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  1. Week 4 Waiver Wire

    I'm rolling him this week with Indy likely playing catchup and no TY.. chexdown heaven... now that I've said this out loud he'll put up a clunker
  2. Rams vs Vikes

    amazing what happens when the NFL puts 2 good teams head to head on Thursday night
  3. Wait........WTF?!???

    I listen to and watch the same shows as ya'll "down there", I guess I just never really noticed his name mentioned in the same convo. Imma pay closer attention though cause now I feel dumb
  4. Josh Allen

    In the midst of my original response I was actually going to mention his last year, but as mentioned above it did seem to me that you were referencing his entire career. Definitely didn't offend me at all, just clarifying that it was a really bad analogy using a HOF'er in that comparison, specifically in his last year, absolutely, was all fast fast Willie in that respect.
  5. Josh Allen

    How did he look yesterday ? I gotta think he raises the value of Benjamin Jones and Clay
  6. Josh Allen

    I'm also not sure, well, actually I am 100% certain that Bettis didn't get piggy backed into the end zone, Bus is 7th all time in rushing... vewy vewy bad analogy
  7. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I think at this point the only way they trade him is in return for a pick and or defensive asset, but again, a team would be crazy, even if there was a wink wink deal in place, how can that team trust Bell isn't gonna go back on that deal.
  8. Josh Allen

    But but but he said it was all Cams fault 🙄
  9. Huddle seeming unreliable

    Can buy a pack of DTV remotes for like 20 bucks
  10. Huddle seeming unreliable

    I'm not having fun unless I snap at least 1 directv remote in half !
  11. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    If I owned him id sell high based on the hype and excitement. Their oline is baaaaad..
  12. Stat of the Day

    The browns have a better record than the steelers and patriots.....
  13. Tom Brady

    I'd think he has some interest in pushing NE into tops of the Lombardi race at 7 but maybe not.
  14. Wait........WTF?!???

    Don't get good reception on the rabbit ears in my igloo I guess... just seems I rarely hear his name on the shows I listen too/ watch when they are comparing the all timers. Could be wrong.
  15. Tom Brady

    They seem to always start slow dont they.
  16. Since sacking the QB is now 50/50 a personal foul...

    But this is ok i guess
  17. Wait........WTF?!???

    He is so under rated and often forgotten about when talking about the greats. Absolutely belongs in the Brady manning Rodgers class in my opinion
  18. James Conner Outlook

    There is NO WAY the Steelers pull Conner out of the starting role if he keeps playing well when/ if bell shows in week 11. A. The steelers will surely apply for the 2 week roster exemption upon his return, so he'd be out week 11 and 12 . B. He's fat / out of shape ( as seen in photos on the seadoo) C. He's lost the respect of his teammates, most importantly the oline. Conner is the guy no matter what imo
  19. Garoppolo hurt, probably ACL

    Gotta make a trade son !
  20. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    He's gonna be a bust wherever he goes imo.. A. He's completely out of shape ( not That fast to begin with )and B. He needs time with his oline so the line can learn his style or vice versa so.he can adjust to his new lines style of play. He is not a fast back who find the hole quick and pounds it. I think we all know by now his style requires a very solid line and some other weapons to empty out the box and open up running lanes. Either way good riddance. I'd take a box of fruit loops for him if I'm Colbert at this point.
  21. Jordy Nelson

    1 drive lol.. he was useless after his td
  22. Garoppolo hurt, probably ACL

    Why the f$$k would you ever bench Drew Brees...
  23. OK Brown fans - exhale

    The atmosphere in the crowd , with Joe Bucks play by play had the feel of a playoff game, by far one of the most intense week 3 Thursday night games I've ever watched
  24. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Bell riding jet skis in Miami.. not looking very fit.. can anyone tell me.. If he reports week 10 but the Steelers get the 2 week roster exemption , does that 2 weeks count towards an accrued season because he reported or would the 2 games come off his total