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  1. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    I posted some similar stats early on in the other thread. AB without Ben I think it was 4 or 5 games.. noticeable decline. Ben without AB career he always finds guys to Chuck it too..
  2. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    I'd love to see a remake of this whole fiasco in anew episode of Ballers
  3. Antonio Brown to the Bills

  4. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    "Major sticking point is Brown himself"
  5. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    He should be humbled and take this as a sign that maybe he should shut the f#ck up and just play ball... not a chance that he will.
  6. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Sorry but that is pretty bang on!
  7. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    It's gonna be beautiful to see from our ( steelers fans) perspective. My guess is right now a deal is in place for Friday, either its for the 27th pick and they are looking for other offers that may include a player in return also maybe with a 2nd rounder OR they have a deal in place for a 2nd or 3rd rounder and are drumming up that "panic" effect to get a 1st rounder from a desperate team.
  8. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    well let me put it to you this way, while I agree with you knowing NOW what we know, but putting it aside, if I asked you last off season, for next 3 to 5 years would raiders be better off with Cooper or Brown, I think majority would say Brown.. Knowing Gruden, his ego is saying " I can control this guy" Damn I hope this happens. Some good value in the late 1st, 2nd and 3rd round at Def in this draft. We'd have 20,27 and 52.
  9. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Derek Carr Chiming in https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/06/derek-carr-says-raiders-would-welcome-antonio-brown-with-open-arms/
  10. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Enough politics let's keep the drama rolling.. Talks are heating up. Peter king said yesterday he "categorically believes and would lay money that the steelers will get the 1 pick they desire" My guess is Oakland #27
  11. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    100% true. Quebec all together is like a different country all together. They've wanted to separate from Canada for a long time
  12. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    We are pretty damn polite that is true.. Even the big cities like Toronto Montreal and Vancouver, the majority of people are super nice and pproachable. We have some chalupas but they are fewer than other countries Ive travelled to. Never heard the other one before to be honest.
  13. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Peter king says he'd go to Vegas today ( yesterday) to bet Oakland trades 27th pick for AB so essentially Oakland would have traded Cooper for Brown if it happens.
  14. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    This is what I assumed would occur. I was kind of hoping Bell and Brown would go to there. Anything to make the AFC EAST not such a cake walk
  15. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    All joking aside I just love my team and this is my outlet and hope someone out here is listening haha
  16. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    And for the record we don't actually say "eh" big myth. We don't speak nearly as funny as people from Minnesota or Wisconsin lol
  17. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    I try but she don't give a $hit
  18. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Here is a good take by Cris Carter which kind of shocked me cause he's always kind of sided with the "me me me " guy.
  19. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Yeah sorry it was lengthy lol
  20. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    So after watching his interview with ESPN in its entirety here are my takes, hes a liar, and he doesn't make any sense, I don't think he actually even realizes how much he's contradicting himself and what his actual reasons for all this are. He mentions its all about winning, ummm, ok. Then says its a business, oh ok... then it's all just about respect, hmmm, so what's it all about AB... Then he says he isn't playing without more guarantees yady yada they gonna play by my rules. The interviewer is so confused looking it's laughable His reaction to and explanation for the speeding ticket is all you need to know about who he is. He was surprised that they even pulled him over at all because, well, he's a Pittsburgh Steeler in Pittsburgh and he knows a lot of them. Then claims that they said he was profiled as a suspect in a robbery and because of that they had to call a bunch of back up. Said he was just trying to get to work. Dude....you were going 2 and 1/2 times the speed limit (conveniently never mentions that). Then he poo-poos the court hearing as 'not important' (you HAVE to request that if you don't want to pay the fine) and criticizes the media for trying to make him look bad for not showing up. Then it appears that AB is bent out of shape because Ben gets special treatment, Art Rooney doesn't know the names of his kids, because Ben didn't have him over more often and that he and Ben don't work out together in the off season. REALLY? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2505720-how-ben-roethlisberger-grew-up-and-became-one-of-the-nfls-great-teammates?share=other In the offseason prior to last year, Roethlisberger invited Wheaton and fellow young wide receivers Antonio Brown, Justin Brown and Derek Moye to Newport Beach, California, for a few days so they could run routes, throw and catch and get some football time in during the period when NFL teams are not allowed to practice. The chemistry the quarterback built with his receivers in California helped the Steelers pass for more yards than 30 teams last season. "He helped me be a better player by always challenging me," said Antonio Brown, a former sixth-round pick who led the NFL in receiving yards last season. "No matter what you achieve, he's always harping on continuously improving, finding ways to be better." So this spring, Roethlisberger brought Brown, Wheaton, Martavis Bryant, Darrius Heyward-Bey and running back LeVeon Bell on a four-day excursion to Georgia, where they stayed at Roethlisberger's Greensboro lake house and trained at the University of Georgia. They worked out about two-and-a-half hours a day in advance of OTAs. "We got great work," Bell said. "And we had a great time. It was a great thing for him to do." So Ben gets special treatment? AB has a private home in Letrobe during training camp. Ben stays in the dorms with his lineman... The rest of it is all true and was true before Week 17 2018 and has been since AB was drafted in 2010, and it didn't bother AB too much then apparently, So what changed in Week 17? Two things: 1) Juju won the BS team MVP award,and Ab took that as lack of respect by team mates and 2) following his temper tantrum over this, AB fully expected that he could show up for Cincy game and play and for the first time in history, Tomin told him no. This behavior from AB is nothing new and until week 17 he was never disciplined for it, so he was expecting business (boomin) as usual. This goes back several seasons. AB skipped a practice earlier this season after his 'trade me' tweet, Tomlin covered for him. AB attacked Haley on the sidelines (2013?), the following week he was fed the ball and had his career game. He threatened to hold out in 2015, they gave him a 2 million$ raise. TD celebration penalties went unchecked. Facebook from the locker room went unchecked. The list goes on and on, now we see the end result and it's suddenly the Steelers who don't respect him and his talent, that's his narrative. The dude is arrogant, entitled, and narcissistic to the extreme. Can you imagine what the locker room is like with that cancer in it? Talk about walking on egg shells. Getting rid of him WILL BE addition by subtraction. As a die hard fan I've seen some great seasons and also some bad but right now at this moment I’d rather see AB be a distracting healthy scratch and us have a mediocre season or two than to give in. Why would I say that? Because in the long run the team is doomed if it shows that much weakness and gives in. It will NEVER have credibility in future tough negotiations. The message has to be “if you want to kill your career, kill your career. We’re NOT going to allow your negative behavior to force us to give you what you want.” Bell was a different scenario, he had no obligations, at the time it was painful for fans, me included that he was acting that way, but that was business and we can understand it. Another way out is to say “you want a release AB? We’ll release you if you pay back the $21 million in prorated bonus dollars” - which by the way, he’ll owe if he retires, so his “I don’t need football gig is just more BS. No way, no how, no chance can the team give in. I’d rather go 6-10 the next couple of years and be stronger in the long run. If we give in, this team loses all credibility and every malcontent will just play the same game.
  21. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Some believe he's losing his mind some saw this coming. Ryan Clark former steeler tells a story from browns early years where management was told as soon as this guy gets paid he's gonna be a problem.
  22. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Whoa... here I was knocking him for not speaking English LOL... what I meant was He is making sure he isn't going back to Pittsburgh by making it impossible for them to try and reconcile but at the same time he's making it impossible for other teams to offer fair compensation. He's trying to force them to release him.
  23. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    It's too bad a great man like Shazier who would give anything to play and is fighting like hell to make it happen again is the one who had a career ending injury and not a guy like this idiot. Absolutely remarkable
  24. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Exactly what he wants. He wants to make it clear he ain't going back bit ain't going where they want to send him. He wants to be released and that is not happening
  25. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    I rest my case. (the really bad word)in meat head