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  1. Luck update?

    This, I was originally under the impression they were sucking for luck 2.0 and I hadn't actually realized the standings until I watched the Monday night game and then said damn, he must really be struggling OR they are really dead set on following the steps by the book on this one.
  2. Very Bill Belicheck-ien of him I must say! Exploit every angle till caught
  3. Its clearly indicated above by the OP that this has a large sum of money as the entry fee, now that is certainly up for interpretation, my definition of high stakes is likely much different than say Henry Mutos defintion
  4. It's kind of a double edged sword I guess, to me it's unfair in one sense that guys can get up at 2 am to snatch up all the FA's, some people are working at that time or can't physically wake up for whatever reason, the only solution to me after this year, is you change your waiver system, the only fair way is a FABB which to me is the best waiver system especially for high stakes, and you make it so there are no FA's ever, players are always on waivers so a bid MUST be placed. We had a similar situation where we had a guy living on the west and the rest lived on the east, I think Waivers were processed at something like 3am Est, well it was midnight his way and here he was wide awake when everyone else was asleep, that was our first and only year where we had a FA system, since then all FAAB with continuous waivers.
  5. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Where you hearing this, radio? Article? Around the water cooler??
  6. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Anyone rolling DMC or Morris this week
  7. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    I forgot how ginormous he is
  8. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Well then, AP aint fooling around today
  9. Murray vs McKinnon

    Mackinnon far superior in every way so far
  10. Rodgers hurt

    Nah 6 to 8 weeks
  11. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Totally pasted the wrong link, my bad
  12. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    The saga continues http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21003968/nfl-2017-ex-green-beret-nate-boyer-writes-open-letter-president-donald-trump-colin-kaepernick-nfl-united-states-america
  13. Murray vs McKinnon

    I think Game flow will dictate, I had a trade offer this morning for Mckinnon, owner wanted him and crowder for Ajayi.. I really liked what I saw from Mckinnon vs the bears who are actually a pretty good run def.. he was much quicker, and obviously way better receiver. A game like sunday vs the packers sets up well for him as the vikes should be playing catchup.
  14. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    but what was it that allowed Brady to play all of 2015 Season and start his suspension in 2016? What's different in this case
  15. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    From my understanding, the ruling is only due to the fact that Zeke's lawyers jumped the gun and filed the original injunction too early, and the ruling is essentially saying the injunction should not have been granted due to that reason. My guess is he will win the next injunction, otherwise if he is suspended for 6 games, prior to his appeal regarding the initial suspension decision, there is no way for him to ever get those games back if they won the case.