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  1. Brees and LT

    Will they play/How much will they play in week 17? Thanks
  2. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 11

    Here's the scoop. I have Leftwich to give to a team with Rattay or Harrington. Trying to trade and benefit both teams. My team Brees LT Emmitt or Dunn Clayton Chad Johnson Morton or Fitz His team Rattay Tiki Cumar Harrison Bruce Stokely He's got Fred Taylor on the bench. He's declined my offer of Fitz and Lefty for Bruce and Harrington and countered with Stokely and Harrington for Fitz and Lefty. I'm not thrilled with Stokely. Is he really an upgrade over Fitz or Morton? Any ideas for a fair trade? Thinking of Lefty, Dunn and Fitz for Stokely, Fred and Harrington. Thanks .
  3. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hugh, Here are my starters: Brees LT Emmitt or Dunn Clayton Chad Johnson Morton or Fitz or Gaffney Do I trade Fitz and Dunn for Wayne and William Green. I am many points behind, so I sort of get the feeling it's now or never. Di I trade away my backup RB for a WR upgrade?
  4. Sofa League Draft

    Interesting that Johnson, DJax, S Smith and Coles go before S Moss, Horn and Moulds.
  5. Sofa League Draft

    Based on Huddle rankings, Faulk is the pick if he's there. They have him rated at the top of the Tier 2 backs.
  6. Sofa League Draft

    2.07 19 FF Today Henry, Travis BUF RB Tue Aug 17 10:02:49 a.m. PT 2004 2.08 20 KFFL Bennett, Michael MIN RB Tue Aug 17 10:07:39 a.m. PT 2004 2.09 21 Fantasy Guru Davis, Stephen CAR RB Tue Aug 17 10:07:39 a.m. PT 2004 2.10 22 FSP Brown, Chris TEN RB Tue Aug 17 10:07:39 a.m. PT 2004 Wow! Chris Brown in Rd 2. Backs going fast & furious.
  7. Sofa League Draft

    And they go Travis Henry; instead of Manning. I would have taken Manning, maybe get a T Henry caliber on the way back.