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  1. Gage, Russell ATL WR Byrd, Damiere NEP WR game is postponed. Can I add Gage for today to replace him?

  3. New Contracts Edwards-Helaire, Clyde KCC RB (R) 5 Mostert, Raheem SFO RB 2 Byrd, Damiere NEP WR 1 Robinson, Allen CHI WR 4 Fairbairn, Ka'imi HOU PK 1 Texans, Houston HOU Def 1 Cuts with contracts Thomas, Jordan HOU TE 3
  4. Trade: FROM FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS TO FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS EXPIRES Mr. Big | Opie Coleman, Tevin SFO RB Solitaire | The Rhinos Year 2021 Round 3 Draft Pick from Solitaire | The Rhinos Sun Aug 23 11:00 a.m. Comments: You SUCK!!! Accept
  5. Berlin Lipstick Bomb | berlin Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick from Berlin Lipstick Bomb | berlin Solitaire | The Rhinos Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.03
  6. 1.03 OTB

    Send offers. I will be at work for another 1.5 hours then I will trade or pick. I'd like to trade down a few spots and gain a pick Sorry to delay things, but hard it's difficult at work
  7. Rhinos/Dr No trade - Processed

    approve (solitaire)
  8. RFA bid- Allen Robinson - Solitaire Won

    69 (nice)
  9. who's returning?

  10. Hello Henry,


    When you have time can you take a look at the YOTD playoff seedings.  It was transferred over from D.A.D. and reads the 4 division winners make the playoffs.  As you know, YOTD only has two divisions.  I am not sure if I have a chance or not with the new system.  If it is the 2 division winners + top 4 victory points, I think I do.


    Thanks, J

    1. The Rhinos

      The Rhinos

      nevermind, I see the playoff post now.  sorry.


      Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Solitaire roster 2019

    dropped Treadwell (3 year contract) Moved to IR: Jordan Thomas