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  1. That's close, but I would go Conner and Howard.
  2. I just picked up Alex Smith because something I read said he would be a better starter than Russell Wilson. Now I'm having second thoughts and put Wilson back in.
  3. Yes I can trade them. That is kind of why I was asking. If I decide to keep Bell and Johnson, I would put Kamara and Fournette on the trading block. I would probably just try and move up in round 1.
  4. Every team must keep two players. Last year I kept LeVeon Bell and David Johnson. I kept DJ all year even though he was hurt. My first pick last year was Leonard Fournette and I picked up Alvin Kamara during the season. I have to pick 2 to keep before our draft and we usually draft right before the beginning of the season. I will pay attention to all four during preseason even though LeVeon will probably not play, but I really only have to choose 2 from the other three. I'm keeping LeVeon. It's a 10 team league and I pick #10 in every round.
  5. I had to bench Fournette and have to pick one of these three for my last roster spot. I'm leaning towards Woods. I already started Keenan Allen and I have JuJu in my lineup right now.
  6. Last minute decisions

    I'd go with Ivory and Davis.
  7. Bortles, Goff or Prescott?

    I have to choose between Prescott and Bortles and right now I'm going with Prescott. I just picked up Bortles when Wentz went down. My only reason for going with Prescott is simply a gut feeling that he will do better.
  8. Who to start at QB?

    I'm going with Wilson also. But my choice is either Dak Prescott or Wilson. Stafford would make it a tougher choice, but I'd still go with Wilson.
  9. I'd probably go with Rawls. Just a gut feel.
  10. Week 17 finals pick two rbs

    I would go with Howard and Rawls. It's a tough choice though. Any one of the four could have a really big game. I have Howard in my lineup and have had him starting most every week, and I think the Seahawks are going to beat the crap out of the 49ers.
  11. I have my lineup pretty much set and have Williams in right now, but thinking about putting Nelson in instead. Probably over thinking this. I know we shouldn't be playing for the championship in week 17, but I am and my main guy, LeVeon Bell, is not playing. I picked up Zach Zenner and hope he can do something this week.
  12. Henry Hunter or J Gresham

    I'd probably go with Gresham mainly because the Rams are just not that good and KC is a better Def.
  13. I'm going with Wilson at QB and Bell, David Johnson and Jordan Howard at RB. At WR I'm going with Jordy Nelson for sure and then I have two more to pick from the following: Emanuel Sanders Travis Kelce Matt Forte Tyrell Williams Taylor Gabriel Jarvis Landry Right now I have Sanders and Kelce in my lineup.
  14. Big Ben, Cousins, or Dalton?

    Stick with Ben. That's who my opponent has and he scares the hell out of me. And I'm a big time Steelers fan. Cousin's would be my 2nd choice of the ones you have.