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  1. I wonder what the over under is on whether he reaches the incentives or not
  2. The $385,000 weight clause in Eddie Lacy's contract with the Seattle Seahawks is based on him hitting specific benchmarks on seven separate occasions, a league source tells ESPN's Field Yates. For each weigh-in that Lacy reaches his target number, he can make $55,000. The numbers are 255 pounds in May; 250 pounds in June and August; and 245 pounds in September, October, November and December. Can you believe this lol ...
  3. Friggin site is down can't update brackets !
  4. PM me your paypal
  5. I sent you a message is it too late
  6. I'd rather dive into the shallow end head first than try and lay it out for them anymore... Instead ill watch others try and spare myself the last few hairs I have left on my scalp.
  7. How does he not deserve it? 466 yards with 2-1 isnt that special when u throw it 65 times and have the ball for 40 mins of the game.. White had 1/3 of Bradys yards alone which mostly were gained after the catch and he caught the most super bowl catches in history. He scored 3 tds plus a 2 pt conversion including the super bowl winning td by fighting the ball across the goaline. Wasn't even close imo.. Writers get 80% of the vote, guess it makes a more perfect story.
  8. Definitely the GOAT but White deserved that MVP hands down imo
  9. Ya just watch the afc champ game tape and do the exact opposite of Pittsburgh...
  10. Tomlin is justcas responsible as the HC to say hell no we aren't using this scheme.. I've never seen a more poorly planned defensive scheme.. they literally played into exactly what the pats thrive at.. quick short in or out routes and YAC .. im sure i must be sleeping and didn't actually witness that.. and you call a deep bomb to coates, a guy who hasn't caught a pass since mid season ( exaggerated im sure) on 3rd and 1 on your half of the field when you've got the best back in ths game.. i knew deep down it was a long shot to win at Foxboro but to just hand it to them is sickening. Go Atl ...
  11. ignoramus he went out there to test it and couldn't do it, everyone has different pain tolerance i have more respect for him pulling himself out for the good of the team cause he knew he was done
  12. It happened in the 1st quarter, can't really use that as a major game changing call..how bout the poor clock management that left Rodgers with way too much time left to put them in fg position. That's where ya'll lost the game
  13. Really ? Any links? I tend to agree on that. The only competition they've faced was Seattle and they lost. They beat Pittsburgh only by 11 without Ben, no Shazier, no Dupree, no James Harrison as the starter and with Gronk in the lineup. I would never ever make the Pats an underdog especially at home but I think they are a little over rated coming into this. Steelers Def is much improved since then. FG will definitely not cut it at Foxboro. I think we have a real shot.
  14. Absolutely no "experts" giving Pittsburgh a shred of chance this weekend vs New England. Love that, no pressure on us.
  15. What the heck has Mike Tomlin shown you to give you the impression he would be any better. This guy came over to Pittsburgh because of his defensive background and inherited Cowher's team to win a superbowl. Since that core defense has left, Pittsburgh has been near the bottom of the league in defense. He has no discipline control over his players coaches or himself for that matter and given the talent this team has had for years now, they've failed to live up to expectations.