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  1. One song

    Tea for one - Joe Bonamassa
  2. Prayers/ good vibes needed.

    T&P sent for you & your family, BP.
  3. Today Was A Special Day

    Yep, a great post, Menudo. For a Steeler fan, you're not half bad.
  4. Hey, Big John

    Not sure why, but this reminds me of "I'm a taxidermist. A taxidermist doesn't drive a taxi, I mount animals" Bartender to regular crowd "It's awright boys, he's one of us!"
  5. Hey, Big John

    First name not really David
  6. Big News!

    Good for you, Irish. Wishing you nothing but the best.
  7. For the record

    Sounds like there is a "sleep performance anxiety"
  8. this is georgia

    HFS. That's all I've got to say about this.
  9. "I'm not surprised that you get along well with all of the neighbors...put 50 kids with Downs Syndrome in a room and there is going to be a lot of hugging." Wow
  10. Ya know yer old when

    It takes you all night to do what you used to do all night.
  11. Sandusky guilty

    Have to agree with Detlef on that. Also, if Sandusky has any class & any true remorse, he would just kill himself now. Whenever I think about this case, and others like it, it reminds me of the movie "Sleepers." It depicts in no uncertain terms what the victims go through, how their lives are changed & warped forever. If you haven't seen it, you owe it yourself to watch it.
  12. R.I.P. Bob Welch

    Hey Big John, you are among our best & brightest. If I ever win the lottery and start my own company, you would be the first person I would try to hire. (Well, maybe the second, but I'm pretty sure my wife wouldn't let me hire Rosie Jones anyway)
  13. American Idol

  14. Please warn your family and friends about this!

    Glad to hear she is OK. Same thing almost happened to me, years ago when I was about 19 or 20. I worked graveyard shift in South Lake Tahoe, and after work decided to drive down to the Bay Area (about 3-1/2 hours). About halfway there, I was in the fast lane doing about 75, and the next thing I knew I was driving off the shoulder of the road after going through 5 lanes. I barely avoided slamming into a fence and was able to get back to safety, but another second or two and it would've been ugly. I have never driven while that tired again.