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  1. Really having trouble with my lineup this week. Would you change this starting lineup if it were yours? RB1: Fournette - obvious start RB2: Morris - really unsure about this one but Garret said "27 carries is a good number for him this week". Great matchup WR1: Julio - really thought about putting Gordon here give. Julio has been a WR2 in most games this year. Can't bench him though. WR2: Jeffery: Don't think I can bench him either. Better QB than Gordon's and aside from last week, a red zone hog Flex: Dion Lewis. It's frustrating seeing Burkhead vulture TDs from him, but feel like I need to start him against Miami Hype/memes aside, would you start Gordon over Morris, Jeffery, Dion, or even Julio? Also have Perine, Burkhead, McKinnon, and Ahglolor, but not really considering starting them.
  2. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Need 15 from Jeffery to clinch division. Thought that was realistic. Apparently not.
  3. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    It's done until the full appeal in the 2nd circuit. If he pursues that it would only be to get his money back, and/or to clear his name, since the full appeal can't likely be heard until after the new year - after his suspension is already served.
  4. What Do You Need On MNF?!?!

    Need 20 from Lions D. I have 14 now, which I don't understand. We get 10 for zero PA, and 2 each for sacks, INTs, and fumble recoveries. Box score says only 1 sack and zero turnovers (halfway thru 2nd quarter.) I should only have 12.
  5. AJ Green ejected

    That chokehold and ground pound. Someone watched the GSP/Bisping fight last night.
  6. Morris or McFadden?

    As an Alf owner in a PPR league, I'd rather have DMC. Morris may get more carries, but even best case for Morris is 50/35/15 with DMC and Smith, and with McFadden as the 3rd down back catching passes, and possibly overtaking Morris' "lead" role, I think he's the better play. Non-ppr I'd probably favor Morris.
  7. McFadden Available

    I'd drop Stewart. I have Kelley, and while hopes of him breaking out appear to be dwindling, I think he has a better chance. Stewart has had an entire season to do something but hasn't.
  8. How much to give up for Zeke?

    If you're hoping the 2nd circuit, who wholly sided with the NFL in the Brady case, is going to issue an injunction, I don't see that in the cards. They see the CBA as a contract agreed upon by both parties with formidable lawyers. They're not going to get involved. The 5th circuit is moot.
  9. McFadden Available

    The suspension is in effect now. Appeal doesn't change that.
  10. How much to give up for Zeke?

    Appeal doesn't end the suspension. It was 3 months between Brady's appeal and the 2nd circuit hearing arguments. He's done until week 15. His trade value is too low now unless you're 2-6 or maybe 3-5 and need immediate help to keep you in the playoff hunt.
  11. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Zeke owners thought they were safe through the Skins game. Not so fast. The initial injunction hearing was set for 10/30. NFL has filed a motion to expedite the hearing before the 10/29 game. Probably changes nothing if you haven't traded McMorris yet, but more confusion and consternation for Zeke owners.
  12. Trades Mckinnon for Dez (reasonable)

    I think that's fair. Dez is solid and Latavius is still getting 3 touches to McKinnon's 4. With the latter's fumbling issues, McKinnon's numbers could come back to earth soon and Murray could reverse those touch numbers. I have McKinnon and am concerned about that.
  13. KC/OAK Game Thread

    Smith is absolutely fking killing me tonight. 32 points... so far, like 12 of those on that BS tipped pass. Plus Watson on bye so I have to play Ben.
  14. Should I hold or drop DMC and/or Morris?

    Who's on the wire? In my 12 team it's barren enough that holding is more than reasonable. They're not worth an Agholor, Perine, or Ivory.
  15. Hunt trade

    You lost.