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  1. One song

    Take The Power Back - Rage Against The Machine
  2. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Need 18.75 pts. from Kamara in my 1pt ppr local to make it to the championship.
  3. Rams/Eagles

    +1 Goff has not looked the same since he lost Kupp
  4. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    Almost every TE in the NFL in every game played so far
  5. Put me in the Cooks & JuJu camp
  6. WDIS

  7. One song

    Locomotive - Sick Of It All
  8. Start WAS, NYG, or CHI

    I made the mistake of not starting the Bears against the Rams.
  9. Really? Mike Williams?

    What kind of contest? 50/50? Mike Williams on the WW in my 10 team local, probably stays there, no damage
  10. One song

    Human Friction - KXM
  11. Mixon or Samuels?

    Mixon in a game with 2 teams that have little to no Defense
  12. One song

    Face To The Floor - Chevelle
  13. You're overthinking it, start him.
  14. One song

    Expendable Youth - Slayer