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  1. I'd gladly welcome him to the burgh, they need the depth
  2. Navarro bowman could be a nice depth add at LB if price is right
  3. Surely most teams would do this ? I can't recall any other injury as bad as this one to compare if other teams have done this in past. https://clutchpoints.com/steelers-news-pittsburgh-converts-part-ryan-shaziers-2018-salary-signing-bonus/
  4. Martavis Bryant traded to the Raiders

    Good Riddance, a 3rd is great, I woulda been thrilled with a 4th.
  5. The 2018 NFL Draft

    I was thinking Ridley but forgot about Edmunds!
  6. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

  7. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Are there any 5'8' 185 lbs white receivers in the draft ?
  8. Trouble for Eagles' Michael Bennett

    Not fishy at all in my opinion in terms of time frame, I'm in law enforcement up north and i can tell u that prioritizing cases is reality. if you're a small town police department that doesn't have much on the go, these charges get processed pretty quick , but in a major city with multiple homicides, large scale drug investigations, real emergencies daily , add in that they had a catastrophic hurricane that devastated the city, i can easily see this being put on the backburner over and over, the investigation is only 1 part, once its completed, it then could have sat on the DAs desk for an extended period of time as they reviewed more important cases.
  9. Trouble for Eagles' Michael Bennett

    I wonder what occurs if Bennett failed to report this to the seahawks, they are saying they didn't know until today, could the Eagles request to nulify the trade if in fact Bennett knew about the investigation/ incident and didn't report it
  10. Trouble for Eagles' Michael Bennett

    Such a great role model for " the cause"
  11. JAC WRs

    Well Hurns just released
  12. JAC WRs

    Well considering they foolishly paid moncreif 9 freakin million, I'd think they view him as their 1
  13. Jets Trade up

    If im the colts im calling the Bills to name price for pick 6.. their 2 1st rounders and minimum
  14. Jets Trade up

    I get your point but we arent talking about any of these QBs as being on that level.. they arent emotely close to being a sure thing... they spent as if they were getting the top pick and there is a once in a lifetime type of talent IE Manning or Luck
  15. Cleveland is dealing today

    Loss of Joe Thomas sure hurts, dude still had lots left in the tank buy all indications before he got hurt.