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  1. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    I need Sony Michel to not exceed 14.67 pts
  2. One song

    Allison Hell - Annihilator
  3. One song

    Miserable Failure - Iron Reagan
  4. One song

    Road Less Traveled - Sick Of It All
  5. ESPN League question: Remove divisions

    My local is 10 team with no divisions and it does insure highest scoring teams make the playoffs and I like it. I understand your frustration but changing league structure mid-season to manipulate playoff seeding would be a bush league move and unethical in my opinion. Live and learn...make the change next season.
  6. One song

    Canned Heat - Turnstile
  7. One song

    Dig - Mudvayne
  8. Veto Advise

    I advises yuh to worry about your own team, vetos are for whiners.
  9. One song

    Institutionalized - Body Count
  10. One song

    Lies - The Knickerbockers
  11. One song

    Sway - Coal Chamber
  12. yes, opponent(#1 team at the time) had a slight lead Was facing Buffalo's Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, & Andre Reed. All I had left was Christian "The Nigerian Nightmare" Okoye. Buffalo @ KC on a Monday night. KC's D virtually shutout the Bills. Okoye ran for 120 and 2 TD's and I won, That was sweet
  13. Week 4 milk carton

    Watson gets little to no protection, way to many scrambles and sacks.
  14. Week 4 milk carton

  15. What is a catch? redux

    I don't understand how if a ball never touches the ground its not a catch. Just boggles my mind, terrible reversal.