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  1. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Computer will give him JJ Arrington or Fraud Taylor.
  2. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Wow - almost to the 4th round and none of the rookie RB's have been taken yet. Is this consistent with other Mocks?
  3. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Any predictions on what Timmayy will do here? I'm guessing Steven Jackson or Marvin H. Edit to add: Wait a minute, this is Timmayy we're talking about. I'll change my prediction to Eddie George.
  4. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    I'm overweight - can I take his place?
  5. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Thanks Club
  6. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Can one of you Oprahers post a link so that the rest of us can view the draft?
  7. Carl is obviously pissed that people

    Carl is one of the gayest looking imaginary people ever. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. NFL in Anaheim

    What about the Colts? Are they staying put or is there still some suspicion that Irsay Jr. will do the Indy what he/his dad did to Balt.?
  9. Where is MH #23?

    hmmmmm...Now I wonder if carl was around back when Bronco Billy was the only huddler who mysteriously saw Freddie Jones as a balding, middle-aged white guy?
  10. Calling Out Raiders Fans

    Here you go, spain: Raiders updated Depth Chart per Ourlads
  11. Of all the Players Likely to Retire...

    If I acquired an NFL franchise, I would hire Corey Chavous to head up the player personnel dept. That guy did an amazing job analyzing the rookie draft. I would be shocked if he doesn't end up in that role for a team as soon as he retires. Rich Gannon would make a great QB coach or maybe an OC eventually.
  12. 2005 Mystery Huddler #22

    It's Monica's brother, Orel Lewinsky.
  13. I have lost track....

    Too lazy/busy to look it up. Appreciate it If someone can list the Raiders 2005 draft picks.
  14. I have lost track....

    Awesome. Thanks Sam.
  15. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    Has the MH been mentioned/guessed yet?
  16. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    All righty then, I'll guess it's Vote Quimby 2
  17. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    I'm guessing this mystery homo is Yo Mama.
  18. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    Whew, that rules ME out. Note to self: Add Oprahers who guessed me to "the list".
  19. 2005 Mystery Huddler #19

    Why is this MHomo dancing with Mr. Bean in pic 2?
  20. This is kind of funny

  21. 2005 Mystery Huddler #17

    Yes, it would knock yours down to #2.
  22. 2005 Mystery Huddler #17

    REZ, REZ, REZ - that was hurtful. I owe you. Again.
  23. 2005 Mystery Huddler #17

    Do they have internet connections in Gay bath houses? How is this MHomo communicating with you?
  24. Draft Strategies a changing

    : dr.phil: How's that been working out for y'all? :/dr.,phil:
  25. 2005 Mystery Huddler #16

    "Use a gun, go to college" - UM Motto ================================= Anyone else have the song "Do you really want to hurt me?" stuck in their heads after viewing this MH pic??? =================================