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  1. wow. Never seen this before!

    This, gotta pay attention
  2. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    Well a lot of us called it in this thread. Likely a bust but partially not his fault, as Gase doesn't use him. 5 Catches over last 3 games. 9 rush attempts yesterday.
  3. Kamara is NOT expected to play

    No way Murray isn't being more invovled from here on out.
  4. Collusion?

    Have you already paid for this league? If not I'd bail if the commish does nothing about it and screw them for ROS
  5. Yes I heard on first things first this morning the full interview. Totally out-of context
  6. Ooops.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportingnews.com/ca/amp/nfl/news/jarvis-landry-says-browns-will-beat-undefeated-patriots-quickly-backtracks/bu01tl2hhx7r1lnfnpvd9jjs9
  7. On the flip side, so far, most teams would have a better chance at winning if they just punted on first down
  8. Saw this on Twitter Statistically.... if the patriots offense DID NOT take the field this year they would be 3-3-1 and a playoff team in the AFC.
  9. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    If he's waived now any team can sign him. If he's waived after the deadline he has to go through waivers.
  10. Commissioner Advice

    Are there no players coming back? What's he sending back for picks? Need more information as DMD stated.
  11. 212 Points in my league, 26 Sacks = 26 points, 18 Int= 36 points, 4 Fum= 8 points, 5 TD= 30 points, 1 safety= 2 points, 2 blk kick = 4 pts, 322 322 ret yards = 6 points (1 for 50) 2x pts allowed 0 = 40 points ( 20 each shutout) 2x pts allow 1-6= 30 (15 each), 3x pts allow 7-13= 30 (10 each)
  12. I need a new name.

    I mean, Matt Moore anyone ?
  13. I need a new name.

    " I forgot to respond in my own question thread"
  14. I need a new name.

    Must be a 2 qb 6 team league.
  15. Sanu To Patriots

    At that time we had no idea what this defense would become, since then it's been an absolute entertaining circus act by them. I'm sold that they are legendary because of who they've played, but i'm interested to see it moving forward. I've learned to just ride out the greatness and lighten up on the anger towards them because it was making me miserable. . Also, I already said in a previous thread about projecting team records, that the Steelers were losing their first three games. I knew they would lose in NE, we've never beaten tom their before.
  16. Sanu To Patriots

    I think moving forward the only sure thing is Edleman. They now have Edelman, Gordon, Dorsett, Sanu, Harry coming back, Myers who looked decent last night and Watson now who got a decent amount of looks last night. Not to mention White and when Burkhead comes back . That's a lot of mouths, on a team that spreads the ball around with a lot of different personel groupings.
  17. Sanu To Patriots

    I'm not sure they can be great with their offensive line the way they are. Again, much like their defense has played no competent offense, their offense has faced 1 competent defense being the Bills, and we saw how that looked. The AFC in general is absolute trash. I'm not sure the offense would do anything vs the Saints Packers or 9ers. But you're right, they don't have too.
  18. Sanu To Patriots

    Its the first time I can stomach watching them because it's been so entertaining watching their defense just humiliate teams.
  19. They are ranked 1st OVERALL at all positions in fantasy points in my league, 15 years, have never seen anything like it. So would you drop Patty Mahomes or Dalvin Cook on their bye?
  20. Sanu To Patriots

    At this point, it matters not. There is no one even close in the AFC that can challenge this defense. This is the 2015 Broncos all over again, average offense with legendary defense.
  21. Sanu To Patriots

    This team does whatever it takes to win, 7-0, destroying teams, still making moves. Hate them if you must, but you gotta respect them.
  22. Mike Evans Trade?

    If they aren't trading Howard they aren't gonna move Evans
  23. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    Used to be easily attainable for him. 100 yards 6 Catches for 40 yards and a TD will do it.
  24. What Do You Need/Not Need For Win Tonight?

    26 from Bell in a PPR
  25. Yahoo Waivers

    Anyone here in a league where waivers are continuous and processed daily ? I'm wondering if those of you who are, have had your leagues waivers processed yet today. Usually they process very early in the morning but so far today nothing.