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  1. I run leagues on Yahoo, Espn, and Nfl I run simple to very unique leagues that I put a ton of work into. Have some of the best owners that you can find. To show my commitment to you if you play in 2 of any of the leagues I will pay one of your league fees. My leagues are $25 and $50. I am looking for experienced and committed owners and the most important aspect is relationship. I value my owners and want guys who bring something to the leagues I run. Hope we can build a long term relationship. Paul email me at centurionsoldier7@yahoo.com if you are interested
  2. I run a league on Espn and need an owner. I hope you can see the effort put into this league through the google docs. I am sending you the link to take a look. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Look forward to hearing from you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15lE1KXRlnnRqzX5m5hflYCaRswD78zKVn9eQrHDOwRw/edit?usp=sharing email centurionsoldier7@yahoo.com Paul
  3. I run 5 leagues. I also run a league that is very unique a dynasty hybrid league with lot's of unique rules. The league is currently filled at this moment and is very popular. Whoever takes over the vacant spot I am hoping will be an owner who is loyal and would be interested in playing in multiple league down the road. I am a very loyal comish and have many amazing friendships through fantasy football. Community is very important to me. So if you would be interested in taking over the current vacancy please let me know. 16 team 0-4 keeper league. I will pay first year league fees. email me at centurionsoldier7@yahoo.com if interested.
  4. Please check out this league: I promise you that you will enjoy it. I had 100 percent return from last year. It is so popular that I am creating AFC and NFC https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wul8UvBcnh6QtKiBDzg5EJWFpUNrHZx9EZ8W4aLvD84/edit?usp=sharing This is what Shane P. Hallam said about the league from draft tv Out of the Box Leagues is the most unique and immersive dynasty fantasy football experience today. The ability to not only draft and own players but to handle day to day operations like stadium upgrades, scouting, and the other intricacies of the NFL is unmatched by any other league that exists today. Having to deal with real issues that coaches. GMs, and owners have to deal with make you feel like you are operating a real NFL team. Players holding out, dealing with agents, marketing your team, and more all become the focus in this new fantasy league. The development of not only fielding a good team of players but how to gain advantages for your team and make real money is a must for any fantasy fanatic. https://twitter.com/DraftTV Shane P. Hallam email me at centurionsoldier7@yahoo.com if interested
  5. Greetings, I have 1 spot for very intense creative fantasy league. I pay out over $2,000 in winnings to loyal owners. Email me at centurionsoldier7@yahoo.com if you are interested Paul