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  1. Drop Laurinaitis or Timmons?

    Alec Ogletree is really, really good. That's at least part of the problem. JL looks fine to me, but he might be getting simply beat to the ball by AO.
  2. DBs are going to flash high week to week as the top scorers, but linebackers will be more consistent as a whole. DL can be nearly ignored in this format (for the reason given above with DE=TE and Watt=Gronk). Quin, Barr, RJones and the 2 LBs you got already are probably the short list. I would cycle through guys pretty often with only needing 2.
  3. Kuechly

    Ya, this is going to be a problem. I like the kid a lot as a player, but if he's going to come out that often against Tampa, I can only imagine vs NO and ATL passing attacks..
  4. Do you consider the playoff schedule?

    Normally, I do not, but it depends on the league. In most competitive leagues, making the playoffs in the first place is a battle. In a local friends league where making the playoffs is almost assured, I definitely consider it.
  5. A Carson Palmer sighting..

    Please show your work.
  6. Best pros from your favorite college

    The best 2 currently both play on the Eagles. Trent Cole and Brent Celek. Huge Gilyard fan as well, but he's just getting started in the NFL.
  7. Saints going for it

    Yea, no chance they were going to snap that ball. It was a good call, but I don't know how "ballsy" it is to line up and try to draw a team offsides.
  8. Your Super Bowl Prediction

    Falcons vs. Steelers
  9. I sat Roddy White

    I sat him for Andre and TO. All things being equal, I probably would've benched TO, but with that group I didn't see a point in taking the injury risk. Doesn't look smart now, but oh well.
  10. So how is your team after going WR WR in the draft

    As long as the WR/WR included Roddy White, I'm guessing the teams are doing well. As others mentioned, a lot of the WR/WR teams also ended up with Foster, McFadden, Best, Bradshaw, etc which doesn't hurt.
  11. Semi Official Week 1 Wagering thread

    Atlanta -2.5 Green Bay -3