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  1. FA Tracker

    Little late but here are some of the biggest names still available: - Tom Brady - Jadeveon Clowney - Chris Harris - Melvin Gordon - Dante Fowler - Cory Littleton - Logan Ryan - Robby Anderson - Joe Schobert - Vonn Bell - Philip Rivers - Teddy Bridgewater - Mario Addison - Blake Martinez ( signed with Giants)
  2. FA Tracker

    Never really had one to be honest. Miller was alright, but rarely over 700 yards and 5 tds. Big in key moments though.
  3. FA Tracker

    Thrilled with this. Will be big in the red zone
  4. Brady the Buccaneer - A poll

    Godwin is the beneficiary here. Brady loves the slot, possession receiver. Bigger, faster, stronger version of Edleman. Evans the deep threat will regress. Brady hasn't been a down field thrower since Moss left.
  5. Official QB domino thread

    Chargers report they will not be bringing in a QB via trade or FA, moving forward with Tyrod Taylor. I see Winston going to a team as a backup, Cam and Dalton will be released after no trade market. I see NE signing one of them on the cheap, I would lean Dalton. No idea what's going to happen with Cam.
  6. Official QB domino thread

    Thought it would be cool to have a thread to track it all given this is a unique season. Brady Brees Rivers Dak will impact so much like Carr Bridgwater Hill Tannehil Winston, Rumors with Stafford.. Edit: The First Domino has fallen. Brees is back for 2020. So that essentially guarantees that Bridgewater is going to hit the market and he's likely to be very attractive. I have to think the Pats will be interested in him. High IQ who doesn't turn the ball over. Taysum Hill has already indicated that he plans to hit the market as he feels he can be a starting QB. #Saints QB Drew Brees announces he’s back for 2020, as the team had hoped. He let them know when he returned from Hawaii. β€œLet’s make another run at it.” https://t.co/j7AbN2EO7l
  7. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Look what diggs yielded. Holy hell O'Brien is inept
  8. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    Fake news. Noone is reporting that other than this dude.. Chargers just got Brian Bulaga, add him with trai turner, that's nice protection for whoever they expect to be at QB πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
  9. FA Tracker

    Brian Bulaga to the Chargers. Solidifies my belief that Brady will go there
  10. FA Tracker

    Oh yes, every penny
  11. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    Thinking of this logically, its gotta be LA doesnt it? Family life, branding, his parents are there, new stadium. Chance to legitimize an entire franchise. Weapons on offense and defense. While Tampa has 2 great WRs, their overall team, defense, running game etc was lack luster. LA had everything NE had minus a ton of injuries and a QB. Pro Bowl level TE, Pro Bowl level WR, Dual threat at RB. Elite level talent on defense. A no nonsense coach. The only negative with LA is playing in the same division as the chiefs.
  12. FA Tracker

    Him and Fletcher cox... good lord
  13. Official QB domino thread

    Bill Belichek is making Tawmys decision for him Bill's out hear getting Stefon Diggs, browns grab hooper, Hopkins was available for trade... Pat's gave 2 million to 49 year old special teamer Mathew Slater lol
  14. Austin Hooper & Jack Conklin to the Browns

    And case keenum .. 3 year 18 mil 10 gtd. Baker about to become Manziel 2.0... Stefanski gets a QB that had their best season in his offense.
  15. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Texans have traded away Hopkins and Jadaveon Clowney int he last 9 months, and have not received a 1st round pick.
  16. Official QB domino thread

    Rivers and Colts in discussions.. Patriots current;y have 5 million in cap space with no signings on offense other than their existing tackle Joe Thuney who was tagged. AJ Green tagged, Hunter Henry Tagged, Austin Hooper a Brown.. All these guys were talked about as interest to the pats to give Tawmy the weapons he needed/ wanted. I'm starting to get the feeling Bill has no desire to bring Tom back.
  17. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Will Fuller might score 15 tds in the 6 games he plays this season
  18. Official QB domino thread

    Could have gotten Tom for much less, they have a win now roster.
  19. Official QB domino thread

    he will be benched by week 8, horrible signing.
  20. Official QB domino thread

    Chargers.. Just traded for Trai Turner. Mike William's Keenan Allen Hunter Henry Austin Eckler and big time talent on Defense.
  21. Olsen to Seahags

    I think there is a misconception that he's injury prone. Now obviously he has gotten older and that comes with more risk. He played 14 games last season after playing only 7 and 9 respectively due to a bad foot that never fully recovered. Prior to that, he missed only 2 games in 10 seasons.
  22. Official QB domino thread

    http://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/28792590 via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
  23. Official QB domino thread

    So much speculation but the Brady moving on narrative is really picking up steam and it's fascinating.
  24. Official QB domino thread

    Can the NFL force an owner to sell, this may be a situation with the bengals that has to happen. Have former players publicly telling Burrow to stay away. If they can't get the top QB to go there and he's from Ohio, when will they ever be able to be relevant ?
  25. Olsen to Seahags

    I believe the stats are generated by PFF and refer to catch able balls. I remember seeing that Deandre Hopkins caught 100% of his catchable balls last season.