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  1. AFC Championship Game

    Oh and James Harrison with 2 huge sacks , late in 4th, but nahhh, no use for him in Pittsburgh
  2. AFC Championship Game

    Fantastic catch by amendola, great defensive adjustments, they were just teasing us haters. I cant watch a Philly vs NE SB . If Vikings win ill watch cause they could win but Phil would get destroyed
  3. AFC Championship Game

  4. AFC Championship Game

    This score not doing justice to.how dominate jax has been with ball control
  5. AFC Championship Game

    Game over. Def adjustments made jax wont score another point
  6. AFC Championship Game

    That delay of game was horse manure too. Flag after the completetion. Please.
  7. AFC Championship Game

  8. AFC Championship Game

    Well they sure made that drive look easy
  9. AFC Championship Game

    I think a lot of folks have a hard time getting past the name Jacksonville Jaguars because for years they have been synonymous for failure and an overall poorly managed franchise. I mean really how many fans in NE have actually watched Jacksonville play this year other than the last 2 weeks?
  10. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Lev Bell and 1 coach didn't show up to walkthrough practice before jags game. Players and coaches supposed to show up 2 hours before kickoff for games, that was ignored weekly yet no suspensions or fines for this internally. Yet another example of lack of discipline
  11. AFC Championship Game

    Wr's coach retired, Hines Ward the lead candidate to fill that roll, QB coach to fill OC position which means Ben will have a lot more freedom, I see a lot of hurry up O next season.
  12. AFC Championship Game

    Yes my apologies I was aluding to some around here not all
  13. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Nope. Hes there, announced today that defensive coaching jobs are safe fml Other big headline today is he's already calling out the NFC for rematch in 2019 probowl...
  14. AFC Championship Game

    Wow, no wonder everyone hates you pats fans, logistically impossible for you to have a discussion without name calling and being aggressive and obviously taking a joke. Let me break it down for you a little bit so maybe you can chill a little champ. The reference to the refs was made because of a lot more than just the Titans game, it's been a running joke and theme in MULTIPLE media outlets ( surely not boston) and been a running joke around here for a while. Secondly, my statement about the NFL praying for the Pats is 100% based on Viewer interest for the game. Relax and stop being a 3rd grade baby with your name calling
  15. AFC Championship Game

    Yup that's what I was referring to above. Very big off season coming