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  1. Who is starting Julio Jones?

    As of right now, if he's active then I'm playing him. I'll be glued to the television/computer for an hour before kickoff to look for any reasons not to trust him. Mike Wallace is my back-up if he sits.
  2. Yes, but not until Week 15 when my opponents players are done and I'm up at least 20. To be honest, I've had that feeling about a few teams that won it all, and I've had that feeling many more times about teams that eventually make me want to watch basketball all winter.
  3. Ethical Dilemma

    If the other guy already accepted your offer, then you have to continue the normal process of allowing the league to vote and then let the trade go through. Sucks that you offered up a guy that you wanted to keep, and it will look a little fishy if you try to trade him back to your team, so you might be without Cooper for the year. On the upside, if you have Cooks ranked higher, then things are still good.
  4. ASJ What to expect?

    With Bennett gone, I'm rolling with ASJ. I wasn't holding a back-up and there was nothing else out there. I'm less nervous about it than some of my other roster decisions this week. I think he'll put up something decent.
  5. I'm wavering between J.Matthews and D.Jackson this week, but I totally agree that Eagles are hard to trust. I'm glad Murray didn't fall to me in any league in a spot where I would have taken him.
  6. Brady spread the ball around, and then Moss came to town and they crushed together. And then they used Moss as a decoy. I think it depends on the QB and the system they want to run. With a better QB and a legitimate offense scheme that catered to Hopkins, I think he could put up huge numbers. Probably that way for a few WRs in the league, but Hopkins is definitely on the list.
  7. "Chip Kelly's Offense"

    Great coaching and talent may not be equal, but they're both important. I don't like Chip Kelly that much because he does appear to have a "chip" on his shoulder, but I haven't counted out his system just yet. The right QB may change that teams outlook dramatically.
  8. "Chip Kelly's Offense"

    I'm assuming he means DeSean Jackson.
  9. "Chip Kelly's Offense"

    I always thought "Chip Kelly Offense" just meant that you just hike the ball as fast as you can to keep the defense on their toes. Everything else he's doing has been done before.
  10. Anyone starting Dez this Sunday?

    He's in my lineup, but I don't have high expectations. If Brandon Marshall is a go, then I might swap him out, but that's who he's competing with on my roster. He played a lot of snaps last week, so I think its safe to say he's healthy at the moment. The matchup isn't bad either. And Cassell's not the worst, but he's not the best either.
  11. Need to Vent

    These two things say it all. I feel for you though if that makes you feel better. I also lost Foster and I was planning on him being the mid-round pick guy that put me over the top when he returned. That dream didn't last long.
  12. Anderson owners... what now?

    Dear god, now what? I've reluctantly held onto both of these guys, but mostly out of a personal refusal to drop my first round pick. I'm glad I started Hillman as he looked like the lead back last night, but now it feels like Anderson is nipping at Hillman's heels. The Denver offense looked good, and that makes it better for both RBs, but this situation still looks cloudy.
  13. Anyone starting Dez this Sunday?

    No. We only start 2 receivers and I've got better options at the moment. The Cassel thing doesn't worry me as much as him shaking off the rust and squaring up against Sherman. If he's still fit to play against Tampa next week then I'll play him.
  14. This is why I've kept him, but he's on the bench right now. I have Woodhead too, and he's currently in over Gordon.
  15. Rookie RBs you're holding on

    I've been holding on to CAP. We have a keeper league where you can keep one pick from rds 12-16 as long as you roster that player all year. Deep bench, so I'm just sitting on him.