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  1. Official QB domino thread

    Chargers.. Just traded for Trai Turner. Mike William's Keenan Allen Hunter Henry Austin Eckler and big time talent on Defense.
  2. Olsen to Seahags

    I think there is a misconception that he's injury prone. Now obviously he has gotten older and that comes with more risk. He played 14 games last season after playing only 7 and 9 respectively due to a bad foot that never fully recovered. Prior to that, he missed only 2 games in 10 seasons.
  3. Official QB domino thread

    http://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/28792590 via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
  4. Official QB domino thread

    So much speculation but the Brady moving on narrative is really picking up steam and it's fascinating.
  5. Official QB domino thread

    Can the NFL force an owner to sell, this may be a situation with the bengals that has to happen. Have former players publicly telling Burrow to stay away. If they can't get the top QB to go there and he's from Ohio, when will they ever be able to be relevant ?
  6. Olsen to Seahags

    I believe the stats are generated by PFF and refer to catch able balls. I remember seeing that Deandre Hopkins caught 100% of his catchable balls last season.
  7. Olsen to Seahags

    He's only dropped 4 passes in 4 years I just read on Twitter. I think he's got another good year in the tank. Great signing agreed
  8. Official QB domino thread

    Green appears to be committed to Cincy especially with Burrow coming. He's mentioned many times he wants to stay... for some reason lol
  9. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Difference is most of the physical activity is legal within the confines of that sport. Once you step out of the legalities of that activity/ game/ sport, the act in question should be open to regular sanctions. In this case a crime. The only reason it wasn't is because he didn't hit him clean. I don't think a lot of people realize how bad this could have turned out if he hits him clean. Marty Mcsorley vs Donald Brashear in the NHL is a prime example.
  10. Philip Rivers released

    Leaving Cali is certainly the first time he's ever pulled out of anything 😏
  11. Philip Rivers released

    Perhaps indy. Chargers didn't have a great line last year. With a better coach in Frank Reich, maybe they can mitigate some of those turnovers
  12. Saw this picture of Andy Reid, had to post it.

    you're right, either way you slice it, still very impressive
  13. Saw this picture of Andy Reid, had to post it.

    State of Kansas must be thrilled
  14. What defines a dynasty

    Saw a ridiculous take on NFL network this morning asking if it's too early to consider the Chiefs a dynasty. A buddy in my league argued that if we consider the precedent that's been set in calling the Patriots a 20 year dynasty, then maybe it's not too crazy. Next year if the Chiefs are back in the Superbowl, win or lose, based on the standard that's been set he argued that they may be considered a dynasty. My argument was that the Pats are not a 20 year dynasty, while they've been dominant for 20 years, they've had 2 separate dynasty periods. They went 9 years without a title and only 2 appearances in that span. But I guess that all depends on how a dynasty is defined.
  15. What defines a dynasty

    The argument was raised because the media likes to paint the Patriots as having a 20 years dynasty even though they went 9 years without a victory and only 2 appearances in those 9 years. So it was said that the media kind of set a standard that titles arent completley required. The aregument was that since the Chiefs went to back to back AFC titles with and now have a Superbowl win, that all they need to do is make the AFC title game next year and they should be a dynasty based on the Patriots standard in those 9 years where they went winless. ( this is a pats fan saying this btw lol) I argued no, simply because the pats aren't a 20 year dynasty. While 9 appearances in 20 years is impressive, they went 9 years between victories. They have 2 spans, one of 4 years and the current of 5 years but not 20 years. Again this one pats fan argued that absolutely 9 superbowl appearances out of 20 years is a full length Dynasty. So I raised the question regarding the steelers. The Steelers went to 3 superbowls in 6 years and won 2 within 4 years from 2005-2010. This occurred during the 9 year span that those same pats didn't win one and only went to 2. He said no way were the steelers a dynasty. I said if you consider that 9 year stretch for NE as part of the totality of the dynasty then you have to consider the Steelers from 05-10 as a dynasty because they had a better stretch than NE ( i dont consider those steelers a dynasty) I guess this is where the definition of dynasty comes into play. For me it requires 2 titles in 3 years to start and from that point no more than 1 year without a victory. Seems to me all the dynasty that stick out in history of all sports had that pattern.
  16. Saw this picture of Andy Reid, had to post it.

    I read an interesting take today that really hit me. For the past 20 years, we've all had this belief regarding New England and Tom Brady that it was never over until the clock struck 0, no matter what the obstacle, if your team was playing them, you were never comfortable with a lead until it was over. Well I think Patty Mahomes has that same effect.
  17. Saw this picture of Andy Reid, had to post it.

    Saw on FS1 yesterday that in fact that has never been done before. Down double digits at half in 3 straight AND end up winning by double digits in 3 straight playoff games not to mention 21 unanswered points in the last 6 minutes of THE SUPERBOWL! Absolutely unprecedented
  18. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I'm with you. So many things had to go right for NE for Tom Tom get 6 rings. It'll never happen again and I don't think that should be the measuring stick for many reasons I wont bring into this because they've been debated at nauseum. Only 2 other athletes in all of sports have had a better career start in their 2 years. Jim Brown ( MVP x2 and championship) and the other is Kareem Abdul Jabar ( MVP And Finals MVP). He's certainly on his way
  19. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Does patty need to win 6 to be the goat. I don't think so but he does need to get to 4 imo.
  20. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    If you could only bet one with a gun to your head what is more likely. Mahomes wins 1 ring or Mahomes wins 4
  21. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    He called the plays and they didn't score. Run the ball twice inside the 20 and it's. Game over.
  22. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    As I mentioned in my breakdown. People seemed to forget the monumental collapse that Shanahan had vs the Patriots. He's now part of the 2 worst Superbowl chokes of all time.
  23. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Well Patty Mahomes is on his way to Goat status. Long way to go but he's off to a better start than TB12 after 2 seasons.
  24. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Interesting. I can't wait for this game. With no dog in the fight and no Pats to route against its the most excited I've been for the SB since 2010
  25. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Not saying they are over rated. I'm asking why are they being billed as so much better than KCs def. Statistically they just are not. I'm wondering what I am missing,