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  1. Michael Thomas worth keeping?

    He's still getting the most targets and if you add even one TD in there over the last two weeks you're not doubting this Thomas at all. Snead is coming back which makes it a bit harder to double team him. As long as Brees is still targeting him often he'll get his points. Same can be said for Hopkins. Targets = opportunity. His talent will win out as long as he's being thrown to.
  2. Brandin Cooks: Why no love?

    Hang in there. With Gronk potentially out with a groin injury Brady may now be without his two sure-fire go-to guys(Edelman, Gronk and Amendola would have been third). Someone's got to get those targets now.
  3. Can you trust Beckham?

    The real question is once he is back on the field and healthy, do you rust Eli?
  4. Top 5 RBs

    Ajayi top 5? Three games of 200 then an awful lot of mediocrity. I'll take someone with the same season totals that's more consistent like Gordon any day.
  5. Thursday Night Football

    A coworker called in sick today. Someone suggested he was hungover because he had to drink a shot for every FG and every 3 and out. I said in that case he's not hungover but probably dead from alcohol poisoning.
  6. Sam Bradford's knee?!

    Not a homer with any local info but just the way they responded makes me suspect he's hurt more than they are letting on. The head coach sounded defensive. Saying they are "cautiously optimistic" he plays this weekend this late in the week when this is the first anyone's heard about his knee is also a bad sign imo.
  7. what if... Barnidge to BAL

    Don't forget Brad Johnson for the All-Neck team.
  8. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    I am hoping Kate Upton dumps Justin Verlander and dates me on the rebound in the next two months. I figure my chances are slightly better than Gordon being reinstated or gilthorp winning lotto.
  9. Marshall Plan

    People here will rip you for anything and everything, lol (especially for not agreeing that Dak Prescott is already a sure-fire hall of fame lock). Should I have said Eli needs to pull up his big girl panties and stand in the pocket longer instead?
  10. Marshall Plan

    I think Marshall is by far the best red zone target Eli has but with Eli getting happy feet and throwing the ball into the ground 1.6 seconds after every snap I don't think they're going to see much of the red zone this year. I know their o-line isn't that great but what's worse is that Eli doesn't trust it. He's playing scared. He pretty much just falls into the fetal position at the mere whisper of pressure. He might as well retire as his little girl panties don't play well in the NFL. (I have Marshall in 2/3 of my leagues. He'd be better off on the Jets.)
  11. Drop Palmer for Which QB

    Bradford 1. Second year in system so more familiar and likely allowed to audible more on his own. 2. Underrated yet solid WR's, good TE, apparent franchise rookie RB and improved o-line. 3. Not an unknown commodity. Top draft pick with obvious skills but in bad situations or injured in previous seasons. In a good situation now. I don't see any reasons not to grab him. Alex Smith is a known commodity. Last week wasn't his career breakout game.
  12. MNF annoucers are horrible

    But does she swallow?
  13. MNF annoucers are horrible

    The woman sounded like Rosie O'Donnell, just not funny.
  14. David Johnson out 2 to 3 months

    Law of 370 got both of them.
  15. Pagano gives credit where credit is due

    If he really gave credit where it was due, he'd have said "Plain and simple, we suck. We draft terrible."