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  1. SB: SF vs NE

    The Patriots will be in be default as the AFC has absolutely no good team outside KC and their defense is horrific. The NFC has 7 legit contenders in no particular order, Seattle, San Francisco, Philly, Greenbay, New Orleans, Chicago, Rams.
  2. 2014 best WR draft ever?

    Now let's do RBs 2017 RB draft class: 4: Leonard Fournette 8: Christian McCaffrey 41: Dalvin Cook 48: Joe Mixon 67: Alvin Kamara 86: Kareem Hunt 105: James Conner 119: Tarik Cohen 143: Marlon Mack 182: Aaron Jones 249: Chris Carson Undrafted: Austin Ekeler Undrafted: Matt Breida
  3. Sorting out the Williams

    Darrell and Damien. Damien makes his return this week. Is it expected that Damien will regain his spot and push Darrell back to irrelevance? Shady will have his role but there's certainly enough share for both Shady and one of the Williams.
  4. Sorting out the Williams

    Not much production but Damien had 32 snaps to Shadys 13 Darrell 12
  5. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    I'm not sure lol
  6. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Actually sanity and insanity are medical terms.
  7. Gostkowski going on IR

    If they beat the Ravens I'm about to get my hopes really high.
  8. Gostkowski going on IR

    I'm not buying the Ravens. This is your year
  9. Gostkowski going on IR

    god i hope so, give us something new please.
  10. Rams vs Seahawks (TNF)

    Saints fans everywhere rejoicing
  11. Gostkowski going on IR

    all joking aside, I think this is a very underrated loss for them. Since 1996, the Patriots have had a hall of fame level kicker for all but 10 games. Patriots have always relied on top notch special teams play, in my opinion it's the most underrated aspects of their dynasty.
  12. Diggs to Patriots??

    How and to whom. Noone is taking that monster contract.
  13. Gostkowski going on IR

    I'm sure they'll end up being hall of famers who ever it is
  14. Gostkowski going on IR

    I'm sure Tawmy can kick.
  15. Chris Godwin

    I think the biggest factor for most who sat him was probably the timing of the injury. Started the week practicing, then bam hurt it mid practice and sat out a few practices.
  16. Bengals vs Steelers

    Listening to talking heads today talk about how this win means nothing, I just laugh. Coming into week 4 the Steelers lost to 3 teams with a combined 8-1 record 2 of which have 1st ballot hall of fame qbs and hall of fame coaches. 2 of those 3 games had a combined spread of 7 points ( 4 and 3) both with a Rookie starter at QB. In Week 4 They then destroy the Bengals on both sides or the ball and people say meh, the Bengals are trash so we can't think too much of it. In the same breath, The Patriots coming into week 4 beat 3 teams with a combined 0-9 record. One of those teams is quite possibly the worst NFL team in history, the second team was down to their 3rd QB with exactly 0 nfl starts, 3 starters on defense out and the 3rd team they beat was that very team which is apparently pure garbage. In week 4 they then barely escape by the skin of their teeth to the Matt Barkley led Bills and yet they are unequivocally the top defense and best team overall in the NFL. Can't have your cake and eat it too folks. Am I saying the Steelers are all of a sudden going to run the table or even make the playoffs ? Nope not for a second. But I do think there is way too much conjecture without actually looking at facts, schedules, personnel etc.
  17. Diggs to Patriots??

    Lets use some logic here. The Vikings are 2-2 in a wide open tough division. He's 4 games into a 5 year 72 million dollar contract. They've got one of the best defenses, on of the best RBs and two top receivers. They are very much in the NFC mix. They've been super run heavy and they are sure to work on balancing that out this week vs a brutal Giants secondary. If you scroll through his social media he uses emojis all the time, hes followed Tom Brady for years. The guy that started this on twitter has 900 followers lol.
  18. Bengals vs Steelers

    Holy manure anyone see Mixons blitz pickup smack down 😬
  19. Bengals vs Steelers

    I don't get it. That was clear and obvious no PI wasn't it ?
  20. Bengals vs Steelers

    Oh haha I thought u meant fantasy points. 24-20 Steelers
  21. Yesterday I was down by 67 in a PPR with 2 guys left he had noone left. My two guys you ask? Godwin with 41 and Woods with 28. Won by 1. Can't make it up.
  22. Bengals vs Steelers

    Mixon 90 yards rushing 2 rec for 20 =13 Conner 50 Yards rushing 3 rec for 15 = 9
  23. Bengals vs Steelers

    Oh that's gonna be a nail biter
  24. Chris Godwin

    Agree. Multiple pay sites had him as a year 3 breakout candidate. Last year he was the 3rd/ 4th option behind Djax and Humphries. Now hes the clear option next to Evans and i actually believe from what I've seen thus far, he's Winston's guy.
  25. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    Da Fook yall talking about??