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  1. Gary Kubiak taken to the hospital

    Offensive Coordinator is still calling the plays. They moved Decamilis to HC so they didn't have to move around the OC or DC. By making this move it helped keep everything as close as possible to when Kubiak was there.
  2. Anyone Starting Lamar Miller?

    I think I have to role with Miller, he's been fairly consistent all year. I could bench him for Forte but coming off injury I'm worried Powell will eat into his carries.
  3. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Cousins vs Ravens in the Wind or P. Lynch vs ATL Tannehill vs Ten T. Taylor vs Rams
  4. Seems like bad Wind in the game, should I bench Cousins or pick up one of the following: Tannehill vs Ten T. Taylor vs Rams Bradford vs Houston Lynch vs ATL Right now I'm favoring Lynch as it should be a high scoring game and he has the most upside.
  5. Veto This?

    Team A: Trades Ezekial Elliot to Team B: for Tom Brady Team A: QB: Bortles, Fitzpatrick RB: Hyde, Elliot, Sproles, Ajayi, Whittaker Team B: QB: Brady, Rodgers RB: Blount, McKinnon, Powell Seems like a terrible trade, but the thing is Team A initiated the trade. Team A has two good RB's but nothing after that, and Bortles is just as good as Brady fantasy wise, though he's on a bye. Team B doesn't need Brady and has horrible RB's so it helps him a lot. Seems like a Veto as Team B gets a lot better and Team A gets a lot worse, but Team A initiated the trade so not sure.
  6. Saw this headline on RotoWorld and I think it just speaks to how oblivious the NFL is to things. Why can athletes take shots to numb parts of there body so they can practice and play in games, but thinks like Josh Gordon are taboo and you get suspensions? It's just hypocritical and it's obvious they allow shots so their star players can play so they can get more money. It just doesn't seem like a topic I see brought up very often and would like others opinion on this subject.
  7. Gates or Fleener today

    Gates seems like the safe choice to start the year off. Fleener is still adjusting to the playbook and him and Brees haven't been on the same page. Fleener has more upside as the season goes on and has a good matchup week 1, but I'm risk averse so I'd go Gates until I see Fleener produce.
  8. Stacked Like a Pole Huggin' B

    Except that Landry is a lot better than Lockett. Landry is a borderline WR1 in PPR, Lockett is a WR3 at best and more like a WR4. Start your studs, you drafted him high for a reason.
  9. Help

    If it's PPR I like Moncrief more, so I'd probably go with Moncrief and Cousins. If it's Standard, I like Jackson more, so I'd go with Jackson and Luck. Luck and Cousins are fairly close this week IMO, and I wouldn't want to pair them up with their receiver to just avoid them both having a bad game. By splitting them up it reduces your risk.
  10. Is everything good with mccoy?

    Probably just bad projections. I would rate them both pretty similar this week.
  11. Wdis at flex

    I would not touch anyone on SF this year, they are going to be a mess. Same with the Ravens backfield as that could go to anybody. Think the save choice is to go with Blount here.
  12. Last minute deal before kickoff

    that deal seems terrible. Lacy isn't that much worse than Miller, while Allen is a lot better than Cooks IMO in a PPR league. The fact that you have to give up a 1st makes this terrible. If you really want to do the trade though, I would take the 1st round pick off the table.
  13. Stacked Like a Pole Huggin' B

    Seems pretty obvious that you go Beckham, Landry, and Moncrief. Not sure why this is so difficult.
  14. Rawls or Ivory today?

    Both are hurt, but Ivory is probably less hurt so I'd go with him. Michael would probably be the best person to start if you could drop a 2nd QB,TE, or a WR you don't want. I wouldn't drop Ivory to pick him up.
  15. Have some good choices for my flex and not sure where to go Foster vs Sea Marvin Jones vs Indy Moncrief vs Det Both receivers should be in a shootout and see lots of plays, but for some reason I like Foster. He's going to be getting the ball a lot and think he'll do really well in the passing game.