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  1. What do you need Monday Night?

    Down 20 got Zeke and Witten, hes got nooone left I'm 0-2 i need this in a bad way
  2. Derrick Henry Full Season?

    JFC !!!! Im so tired of trying to figure these committees out
  3. So if he's suspended who is the back to play ? Whoever it is should still be a servicable RB2 behind that line
  4. What Site do you use?

    Only for weekly rankings
  5. I had an offer today Julio Mccoy and Jordan Mathews for my Zeke Cooks and Keenan, quickly declined it, now i'm reconsidering. Ultimately I think he will win the hearing but so far I've been wrong at every stage.
  6. What Site do you use?

    I use a combo of Huddle.com and Rosterwatch, but I'm 0-2 in my league soooooo
  7. Derrick Henry

    Murray Practiced today, that throws a wrench into things for me.. who you starting him over just out of curiosity. I can start him over Alshon at Flex or Buck Allen at RB2 .. I'm trying to find some stats on the London games cause my gut tells me the scores and overall performances have been lack luster in those games.
  8. Derrick Henry

    So the lack luster running game thus far in your opinion ( except for Henry last week) has all been Murray's issue ? I have not watched enough to make my own conclusions on the line play
  9. Derrick Henry

    Who's starting him if Murray sits out, does the matchup at home vs Seattle stop you from plugging him in? So far he's just seemed much more effective than Murray and I'm thinking that hammy issue from pre season for Murray has never really gone away, he just hasn't looked good.
  10. Michael Thomas worth keeping?

    I'd be Irate as another owner of this league to see that kind of trade, its great for you but that is a terrible trade and either buddy has no clue what hes doing or he just doesn't care and just wants as many of his homers on his team, I'd be quitting that league next year either way, want nothing to do with a league that has dudes like this, unless it's free and between family.
  11. Shane Vereen

    That's where I see his value come into play though, Eli faces so much pressure, he needs that quick dump off.. Personally I don't care when or how the points come in, if he grabs 10 pts in the last minute of Garbage time great.
  12. Shane Vereen

    Yeah I'm gonna hold him for now
  13. Shane Vereen

    Guess I was dead dead wrong
  14. Oh Ezekiel...

    This, it was totally about game flow... Week 1 he had the same lingering personal issues going and he had no problem doing the "feed me spoon" bs.. They got blasted by the broncos, no one on the sidelines was rallying, even Witten was seen having a shouting match with one of the coaches.