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  1. Mostert?

    Only in really,really, deep leagues...16 teams or more
  2. It's a Win-Win if the trade satisfies both of the traders needs.
  3. Goff and Gronk trade

    Quantity for quality isn't going to work with what you're offering.
  4. Trade loan collusion?

    Lone Star
  5. One song

    Victory - Biohazard
  6. Packers-49ers Game Thread

    I saw him in 1 play
  7. Week 6 Milk Carton

  8. One song

    Fool You - King's X
  9. Trading between spouses...Collusion?

    The trade looks fine. You gotta expect a hummer to be involved if you're gonna allow spouses to compete in a league that allows trades. If they're not married would there be any questions? I don't think so
  10. Start Fuller or Ridley?

    I'd go Ridley this week