. Who are considered the best DFS players ?

    Probably won't matter to most people, but you might want to read some of these experiences before signing on with a site like Draft Kings. Sites like Draft Kings and Fan Dual remind me of "3 Card Monte". http://www.bbb.org/boston/business-reviews/internet-gaming/draftkings-inc-in-boston-ma-134635/
  3. Tom brady record and stats post cheating

    https://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/8eace98c87969190c56aac78bd880a90.jpg?quality=100&strip=info&w=600 At least we know what one Bills fan thinks of Brady.
  4. Week 2 QB Player Rankings

    ESPN just had Adam Schefter on and Manziel WILL start, McCown still in conscussion protocol.
  5. It's shady

    I feel your pain. Mike Evans on my roster. Hope you have Karlos though if McCoy is ruled out. Only one week and he's a rookie but it beats if he'd have shown 3 yards and a cloud of dust last week.
  6. Doug Martin

    Muchos gracias
  7. ESPN Scoring change?

  8. ESPN Scoring change?

    Sometimes things get missed, usually for D/ST. For whatever reason, in my experience with ESPN for 10+ years now, every once in a while they miss a fumble or a sack or something like that which then usually updates the next day/overnight. They also state on their league scoreboard page that scores are not actually final until Saturday.
  9. Doug Martin

    Saw the same thing here. IIRC, he had one specific series with a few good runs called back for penalties. I think this TB offense will be significantly different (i.e. better) with Evans back in the lineup this week. Martin will benefit, as will VJ, ASJ, Winston... IMHO, Winston and Martin will benefit the most.
  10. Adrian Peterson

    Suggested picks was a starting point. As we know with Tebow, "all it takes is one team" who will (over)pay the asking price, although Tebow was "only" a price tag of one 1st round pick when he was selected. I would doubt that Jones would pass on trading for him if an offer was close to reasonable, maybe even give a little more than he'd like. Two 1st rounders may be (is probably) too steep. MIN needs to move on from AP, IMHO. Personally, I don't consider AP's past as "baggage". Ray Rice, yes. AP, no. I'm of the opinion MIN is keeping AP almost out of spite (or maybe they don't really know what to do), instead of using him while he still has relatively high trade value to get something worthwhile in return. Keeping AP will not help them win a championship this year or next. They need more pieces, and AP's trade value can help with that.
  11. Adrian Peterson

    I want to see AP sent to Dallas. And I'm not a Dallas fan by any means. I just think a deal like this could/would benefit both teams immensely. Dallas sends to MIN: 1st round pick in '16 and '17 2nd round pick in '18 one of their current RBs like Randle or Dunbar or then go sign Ray Rice Min sends to Dallas: AP
  12. Week 2 QB Player Rankings

    Everything I've read says he is. ETA: I read too much into comments, or glossed over "waiting until Friday" for McCown's concussion protocol. Mea culpa.
  13. Who is your Upside WR

    And this is why I have a hard time drafting any Fisher players. Mike Shananigans wannabe twin brother too often. It wasn't the RBs in week 1, it was the WRs with Quick getting benched for who-knows-what. Maybe things change as the season goes on and Foles develops better chemistry with different players. Bailey did have 4 targets which wasn't bad considering that tied for 2nd on the Rams. As for me, I'm staying far away from this team for now.
  14. Carlos Hyde

    <CabCallowayVoice> Hy-de Hy-de Hy-de Ho </CabCallowayVoice>
  15. Mike Evans

    ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\... How about ascii?