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  1. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    Correct, Pats 3-peat was ruined by a Jake Plummer lead Broncos in the AFC Divisional Game. I'm certainly not complaining about the seasons we've had the last 20 or so years BUT i'd be remiss if I didn't think of what could be if not for Tom and Bill. Steelers would most likely have a few more Titles 2001, 13-3 and upset in Title Game at home ( Although I think Tom only played partial game after Bledsoe injury??) 2004 after going 15-1 in Ben's rookie season, we lost at home in the AFC Champ Game again 2017, Another loss in AFC title game but this time on the road. I hate Tom for owning us, but I respect the legend and the greatness, however I'm ready for it to end LOL
  2. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    We aren't all like Cowboy fans lol.. if you look back i'm very critical of my team. Maybe because I expect a lot. I love my team but i'm also a fan of the game and I think the Browns being young and talented can only be good for the game.
  3. Tom Brady signs contract extension

    Superbowl 43 was 2008, year Tommy tore acl.. But thanks for trying to cheer me up !
  4. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    I'm giving the Steelers a very optimistic 9 wins.. I say optimistic because we always find a way to lose a game we should win. My pick for the annual Mike Tomlin letdown game is the Dolphins, but I'll count it as a win for the purposes of this thread. Losses to Pats and Seahawks right out of the gate, Losses to Ravens Browns Colts Chargers and Rams Wins Over Bengals x2, Jets, Dolphins, Bills, Ravens, Browns, Cardinals, 9ers, Browns will the division at 10-6 Steelers 9-7 Ravens 8-8 Bengals 6-10 Keith Buttler ( DC) contract expires, not renewed. ( we don't fire coaches)
  5. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Was scrolling through the depth charts yesterday while bored, Eagles are pretty well rounded team, if Wentz can stay on the field, they'd be my pick to come out of the NFC.
  6. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    Well to me throwing someone under the bus means making someone else at fault for what you did wrong and not taking ownership on your own mistakes.. you notice how all these articles linked date to no further tHan Jan 2017... right around the time this whole narrative started.. All but one of the articles are from the same website run by a bunch of millennial sissys that are offended by everything. I've said it before, if I want an honest opinion about Ben's leadership I'll take it from Hines WARD, Jerome Bettis , Bill Cowher, Troy Polamalu. When they come out and tell us Ben is a problem, I'll take it seriously. I'm not about to take a skewed interpretation or opinion of a portion of Ben's comments written by some loafer and sweater vest wearing 20 something writing for a website called "for the win" I gotta ask, Did you even read these articles? Cause with the exception of 1, you kind of proved my point. I'll break them down for you cause I'm sure you didn't read them. Bell....So he was asked if he thought Bell would be in football shape. He said he wasn't sure if Bell was going to be able play every snap right away or not after sitting out a whole off season because he plays such a physical game.. what's the problem ? Bryant...He answered a question regarding his thoughts on Martavis Bryant being suspended for Josh Gordon (a million times) ultimately for the season... he answered saying Martavis needs to earn back our trust. He was 100% right. Bryant is a knuckle head who deserved to be publically on notice that he needed to clean his $hit up James Washington... He was asked a question about a decuson made by rookie James Washington to jump and dive to make a catch when he didn't need to do that. He offered opinion based on his experience that James likely didn't trust his own hands and talked about them reviewing film together about and explaining that they discussed that James needs to make that catch. He was right. They audio already talked about it so what's the issue ? Ben made a beauty through, he catches it which he should have and that's a TD. Front office.... fu#kign right he should have criticized them drafting Mason Rudolph in the 3rd round when they had huge needs at defense. It was a horrible move and im glad he did it and personally see no issue with it at all. They had 2 other qbs already that were better than Rudolph and wasted the pick. Steelers young players... not once does he say "they" or single out 1 player. Based on his experience the way the game played out, felt it might have beem to big for some players and that not everyone was ready BUT He says WE didn't make the plays. He too takes ownership, he was analyzing the game. As a 2 time champ and first ballot hof he has absolutely earned the ability to me those types of comments. Coaching staff.. ok I'll give you that one no problem. He could just as easily thrown the ball away as he could have decided to kneel it out. We will see if the Browns are legit or not. Whipping boy, your words not mine.
  7. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    Name me one other player Ben has "thrown under the bus" also name me one other time the steelers had an issue with players "beefing" before AB .. I'll wait.... if you haven't dissected who the real issue was in pittsburgh then you're hate for Pittsburgh is just clouding your ability to put things into perspective. I've said it before, and if you'd like ill try to find you endless examples on youtube. I have yet to see or hear Ben throw anyone under the bus ever before this AB situation.. he always takes responsibility for his own poor play on the field. With OBJ I threw that one out there because there are a lot of egos for a new coach and young QB to manage there and OBJ has had his fair share of freak outs so not sure why it's so outlandish to believe it could happen. Dude is a ticking time bomb and much like AB I seriously believe he has a mental health issue. On another note. Nothing can go wrong with this right ??
  8. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    That came off wrong.. Wasn't questioning the validity at all. I'm not surprised to be honest but I think the local beat writers that I follow have just chosen to move on and not offer him anymore air time
  9. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    5 seconds after he posted that he retweeted this.. the first comment is my comment. He is so f'ing braindead
  10. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    Who will explode first, AB/Gruden or OBJ/Baker
  11. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    Haven't seen "various sources" but as Ryan Clark pointed out weeks ago it was well known early on even before AB was a starter that he was going to be a problem. I give it about 1% chance that he sniffs even close to the same numbers. His days as 110 catches for 1500 yards are over with Derek Carr. A large part of his success was Ben's Ability and the Oline extending plays and he And Ben improvising on the fly.
  12. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    He's like the scorned divorcee.. she wanted the divorce got the divorce , got all the money in the divorce yet stI'll stalks her ex husband. I'll be thrilled to see him with less than 80 catches
  13. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Dude can't move on
  14. Patriots DC Greg Schiano quit

    Faith and family... scandal in 3,2,1
  15. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    The one I was hoping would get squashed is the kickoff changes or that they'd at least do something to make an onside kick relevant again.
  16. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    He's full blown (the really bad word)in retarded... I'm sure I didn't misunderstand that he asked for the trade ??
  17. March Madness Pool...

    Duke UNC final would have to be up there as one of the greatest sporting events in history wouldn't it ?
  18. March Madness Pool...

    It's unbelievable really
  19. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Tawwmy is the ultimate team guy. He was taking team discounts even before he and Giselle were married and were just side banging while the GF was prego with his first kid ( sorry had to throw that in there, wouldn't be a true hater without saying something negative about Tawmy ) James Harrison said that when he went over to NE he wanted so badly to hate him but it was impossible. I don't think you can compare anyone to Tom. He's unique in every facet of the game on and off the field. As I've mentioned before Ben is far from perfect but as a HOF QB like you said, you get a much longer leash than others. He's taken his share of team friendly deals/ restructures etc. And again the guys coming out of the woodwork saying this stuff, let's pause for a second and say who the hell are these guys? I've taken poops that were longer than Josh Harris' career with Pittsburgh. AB , we've seen his true colors I think we all agree at this point that he's loonie ( not the Canadian 1$ loonie). And to be honest , what is told Haley doing calling a run play with the lead when it can be kneeled out? Was Ben right ? Not in how he did it , should have called.an audible and kneeled it out then after the game said to Haley, listen Todd, I'm a 2 time SB champ, you're not, we aren't running the ball in this spot we are ending the game. I think a HOF QB with two rings has that discretion. On another note, you guys are my only source or venting on this stuff LOL I know im the only Steeler fan on this forum ( haven’t seen Menudo in a long time) and most wont care but its really driving me nuts all this talk in the football world about "oh the steelers a once storied franchise is in shambles, how could 2 stars just want to leave, something is wrong" Ive already posted a while back about AB and his delusions, his 45 minute ESPN interview and what a farce that was and his many contradictions. Well now Bell gave a nice hot take story to ESPN about how bad the culture is in Pittsburgh for players and how bad his situation was there. Here's a nice rebuttal from the Pittsburgh Gazette calling out Bell on his BS. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/paul-zeise/2019/03/21/le-veon-bell-jets-steelers-sports-illustrated-interview/stories/201903210107 one thing not mentioned is how he talked about not having an opportunity and spreading the ball around. This is a guy that held out leaving 14.5 mil on the table because he wanted to be paid like a RB and WR2 because he felt he was being run into the ground, he didn't want to play on the tag because he didn't want to get another 400 touches without a long term deal.. like GTF outta here.. this whole steelers disfunction BS is about 2 players "getting mines" over wanting to play ball and caring about their legacy as all time greats for an all time great franchise. Some great comments at the end of the article Steelers organization "doesn't treat you like a human being." Why don't you run that one past Ryan Shazier. my rant for the day. Is it September yet ?
  20. March Madness Pool...

    Damn you Florida !
  21. Bengals release Vontaze Burfict

    LMFAO !! Do they not know the history between AB and Burfict. Good grief. Hard knocks PLEASE!!
  22. March Madness Pool...

    I think so I'll double check. I think you've got my cell # just text me the link. Guess I know what I'm doing at work today
  23. Bell to the Jets

    Yes Munchak is gone as he took a lateral to Denver to be with his daughter and grand kids. Initially thought to be a big loss but the 4 remaining guys have been together with Ben a long time so I would think they'll be ok. If they were a young group I'd be much more worried. Yes they traded Marcus Gilbert who was going to demand a good chunk of money but they have a much cheaper solid 2nd year RT in BJ Finney who played most of last year because Gilbert was hurt