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  1. Most points in a fantasy loss?

    Worst. Year. Ever. 16 man league with IDP. Weekly score of 150 usually gets you the win. Lost this year with 168, 169, 188, 194, and, in the cruelest league loss in its 27 years of existence, a 231-213 coup de grace that eliminated me from playoff contention. Damn global warming! We have a team break 200 for a week maybe two or three times a season. Going to finish between 2nd and 4th in points and have a losing record. Can’t complain too much because I have snuck into the playoffs with crappy total points plenty of times, but it’s like all the fantasy karma hit me in a single season.
  2. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Does it have you feeling......Blue?
  3. Are IDP players ranked properly this year?

    Ignore them. Same as last year. Embarrassing, frankly, considering how well this site has been run over the years. Not sure who took over IDP rankings, but they are not up to the standards of the rest of the site. ESPN free rankings are far superior, so maybe IDP just isn't a priority for The Huddle anymore.
  4. Ole Keel Cole

    Can he be trusted this week for all the marbles? He and Bortles are en fuego, but it's all on the line now. Might be a good pickup for the block as well, since opponents will be replacing AB and prolly Adams this week. Bryant looks to be a solid start/block as well.
  5. KooKoo for Younghoe!

    If he was from North Korea he could make FGs from the opposite end-zone. Plus never have to poop.
  6. KooKoo for Younghoe!

    And no, this isn't a Tinder post. Anybody got a scouting report on this guy? Specifically, does he have range from 50+, since my leagues reward solid bonus points for long FG's. Two out of three qualifications check out, as LA weather will not present any issues, and the Chargers offense should be on the rise. Just need to know if he can bang the long ball! And again, not Tinder related....
  7. IDP Cheatsheets Ridiculous This Year?

    Keggerz, if Myles Jack and Denzel Perryman are top 3 LBs, Joey Bosa doesn't crack the top 50 DLs, and Landon Collins isn't a top 20 DB (discounting injuries of course), then give whatever kid compiled these rankings a fat raise. Otherwise, I would suggest the Huddle pay you whatever you require to do the IDP Cheatsheets next year. You're a big draw for this site, as good IDP analysis is hard to come by. This is the first time in almost a decade I didn't even bother printing out the IDP Cheatsheets to track players for my drafts, since they were so far out of sorts. I used a free sheet from ESPN, and had to take a shower after I printed it, I felt so dirty There's obviously no way that you had anything to do with their production this year.
  8. I realize that any site's IDP cheat sheet will be highly subjective every year, and I certainly never take them as gospel. But is it just me, or do this year's sheets look completely phoned- in? I mean one glance at them, and I didn't even consider using them. Usually they are better than any free site, and they almost look randomly generated this year. I've been a happy Huddle user for a very long time now, and just didn't expect this at all. Still love the site, but this just stuck out like a sore thumb with me…
  9. Crazy Strategy but...

    No Amir, Shady at #8 and Zeke at #13. We talked about this....;)
  10. DAL & NYG Fans Cheesed?

    Where was THIS Packers team the last two weeks? Those L's gonna hurt even worse now all offseason.
  11. Jordan punched Kurt. And Garp bit Bonkie.
  12. 15-1 with Warner and Faulk in 99, then again with Larry Johnson and Steve Smith in 05. Finally got 16-0 in 2013 as a last minute fill-in when an owner in a buddy's league was too drunk to draft. Didn't get invited back the next year
  13. Adding a player, only to drop them right away

    Forrest Whittaker? You mean Charles Jefferson? Hit by Jefferson! Crushed by Jefferson! SLAMMED by Jefferson! Jefferson! Jefferson!!! JEFFERSON!!!!!
  14. Draft Sweet Spot This Year?

    Thanks JOHN - helpful insight! And yes, 6pt TDs for QB's.