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  1. Is Eli really done?

    Eli is who he is. If you give him time he's as good as any starting QB - Good Eli. If he gets pressured, however, he's Bad Eli in most instances. Usually you can tell early which one he is for that game because it's all over once you see the first Eli Manning Face. It's nothing but downhill after that.
  2. Is Eli really done?

  3. Corey Clement or Mr. Wendell

    I grabbed Smallwood speculatively. Even if Clement plays, which seems likely after putting in a full practice today, I think there's enough for both Clement and Smallwood in a PPR league. Let's be honest, if you're considering Smallwood at this point it's because you need depth badly or a bye week fill-in, so he's probably as good as you'll get.
  4. Congratulations Brees!

    He's a total class act. Happy to see him get the record.
  5. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    It's your league's fault for allowing Gordon to be there at 24 in half-point ppr. Golladay, Ebron, and even Thielen have been surprises and he hit on all so far. Despite Thielen being ranked high to begin with, I think we all thought Cousins would spread the love more, especially to Rudolph in the end zone.
  6. Stat of the Day

  7. Sammy Watkins moving forward

    Same as always. He teases with talent then pulls up lame. When healthy there's a lot to like. Unfortunately that's only half the season and you never know when to trust him once he's dealing with a hammy or the like.
  8. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    My problem is that the team I have him on also has Amari Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Calvin Ridley, Josh Gordan and Kenny Golladay. If I had only three of those I'd be happy. Having them all, especially when Gordan gets involved in the Patrriot offense, makes choosing just three an exercise in hindsight every week. I trolled for potential trades and haven't been offered anything near value. Owners like to point to Ridley being my 14th round pick instead of the 6 td's he has already and similar with the rest.
  9. Let’s talk about John Brown.

    You are dead on about him. He's a starter - until he gets his obligatory hammy injury. I'm seeing what I can get for him while I can trade high also. But if he can stay healthy he's got the right QB to match his game.
  10. Keke Coutee

    You said "a Healthy Fuller". Haven't really seen that yet. Even so, I don't know about Coutee. Keke Cutie sounds like a stripper.
  11. can DEN beat KC?

    Almost the same here. I have Kupp on all three of my teams. Two I got high-pointed (seems to be a trend for me) and would not have won even with Kupp in the lineup. The third ream I lost by 0.46 pts. Not a good start to the season for me. High points in two leagues but also second most against and 1-3 in both of those. It's still early, however.
  12. J. Howard?

    Howard's on my only team where I don't have Ingram. I have Carson, who I'd have more confidence in up until last week. I'd love to have a spread option lineup choice, starting 1 RB and 4 WR (used to be able to do this in my old STATS Inc. leagues. I have to sit one out of Ridley, Kupp, Brown and Amari Cooper and they all have nice matchups.
  13. J. Howard?

    Cohen's diminutive, will likely get dinged up and miss time. Then Howard will see more production but until then I think we're all somewhat screwed. I'll be moving him to flex and starting any number of decent WR's weekly until he gets more use.
  14. can DEN beat KC?

    I'll feel much better if Mike Williams (who I started in for Kupp in two of my leagues) goes for another 2 TD's and Allen Robinson (who I started for Kupp in my remaining league) gets 100 and a TD.