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  1. Good deal T_bone. So the Saints are the last open team. Free agency is scheduled to start April 1st, so get on board.
  2. Still need two owners. The Browns owner is willing to change teams if someone wants the Browns, so a new owner has a choice of Saints, Bucs, Jags, or Browns.
  3. The Bucs and Saints are still open. If someone would rather take over the Jaguars, that could be arranged.
  4. The Bucs have the first pick in the rookie draft as well as another 1st and three 2nds The Saints also have two 1sts
  5. OK, we've had some shifting around and it's now Titans Saints Giants available to a Giants fan
  6. The Browns look like a rebuild, but I'm still interested. Several of your owners know me from Hardcore Homers.
  7. Just to update the available teams: Titans Seahawks Giants available to a Giants fan.
  8. This is by far my favorite FF league. A few of the available teams are already very good, while one of the bad ones (STL) is just loaded with draft picks in the next two drafts.
  9. You probably need to change a setting at MFL. Those second two links require logins to see the scoring and rules.
  10. Now: Cleveland Tampa Carolina (for a Carolina homer)