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  1. Abdullah hurt

    Placed on IR per cbs sports.
  2. CBS Down for Anyone Else?

    yup down for me.
  3. Tamme

    With Welker out, does Tamme have decent value this week? I see some that say he will move into the slot in Welker's absence. It looks like The Huddle thinks Caldwell may benefit. Any homers with insight?
  4. Dennis Johnson

    Am I overlooking Free Agent Forecast? I dont see it on the home page.
  5. Who do you like the rest of the way? Allen or Denarius Moore. .5/ppr plus slight bonuse for longer tds
  6. What should the Skins change their name to.

    Gotta like The Onion WASHINGTON—Following an outpouring of criticism from across the country, the Washington Redskins announced Wednesday that they are officially changing the team’s name to the D.C. Redskins. “We’ve heard the concerns of many people who have been hurt or offended by the team’s previous name, and I’m happy to say we’ve now rectified the situation once and for all,” said franchise owner Dan Snyder, adding that “Washington Redskins” will be replaced with “D.C. Redskins” on all team logos, uniforms, and apparel. “It was a difficult decision—and one that, frankly, I’m a little embarrassed took me so long to make. So hopefully we can now put this issue to bed and start cheering on our D.C. Redskins.”,34161/
  7. Doug Baldwin

    #83 on The Huddle cheatsheet I am looking at. Edit to add: Just checked the dynasty cheatsheet and he is indeed at #18.
  8. McGahee fumbling issues

    Any word on this out of Denver? Heard a local sports guy here on the east coast that he was in jeopardy of losing touches this week. Not sure if this was speculation or in fact from the team.
  9. Huddle rankings

    Rest of the way....Marshall really behind megatron, fitz, andre johnson, injured percy harvin? Eric Decker 15? Thinking of trading for Marshall and just wondering if I am overrating him. I think I'd have him #2 behind Green. And Decker 15? Can you guys chime in with your top 10 WR rest of the way? Mine.... 1. Green 2. Marshall 3. Cruz 4. Decker 5, Julio Jones 6 Dem Thomas 7. Welker 8. Roddy 9 Colston 10 wayne
  10. Is CBS down?

    Not working for me either.
  11. Jerome Simpson TD. Unreal
  12. Vincent Jackson - Time for a playoff push

    Floyd re-tweaked his hammy. Crayton dislocated his wrist and is out 2+ weeks. Gates ......who knows. Looks like Vjax is one of the few left standing.
  13. Rodgers at #5?

    5th pick in a 12 teamer. I have read all the threads that say no way on drafting a QB this early but hear me out. I am thinking either Rodgers or Gore at this pick. Our scoring is such that last year Rodgers was our #1 QB, 60 pts better than Brees, 120 pts better than Peyton and 170 pts better than Eli who was the 10th QB in scoring for 2009. Gore was 5th in RB points last year for us. He was 100 pts better than a group of RBs that ended up ranked 20th last year. He was 50 pts better than Ryan Grant who was 10th. Our scoring for all positions : TD 0-9yds 6pts TD 10-39 yds 9pts TD 40 plus yds 12 pts QBs get double points if they run one in. RBs gets double if they catch a Td. Typical points for yardage. Am I crazy for taking Rodgers here? Thanks for any input
  14. Haven't seen this posted yet.