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  1. JAC WRs

    Well Hurns just released
  2. JAC WRs

    Well considering they foolishly paid moncreif 9 freakin million, I'd think they view him as their 1
  3. Jets Trade up

    If im the colts im calling the Bills to name price for pick 6.. their 2 1st rounders and minimum
  4. Jets Trade up

    I get your point but we arent talking about any of these QBs as being on that level.. they arent emotely close to being a sure thing... they spent as if they were getting the top pick and there is a once in a lifetime type of talent IE Manning or Luck
  5. Cleveland is dealing today

    Loss of Joe Thomas sure hurts, dude still had lots left in the tank buy all indications before he got hurt.
  6. Cleveland is dealing today

    I'm curious what Browns fans want, QB at 1 then Chubb at 4 or Barkley at 1 and whichever QB left at 4 OR QB at 1 then trade the 4th to Buffalo for their later 1sts.. I feel lile now that Hyde has Signed in Cleveland it would be such a browns move to draft Barkley but they'd be smarter to take the QB they want then Chubb at 4 , A DE can give u much longer return on investment than a rb who if you're lucky you're gonna get 6 quality seasons
  7. Packers release Jordy Nelson

    Jordy seeing Raiders today, Seahawks Tomorrow and Saints Friday.. my bet is Nawlins, they need a #2 WR , they signed Patrick Robinson and Demario Davis, who dat all in ?
  8. Cardinals cut Mathieu

    So what does Arizona keeping his cap hit mean for other teams ? Steelers are desoerate for a safety
  9. Packers release Jordy Nelson

    WTF is wrong in the world when the dolphins are paying ALBERT FRIGGIN WILSON 8 MILLION A YEAR!!!! And Greenbay wont sign Nelson at 9 mil ..
  10. Packers release Jordy Nelson

  11. Packers release Jordy Nelson

    He'd fit white in in NE .........
  12. Sherman out in Seattle

    3 Year deal with 9ers worth 13 mil a year http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22711835/free-agent-cb-richard-sherman-agrees-deal-san-francisco-49ers
  13. Cleveland is dealing today

    OMFG they gave the 1st pick in Round 3 for Tyrod Taylor ? 1 step fwd 2 back , he would of been released likely, good grief
  14. Cleveland is dealing today

    Josh appears to be focused, hezus ! https://twitter.com/DownWithDamon/status/971839010820603904
  15. Cleveland is dealing today

    with all these moves that's gotta entice Joe Thomas to want to keep playing I would think?? If the browns don't win at least 4 games with the talent on this offense after they draft Barkley and assuming Gordon stays out of trouble, they need to leave the league and join arena football.
  16. Tag and Trade, guy is totally out of check with reality http://triblive.com/sports/columnists/timbenz/breakfastwithbenz/13383533-74/tim-benz-leveon-bell-making-it-impossible-to-stay-with-steelers-long
  17. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    I would still suspect cuts will happen in order to make more room to sign FA's on def but for the moment it looks like Bell is going to report Week 1, new he was bluffing about retirement, he's such a tool.
  18. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    Well AB restructured his deal today to make the cap space available for Bell
  19. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    My Issue with Bell is that while I agree he should be paid as the best ( even though in reality he isn't statistically, 2nd to Gurley in scrimmage yards and barely ahead of Hunt) His ask is ludicrous. They upped their offer from last years offer and he said no, he wants minimum annual average of this years tag value. My sense is people go a little over the top over his numbers in the fantasy world, but in reality, he averaged 4 YPC and 4.5 yards per touch, with one of the best Olines in the game, a HOF QB and the best WR in the game. He had 2 runs over 20 yards, he's slow, but an elite pass blocker and receiver. I believe a guy like Dion Lewis would fill the role beautifully, signing bell totally handicaps them for improving what they need to win the super bowl and that's def, whens the last time a RB carried a team to the SB. They only have 6 mil in cap space and need to make up 8 mil to pay for the tag ( Entire Tag counts towards the cap, long term deal can be spread out over the life of the deal)... you can't devote that much cap room to a RB when you have other needs, especially with Ben done in 2-3 years, its win now and you don't need a 15 mil RB to win in the NFL. An old Deangello Williams had some of his best games of his career with this Offense, I say sign a Dion Lewis or Carlos Hyde for 5-6 mil, shore up the def and Draft some depth at RB and let him go.
  20. What is their Cap situation? Why not a push for Cousins ?
  21. What I feel like when I see McDaniel weasel face
  22. Am I the only one that would LOVE to see the Browns in the playoffs !
  23. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Its not just any selected games, its their ladt 6 games each played. Not really a hot take, its a statistical fact. Just found it interesting. Couldn't care less about Kap not playing.
  24. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Just gonna leave this here to soak in
  25. Congrats to the Eagles

    There was a few videos of fans fighting eachother but thats gonna happen anywhere