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  1. Mike Evans Trade?

    If they aren't trading Howard they aren't gonna move Evans
  2. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    Used to be easily attainable for him. 100 yards 6 Catches for 40 yards and a TD will do it.
  3. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    26 from Bell in a PPR
  4. Yahoo Waivers

    Anyone here in a league where waivers are continuous and processed daily ? I'm wondering if those of you who are, have had your leagues waivers processed yet today. Usually they process very early in the morning but so far today nothing.
  5. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Yup. Game changer for them, they totally shut down Wilson yesterday.
  6. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    He made a huge difference today
  7. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    My unprofessional guess is he misses next 4 games. Bye week 12 returns week 13 vs Raiders to be ready for Week 14 vs Pats
  8. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    From Rapsheet The MRI has confirmed the #Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap, but not significant additional damage, sources tell me and @JamesPalmerTV. He’ll seek additional opinions to be sure. The plan is for him to return this season after a brief absence.
  9. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Can you put juju as a bust? He's on his 3rd QB
  10. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Also hearing on TV that Peters wore out his welcome in the locker room
  11. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    I guess I didn't consider that you were saying why would the rams trade him. Especially with Talib going to IR. I would agree there too. Why not see if Peters turns it around with Ramsey on the other side
  12. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    Why not ? They gave up basically nothing. Guy has been a Pro Bowl and All Pro 3 out of 5 years . Had a bad Year and a Half with Rams but in KC was incredible. Ravens believe they can get the best out of him. They have a defensive culture, top 10 defenses for the last 20 years so they should be confident in that belief. Peters Humphries Earl Thomas and Jimmy Smith when he comes back is the second best secondary in the league after NE
  13. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Yup a country band.... drummer with a punk Mohawk, guitar player with dreads down to his a$$ and the singer with double earrings a leather coat and chains hanging off his pants lol
  14. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Man the Packers need a WR something awful

    You obviously didn't read the report clearly. There is zero indication that his issues will be resolved anytime soon. He hasn't even been interviewd yet. The report says HE WANTS THEM RESOLVED and wants to return to the NFL.