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  1. Tom Brady for Carson Wentz and Dez Bryant

    And if Brees goes down to injury, then you have no "replacement-Dez" points AND you are starting a waiver wire quarterback. I would say no.....and I'm a Pats fan.
  2. Barnidge value up with RG3 out?

    Well, there is nowhere to go but up, that's for sure.
  3. CJ Anderson ?

    No -- Kubiak has to show me that he will not use a RB-by-committee first. DeSean Jackson is in a contract year, playing for his next deal.
  4. Who should I start at RB?

    On the road, Opening Night, at Denver = nope. I would go Spencer Ware, at home vs. SD.
  5. For sure. Coming off the first week of preseason action, excitement for football will be on the rise. Please consider OUTRAGED, a longstanding BoTH (Born of The Huddle) league heading into its 15th season. If you are a committed prospective owner who would value 1) a season-long fantasy experience with a very stable league, 2) friendly fellow owners, and 3) a very moderate fee (leading to prizes at season's end), then we would like to have you! As a brand new owner, I can attest to the above. I have already been welcomed and goodnaturedly ribbed about my favorite team. You, too, can come and rake a Patriots fan over the coals, at no extra charge! :-)
  6. Looking to join an established league..... My priorities would be friendliness and maturity of fellow owners, frequent activity, competitiveness, a quality commish, stability of the league overall. If it's a money league, that's cool with me as long as the finances are run through LeagueSafe. I won't just send money to someone I don't know. My upper limit is probably in the $50-75 range, so big-money leagues won't be a consideration. A slow draft is something I always liked, but a live draft is fine too (as long as I can make whatever date and time is set). I've seen a few leagues that incorporate weekly NFL picks, and I dig that aspect. Different wrinkles in scoring and roster management don't bother me, as long as the rules and prize structures are well-known to everyone from the beginning and don't change mid-stream. If your league has a vacancy and all of the above applies, please give me a shout. -Prof
  7. 7th Year BOTH League Opening

    Shoot. Looks as though I got here too late. The league sounded very much like one I'd consider joining. If you have any other openings, please contact me.