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  1. Much like others MEANT to say they are basing Jimmy G's value on his College success maybe ? Double edge sir.
  2. Didn't you know it's IMPOSSIBLE for anything to be wrong in NE, EVER, the Beatles lasted 8 years before their ego's caused Tension, for 3 egocentric males to last 18 years is unfathomable, it was bound to happen
  3. Down to 15....

    Finally a Brownie and a Stiller on the same page.
  4. Coach of the Year

    I have some buddies that do, but that may be due to their association with myself, I do see several people on Instagram calling him Deebo, but I can't verify who those folks are.
  5. He also broke the Harbaugh 9ers riff
  6. Down to 15....

    Was totally trying to have him say they changed the rule because of Ty, maybe Bill is not aware that they actually already had the rule or perhaps Law was the only one refs weren't calling penalties on ?
  7. I know a lot of people hate and don't buy Colin Cowherd, I've been watching him a long time.. hes one of the biggest pats homers and rides bradys hard on like no other. What he has to say about this is so fascinating to me. If you get a chance to.watch the first hour of his show, its quite interesting.
  8. Ive always believed that Bill is the key to their success and that he gets knocked too much for his Cleveland failures.
  9. I would love to see Bill go to a shotty team like the giants or jets and completely turn them around and watch and see How the pats and thomas make out without him, could u imagine what he could do with Aaron or a team like pittsburgh
  10. Down to 15....

    Yeah that rule is referred to as the Mel Blount Rule, when they implemented the 5 yard contact rule in 1977, i didn't want a pats fan tooting Laws horn too hard
  11. Down to 15....

    What rule did they change due to ty law ?
  12. They haven't had a chance to put a lid on it yet, very fresh story and sudden quick turn around in terms of when this airing was announced to be in existence and when it is airing, to me that speaks volumes about the sources/ reliability of the intel. Very interesting.
  13. Coach of the Year

    Im telling you, i know my team better than Tomlin lol, i really dislike him can u tell... mind u those sacks came vs a brutal jets oline at the end of a meaningless game for them but still this is the nfl. I stand by my take, Deebo has lots left to give in certain situations and Tomlin is a knucklehead for not playing him enough to keep him happy and to keep him contributing. I wish Deebo well
  14. I could see it, 3 competitive egos, very possible. Happened to much higher profile superstars in the past, bands like Pink Floyd , Guns n Roses to name a few , eventually after years and years of success, egos can clash, i know Colin Cowherd is a knucklehead but his take here is pretty interesting https://twitter.com/ColinCowherd/status/949124622942810112
  15. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Well 4 more wins for us over 2 seasons. Great!
  16. All-play league vs. HTH

    We do a combo.. main standings are h2h, top 5 h2h get playoff spot then the team with best all play of the remaining 7 teams gets wildcard spot. Often times in our league the all play wildcard team is a team that has scored a significant anount of points but had poor schedule luck and happened to go up againt the highest scoring team that week.. so the all play wc rewards a very consistent team and takes a little bit of the bad luck out. I got wc this year with a 6-7 record yet had the 2nd highest point for and the highest points againt. Went on to win title.
  17. Coach of the Year

    The more analysis and differing perspectives I'm hearing from various sources and well respected people in the NFL media, former players etc, the more I have no idea how to feel about it. On one side you've got your all time sack leader, who has been a rock on your defense for years, who made it clear that he wanted to play before he signed his new deal, and he's adamant they told him he'd play, the 3 mil he signed for would corroborate that in my opinion, early on it becomes clear to him he isn't going to have a role and he requests a release very early in the year. No dice, the guy is 39 all he wants is 1 more kick at the can, not like he has much time left, then they finally decide to release 2 days before xmas, kinda low. On the other side the Steelers likely had a plan in place to use him, until it became apparent that TJ Watt was a lot more ready than expected. I'm hoping this can be a Brett Farvre esque scenario where after a few years time will heal wounds, guess we will wait and see.
  18. CA Huddler Meet-up

    Make sure you don't wear a JStew Jersey, you may get more than you bargained for Goph
  19. Coach of the Year

    Deebo on Participation awards. A bit hypocritical
  20. Coach of the Year

    http://www.espn.com/blog/pittsburgh-steelers/post/_/id/26682/why-the-james-harrison-time-bomb-blew-in-steelers-locker-room Jeremy Fowler is a pretty reputable source. This changes things for me big time in terms of why he was released and echoes michaelredd9 earlier statement. Having said this, getting back to my original rant. I still feel Tomlin and Butler should have absolutely given Deebo more snaps. The guy is still a solid run stopper and can get to the qb in certain situations. You watch, he'll be a studd in NE
  21. Coach of the Year

    There is no loyalty in sports. he knows why he's in Foxboro don't kid yourself, hes an educated, smart guy. His goal is to PLAY for a championship, if him playing meant he had to go to NE and help out their offense too , im certain he is fine with that. He had no quams about going to the Bengals
  22. My Xmas Miracle!

    So here is the story. I'm up 9 points going into the 4th Quarter of the Steelers game with JUJU as my last hope to extend the lead, to that point he has 1 catch for -2 and the steelers are dominating the game so im like f this im going to snow blow they are gonna run the clock out now, I dvr the end cause I never miss a snap of my team. So I come back and see a notification on my phone saying JuJu scored a TD. Look it up and see hes got 18 points in the 4th Q .. I start sensing the gods messing with me..... so i go into the last game up 28 and he's got Alshon Ajayi and Foles to play, this is a full PPR. After the Ajaiy screen pass I was like alright its over so wife and i watched a movie. After the movie when i flicked back over to the game it was like 2 mins into the 3rd q and I was only up by 4 points, watched a bit and fell asleep, wake up this morning to see I won. I have no idea what the hell happened so im going to rewatch. The final score was 98-94 in a full PPR with 9 starting positions. Worst dud of a final ever. It was our 10th year in the only league I play with 9 close friends, very competetive, my 3rd final and my first title. Ill take it!
  23. Coach of the Year

    Are you ready to concede that Tomlin is an absolute gong show of a coach. Like how could he not see it coming that NE would sign James Harrison. He cuts harrison and lets him and all his knowledge walk to the biggest competition we have. Not to mention the heartbeat of that defenseive locker room, not on the field but those young guys look up to him, so frustrating
  24. My Xmas Miracle!

    In the other 2 finals i was in 8 and 9 years ago i had horrendous luck with injuries those days so ill take this win !
  25. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    78-71 for me I've got Juju left and hes got 3 Eagles left. Most uneventful finals I've ever witnessed