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  1. One song

    Reneducation - Okilly Dokilly
  2. One song

    Black Hoodie - Body Count
  3. One song

    The Gift Of Guilt - Gojira
  4. One song

    Mexican Radio - Wall Of Voodoo
  5. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    There's Puppybowl XV as an alternative.
  6. One song

    วิชาความฝัน (Dream) - Overdose (Thailand) Gotta love bands that have members that are smaller than the instruments they play
  7. One song

    Karate - BabyMetal
  8. One song

    Wires - Red Fang
  9. One song

    Dance - KONTRUST
  10. One song

    Electric Man - Rival Sons
  11. One song

    Pressure and Time - Rival Sons
  12. anyone have any good SB ticket purchasing tips?

    Yuuuup...the big valley version of Oakland.
  13. anyone have any good SB ticket purchasing tips?

    Good advice, So I was once a long time 49er's season ticket holder. One year, before the tickets were actually in my name, the person that received them lived in an apartment building in Oakland. When the tickets arrived they didn't fit in his mailbox and were left on a counter in front of the mailboxes for anyone to take. And sure enough they were stolen. Luckily we got replacement tickets just before the pre-season started. We show up to the first pre-season game and there are 4 people in my seats, whom I believe were the culprits. I let them know I'd be there for every game and the ushers made them leave. Every game thereafter a different group would show up claiming I was in their seats. I would just tell them to see the usher, the usher would come to me confirm my tickets(they were hand written replacements) and we'd never see that group again. Several times the people would argue that they had purchased the tickets from a ticket broker in the Stockton, CA area. Most had driven at least 100 miles and they were either seated elsewhere or be asked to leave, I don't know. I guess the first folks realized they were never going to be able to use the tickets so they offed them to an unsuspecting out of town regional ticket broker. So beware.
  14. I am tired of the moaning

    So I'm having breakfast at the local casino cafe with one of my breakfast buddies and another regular at the counter says he saw on the news this morning that some kind of lawsuit has been filed over this game. If so, I hope Judge Judy presides Get over it already
  15. One song

    Bone Crusher - Haggard Cat