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  1. Which TE??

    Both my TE's are gimpy this week, Andrews will play but questionable and Cook on Monday but have heard nothing about his concussion since Sunday. So I picked up Higbee just in case because I was planning on starting Cook before him an Andrews were injured on Sunday Andrews, Cook , or Higbee......need 1
  2. Week 15 QB Dilemma: Brees/Jackson

    That bum game a couple of weeks ago was on the road and this game is at home on Monday night.Saints are better at home. Its a tough call but I give the edge to Brees. I'll be starting Brees in one league, facing Jackson. And in my local I'll be starting Jackson. Good Luck
  3. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    We did this years ago in a league I'm in and was a big improvement for the WW pool.
  4. One song

    In Walks Barbarella - Clutch
  5. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    Several Seahawks are battling the flu including Lockett.(espn)
  6. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    NOOOOO.... I escaped CA in 2017 after living there almost 60 years and have absolutely no desire to ever return
  7. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    My local league holds its draft at a pub/bar and on draft night they've always got karaoke going(always the Friday night of Labor Day weekend). So we instituted a rule where the loser of our our Toilet Bowl has to sing a tune of league members choosing at the following years draft in front of whole bar. AC/DC's "Big Balls" has been chosen a few times
  8. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    BOTH League, I'm down by 4 he has Seahawks kicker, i have Carson and Seattle D ......will be interesting My Local , a doubleheader week I'm sitting at 80 pts with Carson, Cook, & Myers going tonight game 1 - opponent has 108pts and is done game 2 - opponent has 88pts & Diggs going tonight
  9. that's what I was thinking
  10. Who are your usual suspects?

    Andrews Carson &
  11. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Yes, but their other 2 TE's are getting the bulk of the snaps.
  12. Week 12 Milk Carton

    He was involved in 2 retained fumbles and I think that opened it up for Penny today. On one play Russell handed him the ball, Carson wasn't looking and it bounced off his hip, apparent lack of concentration.
  13. Bad calls for Sunday games

    Atrocious call... no helmet to helmet...NOTHING
  14. One song

    a buddhist monk, a Japanese Elvis impersonator, and Mr. Miagi walk into a bar..... Heartless Scat - Ningen Isu
  15. Let's talk about the Metal

    a buddhist monk, a Japanese Elvis impersonator, and Mr. Miagi walk into a bar......
  16. One song

    Sick Of You - GWAR
  17. Let's talk about the Metal

    Joan Rivers meets GWAR
  18. Kittle

    I'll try to steal an injury report for yuh
  19. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    ....and plenty of clean towels.
  20. Let's talk about the Metal

    When metal crosses the path of people that like to tailgate
  21. ESPN+ Questions

    This what I use for football and everything else: Hulu Live - Gives me ESPN(MNF), local ABC. CBS. & Fox affiliates and gives me the NFL games they broadcast in my area, also extensive college coverage Sling - NFL Network & Redzone The only NFL games I don't get is Sunday Night Football on NBC because Hulu doesn't broadcast the local NBC affiliate from Reno for some reason. Disney+ already hacked:
  22. One song

    You're Cut Off - Municipal Waste
  23. Forum Moderates or Admin

    moderation killed the Tailgate...
  24. Tie Breakers