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  1. AFC Championship Game

    Wr's coach retired, Hines Ward the lead candidate to fill that roll, QB coach to fill OC position which means Ben will have a lot more freedom, I see a lot of hurry up O next season.
  2. AFC Championship Game

    Yes my apologies I was aluding to some around here not all
  3. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Nope. Hes there, announced today that defensive coaching jobs are safe fml Other big headline today is he's already calling out the NFC for rematch in 2019 probowl...
  4. AFC Championship Game

    Wow, no wonder everyone hates you pats fans, logistically impossible for you to have a discussion without name calling and being aggressive and obviously taking a joke. Let me break it down for you a little bit so maybe you can chill a little champ. The reference to the refs was made because of a lot more than just the Titans game, it's been a running joke and theme in MULTIPLE media outlets ( surely not boston) and been a running joke around here for a while. Secondly, my statement about the NFL praying for the Pats is 100% based on Viewer interest for the game. Relax and stop being a 3rd grade baby with your name calling
  5. AFC Championship Game

    Yup that's what I was referring to above. Very big off season coming
  6. AFC Championship Game

    This sums up Mike Tomlin pretty well in his own words. Really Mike ? Maybe you should loathe! HATE! failure, then perhaps the decisions you make in situational ball would put the team in a better position to win
  7. Coordinators

    Forgot Del Rio is out there for DC
  8. Coordinators

    As its likely that my team parts ways with at least their OC and hopefully their DC, I'm wondering who is out there that is a good up and coming candidate for a coordinator job from some of your homer teams or even any big name targets that the steelers could look at.. noone comes mind off hand for me internally other than maybe thw QB coach who has a solid rapport with Ben
  9. AFC Championship Game

    There is a large group who has share in the ownership that is pressuring Art Rooney to make some changes.
  10. AFC Championship Game

    On two fronts. 1 that Tomlin doesn't trust his HOF QB and 2 that Ben would not keep this in house, 2 just speaks volumes to me about the lack of respect for the coaching staff, few other leaders coming out saying there is something missing and that talent can only take them so far ( coaching and discipline which goes hand and hand )
  11. AFC Championship Game

    Well here is the answer i guess. Wasn't searching for this at all lol, coincidentally showed up on my twitter feed seconds after I read your comment. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/16/big-ben-says-hes-not-allowed-to-check-to-a-fourth-and-1-quarterback-sneak/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. AFC Championship Game

    Just seen on article from Pitt post gazette. Hasnt done a sneak since 2014. That is coaching
  13. AFC Championship Game

    Yup Ben is notorious for blaming others, I love em, without him we aren't a playoff team, but bro youve been in the league 14 years, you are at that level that u can twll the coach to pound sand if u disagree with a call
  14. AFC Championship Game

    18 for 19 career which is actually better than Tom who is regarded as the best at it.
  15. AFC Championship Game

    Confirmed , he has a chance to execute it now at the PB , perfect no def
  16. AFC Championship Game

    Totally off topic, but you know whats a bit amazing about Jax and their offense? They've been without arguably their best offensive weapon ( before Fournette came in) since 1st Q of week 1, Allen Robinson, I had totally forgotten about him. This team if they get a QB and when they get him back, holy smokes
  17. AFC Championship Game

    I.donno if I can stomach it LOL .. if vs Vikes ill watch to hope they lose. If vs Eagles they'll dominate so ill likely not watch
  18. AFC Championship Game

    NFL sure praying for the Pats and Vikes( vikes soley due to hometown sb intrigue) to win no doubt. Can u imagine the interest of a Foles vs Bortles SB ... wow. For the die hard football fan they're gonna watch no matter what but the SB gets the bandwagoner fan when the game has intrigue.
  19. JAX/PITT

    http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/joe-starkey/2018/01/14/Joe-Starkey-Humiliating-loss-should-have-Art-Rooney-II-demanding-change/stories/201801140220 Alot of chatter I've seen saying Haley isn't to blame here because they scored 42 points but to me its more about this "That the offense put up 42 points had way more to do with sheer individual brilliance, born of desperate circumstance, than anything Todd Haley did." Ive seen it 100 times, steelers come out flat then Ben starts going no huddle calling the plays and the offense explodes. Haley has to go, and so does DC Butler. That defense has been so bad for a decade, Tomlin should be on a serious hot seat for next year. He gets way too much credit becauee he hasn't had a losing season. Tired of hearing that. He inherited a HOF QB, how many of those are there in the NFL since Tomlin has been a HC.. his in game awareness is atrocious! So frustrating he gets a free pass.
  20. JAX/PITT

    I have a much more NSFW gif but not appropriate for here either. I think u can imagine . Ben has indicated he is coming back, leads me to believe that haley is likely getting the boot
  21. JAX/PITT

    Are all yall tomlin lovers ready to concede that hes an absolute horrific coach ! NO NEED for onside kick, just gave them 30 yards
  22. 3 days before home playoff game.. is it so hard to say "im focused on Sunday" https://www.sbnation.com/2018/1/11/16880888/leveon-bell-franchise-tag-2018-contract-pittsburgh-steelers-free-agent
  23. JAX/PITT

  24. JAX/PITT

    Far from over not enough def to cover everyone nice to see MB10 involved
  25. JAX/PITT

    I bet their NE game plan is a lot better than this one