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  1. T.Y. Hilton

    Chester Rogers isn't it ?
  2. Chiefs/Bolts

    Surely the nfl can afford to pay these refs a couple mil a year to force them to be full time
  3. T.Y. Hilton

    He also got hurt during the game Sunday. He did come back in the game but maybe progressively worsened through the week
  4. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Agree depending on field position and game situation
  5. General game day observations

    I believe it will happen next year unless Tomlin or Butler or Both are gone.
  6. Vikings can OC John DeFilippo

    Hopefully they will run the ball more like Zimmer wanted and get creative with Cook.
  7. Big ben future

    He is signed through next year, all indications are he will play next season. Hard to say with Mason Rudolph, time will tell, worth a stash if you have the bench depth.
  8. General game day observations

    Been a long time coming! The tides are shifting
  9. And down go the Patriots

    Please entertain us
  10. Naturally

    Lol I'm hoping this Brees and Kamara funk ends next week. Got 3 byes out of 3 leagues for first time ever so I'm naturally expecting 3 losses
  11. Spencer Ware Injury?

    He came back in anD was fine
  12. Naturally

    I'm very lucky I had a bye this week
  13. General game day observations

    There is a not so impossible scenario where they can actually win the division.. Steelers have Saints and Pats and Bengals.. Ravens have Chargers and play the browns... a few things go their way and it's a real possibility
  14. And down go the Patriots

  15. Golden Taint to Philly

    Well I think it's pretty clear that Jeffrey has been Tainted... 5 or less targets , no tds and no more than 50 yards since Tate arrived
  16. 4 pt TD or 6 ? 1 for 20 yards or 1 for 25 yards? -1 or -2 for picks ?
  17. McCarthy Out in Green Bay

    Does Bruce Arians switch his campaign from Browns to Packers??
  18. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    She's dtf I'm sure that's at least 1 reason they hang out
  19. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    I see 1 important difference between the rice incident and the hunt incident, while I agree visually rice incident is much worse. Rice was actively being assaulted himself in that elevator, he had nowhere to go and retaliated, could be argued he was defending himself ( lawyers argument not mine) In hunts situation he actively is going towards this woman. He has multiple people trying to pull him back and remove him from the situation. Although the result was less gross than the rice, the circumstances are more aggravating to me in the hunt case, it shows a much more predatory action rather than a reactionary response.
  20. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Should be treated same as Ray Rice. Video is clear and inexcusable... Should be suspended on the spot.
  21. League rules debate on trades

    Should be a trade deadline. That's the easiest way. Then open up trading for off season if you choose.
  22. MNF game thread

    What happens to Vanderesch when Lee comes back
  23. MNF game thread

    Please kamara don't be concussed
  24. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    " Personally, I don't think the trade is that even" to me that is garbage... you can't veto a trade because YOU think it's not even
  25. Seems like Williams and whoever the OC is have some serious chemistry with this team. They are playing very well. Why mess with that ? Would be so Cleveland to go mess up whats working. Too bad Joe Thomas couldn't have been a part of this.