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  1. 10 Team PPR, standard performance, 1 pt per recp, 3pt rush & rec bonus @ every 100 yds (my long local league) start:1 QB , 2 RB , 2 WR , 1 RB/WR/TE , 1TE , 1K , 1Team D qb;s Mayfield Bench - Cousins rb's Chubb, Cook, S. Michel Bench - P.Barber, K.Hunt wr's Cooper, B.Cooks Bench - R.Anderson, A.Robinson, Tyrell Wiiliams te M. Andrews k got one D got one I had been targeting Chris Carson as my 3rd rb pick but he got sniped ahead of me and I ended taking Sony Michel (rnd 5), Tyrell Williams has become a commodity with the release of AB. I'm considering offering Sony Michel & Tyrell Williams for Chris Carson. With the freed up roster space I'd try and grab TE Darren Waller off the WW. I think Carson is going to have a studly year. So could Michel but he has potential knee issues and he's on the Pat's. What are your thoughts on this trade?
  2. Am I giving up too much?

    +1 Not a DJ fan at all
  3. We got a lineup

    8 team, everyone has multiple studs, you'll be competitive
  4. advise on veto or not

    As the commish of my long time local I would tell the whiners to mind their own business. Say no to veto.
  5. To answer your question, No...its not the worst team I've ever seen drafted.
  6. One song

    Cochise - Audioslave
  7. One song

    Lunatic Fringe - Gary Hoey
  8. Rate my Team Please

    I like this team a lot better then that squad in your 10 team league. Personally I think Ingram will have an outstanding season and less competition in the backfield, keep him.
  9. One song

    California Gurls - Katy Perry
  10. Let's talk about the Metal

    Check out Steel Panther for a good laugh.
  11. One song

    Urban Discipline - Biohazard
  12. Rate my Team

    Minimal depth at RB, I don't think Cohen will put up RB2 numbers. Strikes me as a roster you'd see in a 12 team league.
  13. One song

    Can't Control - Combichrist
  14. MB League #3 8-man

  15. MB League #3 8-man

    I didn't see him enter any pre-draft picks.
  16. One song

    Duality - Slipknot
  17. One song

    Death To All But Metal - Steel Panther
  18. One song

    What Would a Wookie Do? - Clutch
  19. One song

    Speed Queen - Thunderpu$$y
  20. One song

    Here's To The Crazy Ones - John 5 and The Creatures
  21. One song

    Jungle Boogie - Kool And The Gang
  22. Let's talk about the Metal

    If you can find'em, check out Fear of God, fronted by Dawn Crosby, late 80's early 90's. I think they only put out a couple of albums. I have Within The Veil. She passed away in 1996. I wouldn't call them progressive but definitely worth a listen, here's a website for more info Dawn Crosby
  23. Let's talk about the Metal

    Check out Unleashed if you haven't, includes former members of Entombed
  24. Let's talk about the Metal

    Well, this is the pile of CD's thats sitting here next to me: Carnivore - old Peter Steele (Type-O Negative) Black Sabbath Vol. 4 Bad Brains, Quickness - Rasta metal S.O.D, Speak English or Die - Has all the riffs original HB'ers Ball used for their crashing building promos and such Coroner, Mental Vortex...these guys are tight. No More Color is a great album by them Sick of it All, 3 or 4 different albums....I like them, NY hardcore D.R.I., 4 of a Kind punkish thrash skateboarder music Obituary, Cause of Death... yea, there is some death metal I like Meshuggah, None....Interesting stuff Primus, Frizzle Fry....their best album IMHO Pitchshifter, (thats the name of the album) Industrial metal Stuck Mojo, Rising... some of their stuff I really like, some I don't Suicidal Tendencies, Lights..Camera...Revolution , no metal collection is complete without some Suicidal "All I wanted was a pepsi" Rollins Band, The End Of Silence good ole Henry Rollins Prong, Cleansing Exhorder, Slaughter in the Vatican sort of a heavier and more brutal Pantera Scatterbrain, Here Comes Trouble they do a great cover of Cheech & Chongs, Earache My Eye, theres also a great song entitled Don't Call Me Dude, definately worth a listen. Lead singer is Tommy Christ(was in Ludichrist) AC/DC Back in Black & For Those About To Rock not metal, but classic Testament, The New Order Bolt Thrower, Warmaster grindcore also in the mix is some Hendrix, Slipknot, King's X, Reel Big Fish, Dance Hall Crashers, and a few others.