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  1. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    I'll use an analogy... if you're knowingly trespassing, and someone comes to you and says hey get outta here, you're going to say yup sorry my bad. But if you firmly believe you're not trespassing and are allowed to be there, you're gonna say, no buddy you get outta here im fine. Case in point, this guy was "sent to do a job". If he truly believes he's doing his job, and some schmuk Bengals security guard is trying to keep you from doing your job, you aren't going to just submit, your're going to say listen call my boss here is his number. Instead, his go to, after 18 years in the business, is " hey lets just delete this and forget it happened". Ya that's not going to fly.. Lets not forget the initial statement from the patriots on this. "an independent video crew, not associated to the patriots" .. they tried right away to distance themselves. I'm reading all this malarkey about " bs they don't need to film the bengals" did everyone forget that they were caught filming the jets in 2006 after a 4-12 season. Who it was is irrelevant to the investigation, which is set to kickstart today apparently. They are cooked.

    ST, offense wasn't on the field.
  3. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    The other interesting factor here is that this video guy has been written off as some low level nobody who probably had no idea what he was doing. It's been revealed that he is an 18 YEAR employee of the Pats.
  4. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    No professional cameras allowed in the stands for 1.. defensive signals can be matched to game film/ notes. Encourage you to read the ESPN report from above detailing Spygate 1 and it will bring to light why this is incident is huge as it relates specific to Patriots and their history
  5. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    I agree it's likely nothing but it's the intent rather than the result which the NFL is likely most concerned about. The Bengals have the tape and reports indicate they are beyond pissed about what's on that.
  6. Lamar Jackson

    That is about he change very very soon
  7. Lamar Jackson

    He's younger than Joe Burrow
  8. Lamar Jackson

    His throws are effortless, flick of the wrist, very Mahomes-esque. Best part about him is he seems to have a great head on his shoulders and seems very focused on the team and not himself/stats. As a Steeler fan, its gonna be awesome to have him in the division for the next 15 years
  9. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Wrong link https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart
  10. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    I'm guessing most of you knew about this report. I did not and am blown away. https://www.businessinsider.com/espn-report-patriots-spygate-scandal-2015-9
  11. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Ever hear Marshall Faulk talk about the 2001 Superbowl ? He will go to his grave saying the same as Eagles. He can barely speak on it he gets so angry
  12. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Cheaters don’t do it selectively, they do it all the time. Why would the Astros need to steal signs from Alec Asher? Because that’s what you do when you’re cheating. Did they cheat their way to 9 SB appearances and 6 titles? Highly unlikely. But in a league where games are won by inches week in and week out, any unfair advantage is a major major issue.
  13. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Well my guess if this is legit, it wasn't just the bungles, they just got caught with the bungles
  14. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    Ooops Reporting from @pauldehnerjr: "According to sources who have viewed the tape, it shows about eight minutes of footage focusing on recording the Bengals’ sideline. It’s a direct view of the sideline as coaches make signals for plays." https://t.co/kLvekJpgud Queue
  15. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    https://sports.yahoo.com/spy-gate-20-let-the-tape-speak-for-itself-010347470.html Very interesting. After the "documentaty shoot with the scoout" the guy taped the bengals sideline for the entire 1st quarter until someone from the begals said wtf. Security interviewed Guy from NE taping and he wanted to just delete the footage and have it be forgotten. That statement by him is apparently also on tape. Cincy has the tape along with NFL.
  16. Patriots accused of Spying on the Bengals

    This is turning out to be pretty suspicious actually. Obviously because it's them, suspicions are escalated significantly. "Remember the incredible article about the Patriots and Spygate? An excerpt regarding what the team told staff to say they were doing if they got caught recording signals. Here we are, years later, and... that's the story" https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/09/patriots-admit-video-crew-violated-league-policy-say-it-was-unintentional/amp/?__twitter_impression=true https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28261318/bengals-nfl-looking-patriots-taped-sideline?platform=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  17. The Steelers

    I Don't either. They will finish 9-7 Browns will finish 8-8
  18. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    You think Jason Witten is having fun ?
  19. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Can we please get a live shot of Jerry Jones !
  20. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Once he pulls the ball in and takes off he's a runner
  21. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Is this is for Carrot Top ? Will he be clapping after this game? It's gotta happen no?
  22. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Zeke needs to have the ball 25 times in this half. 1 target to Cooper.
  23. Bears Cowboys Game Prediction

    I hope it's an all Zeke and no Gallup night
  24. The Steelers

    Yup I know. I give the Browns no chance of beating Baltimore. The team they beat in week 4 is not the same team we are watching now. Not even close. Then remove Garrett. That's why I didn't include the Browns in the conversation.
  25. The Steelers

    It's going to be a show down between them and the Titans. Both 7-5, Steelers own tie break. Titans have Houston twice, @raiders and home vs Saints. Steelers have @Cardinals , @Jets, @Ravens and home vs Bills. Steelers SHOULD end 9-7 but COULD win the home game vs Bills (flexed to SNF actually). The way the Titans defense and run game is rolling right now, I wouldn't be shocked if they win out, but realistically I see them splitting with Houston and losing to the Saints. Going to be fun.