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  1. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    I assume you're referring to the sports Illustrated article ?? Ben has had roughly 300-350 teammates in his career. Sports Illustrated found 2 people who dont like him. One of which is some bum named Josh Harris who was with the team in 2014 for 4 games, 3 of which were not on active roster and he had exactly 9 carries for 16 yards as a steeler the went to the CFL. Josh Harris is coincifentally ( i think not) a close friend or Mr Big Chest. The other is Isaac Redman who quickly lambasted the writer of the article on twitter and accused him of outright lying about what he said in his article. Then we've got AB which I don't think we need to dissect who was the problem in that scenario. I'll lean towards taking the opinions of steeler legends like Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, Troy Polamalu, Terry Bradshaw, Heath Miller, Ryan Clarke and Hines Ward before anyone else. Also compare the local media takes vs everything else and it's quite a different narrative Sure Ben is far from perfect, id rather he not do a radio show but the team and the city support it. He had his transgressions when he was young and stupid, I've got my opinion on that but that's irrelevant in this context. He may have slipped up once calling out AB on a route when he made a bad throw but the countless times where Ben owns up to his mistakes in game aren't talked about. This whole " Ben doesn't hang out with me " garbage.. there's videos with Ben , AB, Bell and I think Bryant out on Ben's Boat, ex WR Marcus Wheaton spoke about when Ben flew him Bryant and Brown out to be with him to workout. None of that is well known cause it doesn't fit the hot take. Ben stays on campus at training camp, AB rents a private home in Latrobe. Again not well known In short, up until AB went viral the last few months there hasn't been a peep in 14 years from teammates or coaches, ex or current about Ben being a problem. AB created a narrative and the media ran with it and had to dig pretty friggin deep to find someone to say something bad about him.
  2. Bell to the Jets

    https://tsegllc.com/our-clients/ Noone else real notable still active other than Dee ford and Diggs..
  3. AB Williams Nelson Cook, not bad
  4. Bell to the Jets

    Here is a nice breakdown by Albert Breer Since the numbers are in, let's compare the Steelers offer vs. the Jets deal ... Through Year 1: Steelers $19.5M, Jets $14.5M Through Year 2: Steelers $33.0M, Jets $26M Through Year 3: Steelers $45.0M, Jets $39.5M ... Not much to argue here. Pittsburgh's offer was better. https://t.co/YbWZqnataG ** this is the guaranteed dollars**
  5. Bell to the Jets

    Ouch .... contract is even worse that first reported. He is getting less guaranteed overall than what Steelers offered. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2019/03/14/Le-Veon-Bell-s-contract-with-Jets-even-worse-than-it-first-looked/stories/201903140153
  6. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    He was late for first meeting and press conference LOL
  7. Jets

    Loading up. Barr now Mosely.
  8. Tyrell Williams to the Raiders

    Oh really? Missed that. I would expect them to resign him.
  9. Bell to the Jets

    One thing I forgot about is we get a 3rd round Comp pick because of his deal i believe
  10. Bell to the Jets

    Typo but I see your point
  11. Bell to the Jets

    Sorry yes, didn't mean to imply you said that, just meant in general that seems to be the mind set, even among some in the fan-base. No doubt business can be messy and burn bridges, i'll agree there for sure but I don't get a sense there was any hard feelings. He and his agent acknowledged candidly last season that the contract talks were very productive and they were very close to an agreement but fell very short. Even still, of course he's gonna be happy if they don't succeed without him, thats just natural competitive mentality. I can't imaging that he has any sense that he is a winner in this, he goes to a historically awful franchise, goes to a high tax bracket, gets way less money overall but then again, he does think his music is great so thats all we need to know about his mindset
  12. OBJ to Browns

    It will is hard to beat especially with red zone channel and fantasy zone I have 3 screens on the go usually those 2 channels going and the third i'll lock onto the Steelers
  13. Calling Chief Dick

    Bravo Sir I deserved it !
  14. Calling Chief Dick

    Tell me about Steven Nelson please. Former Chiefs CB
  15. Bell to the Jets

    I really don't think that at all nor do most fans. In all his interviews there was never a hint of it, there was never any rumors or swirling about it. Was strictly about the GTD money IMO. He took a gamble on himself, and lost.
  16. Bell to the Jets

    Well yes I'd agree with that, it's one thing to congratulate when a guy sticks it to the man but this was a major loss for him in every aspect of the deal. It failed miserably, so i'm not sure what there is for him to be congratulated on. I mean he still got a good contract, but it cost him a lot to get that and he could have had a lot more. I'm not sure that Bell will feel this way. He made it pretty clear throughout the last 2 years that he had no animosity towards them, that it was strictly business. Totally different scenario than Brown. The narrative is the ship is sinking. The thing is they only had 2 playoff wins in 8 years with these two (bell for less than that). A lot of people are overlooking that. The narrative was the same when we they let Rod Woodson go, Plaxico Burress, Holmes and Wallace, the sky was falling. One constant remains, good management ( debatable on Brown trade by overall historically great) and at least for another 3 years, Ben. HOF QB, with a top 3 oline, a HOF QB, a stud young WR and a pretty solid back in Conner. Hard to replace Brown, Bell not so much. This team can still compete imo
  17. OBJ to Browns

  18. Calling Chief Dick

    LOL thanks
  19. Bell to the Jets

    Bell took a year off, lost 14.5 mil, lost the chance at making 18 mil more overall, lost the chance to be the greatest Steeler RB in history and be a sure fire hall of famer with his childhood team, his mom's team, all to gain 2 mil more guaranteed upfront. The steelers offer also an additional 15 mil in rolling guarantees whatever that means...In the case of New York..... more is less.... his tax bracket more than doubled so he’s likely to take home less than he would have with the Steelers offer.... even with more “guaranteed”. Idiot. Oh well at least he had time to produce his new album
  20. OBJ to Browns

    Soooooo did the Giants just leap frog the steelers for the lead in dead money for a single player ???
  21. OBJ to Browns

    Let's not forget they also added Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon
  22. OBJ to Browns

  23. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    Guess the Jets offer was not real.
  24. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    Steelers had offered 5 years 70 last year. Can't recall the GTD $but was around 40 mil I recall