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  1. WDIS @ WR

    Basic scoring. SF (lloyd) vs. Stl or Miami (chambers) vs. Denver at Miami Tricky b/c I am a HUGE Badgers fan....cannot seperate heart from mind... Thanks.
  2. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Week 13 vs. Vikings, who will run up the score....Lions will put up 13 pts.... Thanks, this will be fun.... although an 8-track of the song would be just as cool...
  3. King Of The Mountain

    Show me......ST. Louis Rams......... Thanks for setting this up!
  4. Portfolio Pool

    Looks cool to me....I will take.... Vikings = 95 Seahaks = 85 cowboys = 85 Raiders = 80 Bills = 80 Cardinals = 75 Thanks.
  5. Who is the top backup QB in the NFL?

    Todd Bouman, NOS
  6. Weekly Blitz

    Carolina Indy Phily Sea Wash Thanks Blitz......Salute......
  7. Brett Farve

    What a sad post.....
  8. Owners meeting called off

    Not to sound dumb, but what does the last sentence mean? From NFL web site: NFL owners, players union call off meeting wire reports NEW YORK (Sept. 1, 2005) -- An NFL owners meeting owners scheduled for Sept. 14 in Atlanta has been called off because the players union and league have not made sufficient progress on an extension on a new labor contract. The negotiations have been an issue that has been lingering for more than a year, in part because the owners have disagreed among themselves over the contributions to the player pool between high- and low-revenue teams. Several owners have said that the teams are closer to a consensus among themselves on how that issue can be resolved. However, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said in a letter to owners that this delay was "because we have not made sufficient progress with the players on the CBA extension." For that reason, he said, the meeting has been pushed back to Oct. 6 in Detroit. The labor agreement, first signed in 1993, has been extended several times. It is due to expire in 2008, but there is some urgency to the negotiations because without an agreement, 2007 would be an uncapped year.
  9. Ricky to be traded ?
  10. Ricky to be traded ?

    From Fox Sports.. Ricky Williams will not finish the season on the Dolphins Trade whispers have followed Williams since he announced his return to the league. It didn't make sense for the Dolphins to dangle Ricky before camp, when he had no value. It makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins to showcase him during training camp, and then deal him to the first team that offers a mid-round draft pick. With the preseason just starting, we can expect a power running back to go down to injury somewhere. Jacksonville has been mentioned as a possibility if Fred Taylor can't get healthy. Philadelphia needs a power running back if Correll Buckhalter stays sidelined, although Andy Reid probably doesn't want to take on another distraction. Some team will need a player like Williams before the NFL's trading deadline on Oct. 18. Once Ronnie Brown signs, Dolphins should be happy to oblige. The possibility only raises Ricky's fantasy value.
  11. Ricky to be traded ?

    Just read an article regarding Ricky W. might be traded to Philly....if he continues to play well in preseason, can you see Miami trading him and riding the rookie?
  12. Nice article. The draft statergery was nice to examine. Well done.
  13. Original huddle members

    1998 and every year ever since.....this is my second user name, my first was Elladan.
  14. CCS

  15. CCS