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  1. Gurley is out!

    Annnd I missed the missed the news and started him fml
  2. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Would really appreciate 1 more drive for KC
  3. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Currently Down 18 with him in PPR and Broncos left tomorrow
  4. Week 16 Milk Carton

  5. Patrick Peterson

    Trying to decide on whether I'm going to start Cooks or not.. does Peterson stick to one side of the field or does he move around also?
  6. Saturday Gameday Thread

    These frigging flags !!!
  7. Patrick Peterson

    Yeah I'm between Cooks and Alshon
  8. Saturday Gameday Thread

    I've got other options, we start 4 wrs ive got Keenan Edleman Alshon Cooks and JUJU, As of now ive got Allen Edleman JUJU and Alshon locked in.. juju's tweet was reassuring, I know very little about this hip pointer injury that Allen had, 2 limited practices I guess that must be a good sign that he's over it... not asking for start sit.. just looking for feedback on who yall are going with over him on your own teams if at all
  9. Saturday Gameday Thread

    Who is starting Keenan Allen tonight ? If not who are you starting over him ?
  10. Juju...

    Going out on a limb. My guess here, is he felt a little something in practice that wasn't a major deal and as a precaution they held him out Friday just to be safe. He was at walk through just not on the field. This time of year it's normal.
  11. Juju...

    Love this I honestly believe JUJU is one the next faces of the NFL when talking about branding and marketing.. The kid is young, has a great head in him, relates to a huge range of different markets from gaming to mountain biking to sports.. hes super likable, plays for an international level ( Canada for sure) brand in the steelers. He's active on social media in a positive way, interacts with his fans.. super cool
  12. Trust Keenan allen

    Allen is not at Baltimore. It is at home in LA. Makes a difference in my opinion as the defense hasn't been as solid on the road. Traditionally teams travelling from coast to coast don't always play the best.. I'd roll allen
  13. Rams discussion thread

    They have to find ways to get Cooks more involved
  14. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    Brees vs Rivers would be epic!
  15. Alshon Jeffery

    Well lets revive this here in light of Alshon's coming back to life.... Am I alone in thinking his value is higher with Foles at QB ?
  16. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    What was the miracle ? A stinker from the Saints offense ?
  17. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    New Orleans I think is truly the best home field advantage in the NFL. The offensive fluctuation from home to road is incredible
  18. Fun With Flags, aka, Saints vs Panthers thread

    I'm some glad Drew is at home for the finals cause they've been awful last 3 road games
  19. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    Brees and Kamara killing me right now. Came in down 24 in PPR, he's all done. 13 pts left at half.. brutal.
  20. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Cook had 19 carries, Murray 15 carries, What I meant is that you're right, he's brittle and they need to be careful and not pound him 30 times a game. Their running attack was on point overall yesterday.
  21. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    They had a pretty even split in the game vs Miami and it worked very well
  22. Rams/Eagles

    Where was this from Alshon all year!
  23. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    League 1- I have Cam Newton, He had Mike Thomas, I'm up by 3.5 in a PPR League 2- I'm finished hes got Kamara and Ian Thomas, I'm up 43 it's a .5 PPR League 3- He's finished, I have Kamara and Brees, I'm down 24 it's a PPR and 6 PT Pass td's my nerves!!
  24. T.Y. Hilton

    Chester Rogers isn't it ?