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  1. Bad calls for Sunday games

    Atrocious call... no helmet to helmet...NOTHING
  2. One song

    a buddhist monk, a Japanese Elvis impersonator, and Mr. Miagi walk into a bar..... Heartless Scat - Ningen Isu
  3. Let's talk about the Metal

    a buddhist monk, a Japanese Elvis impersonator, and Mr. Miagi walk into a bar......
  4. One song

    Sick Of You - GWAR
  5. Let's talk about the Metal

    Joan Rivers meets GWAR
  6. Kittle

    I'll try to steal an injury report for yuh
  7. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    ....and plenty of clean towels.
  8. Let's talk about the Metal

    When metal crosses the path of people that like to tailgate
  9. ESPN+ Questions

    This what I use for football and everything else: Hulu Live - Gives me ESPN(MNF), local ABC. CBS. & Fox affiliates and gives me the NFL games they broadcast in my area, also extensive college coverage Sling - NFL Network & Redzone The only NFL games I don't get is Sunday Night Football on NBC because Hulu doesn't broadcast the local NBC affiliate from Reno for some reason. Disney+ already hacked:
  10. One song

    You're Cut Off - Municipal Waste
  11. Tie Breakers

  12. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    lower leg injury
  13. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    he's been watching Pettis and Goodwin
  14. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    and Pettis...... and Goodwin
  15. One song

    Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton
  16. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Atlanta decided to show up and are dominating the first half
  17. One song

    Six Days On The Road - The Flying Burrito Brothers
  18. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    Nah, probably someone more like John Edward.
  19. One song

    Highway Patrol - Junior Brown
  20. One song

    Hush - Deep Purple
  21. One song

    Sweet Soul Sister - The Cult
  22. One song

    Low Life - Crobot
  23. One song

    Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
  24. One song

    Green Tambourine - The Lemon Pipers
  25. One song

    Back Foot - Dinosaur Pile-Up