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  1. We have a 3 keeper league

    That might be great advice, although Newton in this league is pretty valuable. (16 team league). But again, I'll have to go though the lineups and see who I think guys will keep and who will keep less.
  2. Cam Newton to miss four months after ankle surgery WR's and now this? hmmmm, my star keeper might be in trouble.
  3. Teams told Mendenhall is retiring

    I have Jennings too, and just saw that he got signed to the NYG's. Now the question. Rice/Jennings or Elligton? hmmmm....all tempting keepers.
  4. We have a 3 keeper league

    PPR league. You can keep 1-2 or 3. But I guess I'll have to get a feel on how many others are keeping. I might end up keeping two only. But we'll see.
  5. So what now? Is Andre Ellington a top 10 RB now? I might have to chose between Rice and Ellington for a keeper. Hmmmm.
  6. We have a 3 keeper league

    So Ellington over Rice eh?
  7. We have a 3 keeper league

    Hey guys, I know it's early. But just read Reshard Mendenhall might be retiring. Now, this is a 16 team league and QB's are a premium. 6pts per TD and 4 for QB's Who would you keep? QB Cam Newton RB Ray Rice RB Andre Ellington RB Reshad Jennings WR Demaryius Thomas
  8. Ray Rice arrested

    I'm still debating on keeping him in our 3 keeper league next year. He really killed me this year.
  9. Fantasy Football League new ideas for 2014

    Actually, how our league works is that each team gets a choice of keeping 1-2 or 3 players. 1st round of the draft would be for teams that kept 1. 2nd round are for teams that kept 1 or 2 and round 3 starts the regular draft. This keeps everyone playing for something right till the end of the season and playoffs. It all counts for something. Also gives a nice balance of a keeper league and a re draft league. Always like to tweak the league and I hope I get one idea from this form that can use. But it would also be great to see other Leagues out there. Fun to see what they look like too.
  10. Fantasy Football League new ideas for 2014

    Our leagues name is Who Da Man Fantasy Football League. Our championship trophy is named DA MAN. And you get a designed mug with our league Logo and your team name frosted onto it. We have 4 Divisions (4 in each) and play a 12 week regular season with a 4 week playoff format. Each team will play the whole four weeks for money or standings. Better you do (other than the 5 top teams) , the better draft priority you get when the next years draft comes around. Have 14 per team, with 9 starters.
  11. Hey guys, I've been running a 16 team league for 10 years now. I always try to tweak the league and try to improve it each year. I like to start talking FF again, and would love to hear some of the ideas you guys have in your leagues. Even the small ideas. I improve our league site each year too and it's one of the best sites out there (at least I think Be great to see what you guys have for your league sites. Be great to show off your League sites on here too.
  12. My Fantasy League new features

    How is it going to work? Hope there are a few more extras on MFL this year. Put in a few ideas. But who knows.
  13. If the one point is taken awa

    Like to hear some ideas from you guys. How are you going to run your kicker points if the NFL takes away the extra point?
  14. Just wondering if any of your leagues are going to try some new ideas for next year. We went with 16 teams and 4 divisions this last season. Was great with the right schedule. Also started blind bidding for waivers and a IR position. I want to do a bit of tinkering next season. But It would be great to hear other peoples ideas.
  15. NFL last min stat changes

    Thanks for the help guys...... Should be a interesting playoff in our league now.