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  1. Chiefs/Bolts

    It was a comment made to the Chiefs' propensity to start fast and fizzle late. Not sure why the Seahawks were brought up. But since they were, the Seahawks are known for finishing strong. Chiefs not so much.
  2. The Browns...

    What's going on in Cleveland is great for the NFL. I hope they finally have competent enough upper management and hire a good head coach so they can be good for a while. Their fans deserve it.
  3. Chiefs/Bolts

    I'm a little late saying it but the annual late season Chiefs collapse has begun.
  4. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    I need nothing. Topped my boss's boss 123.9 to 66.7 and I still have Ingram going tonight. On to the championship game next week.
  5. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    6 team league?
  6. Chiefs Homers - Hill

    Have you heard anything locally about Hill's heel? Everything looks like he's playing but is there any rumblings that he might not go or that he's only 60%, etc.?
  7. MNF - Vikings vs Seahawks

    This season can still be salvaged. There is still a ton of talent on this team and some fresh play-calling will help. Cook is starting to look like pre-injury Cook. So their path in the playoffs will be as a wild card but they're still in the hunt. It could be worse. Consider the Packers.
  8. Cooper to Cowboys

    That's a good point. The Raiders' o-line is dreadful this seaon and Carr has no time to throw, much less progress through reads or let plays develop. And there's no Raiders rush offense to respect. Still, it seemed like Carr didn't even look Cooper's way earlier this season. Still, it's not like there's a legitimate receiving threat opposite Cooper to prevent double teams, unless a safety is always being used to spy Zeke. You can put some of this on Cooper, too. I read comments he made about the trade opening his eyes. So being rejuvenated or woken up, either way some of his lack of production in Oakland can be put on him.
  9. Naturally

    Lot of studs who carried their teams to the playoffs let their owners down. Rivers, Brees, every Ram. Add in injuries and stupidity (Conner, Gordon, Hunt) and it's just been a brutal first week for the playoffs.
  10. Cooper to Cowboys

    If Dak can make Cooper a WR1, what was Carr/Oakland/Gruden's problem? (Man crush on Jared Cook and Seth "Bad Hands" Roberts?)
  11. And down go the Patriots

    It was only the old two lateral, lateral play but still just as fun to watch unfold. As for the Pats, better for it to happen now than in the playoffs.
  12. After watching him the last two weeks, I think he's going to show up big this weekend. I'm starting him in every league I have him. Then again, he's starting because I lost Conner in all those leagues, lol.
  13. K Benjamin

    It was just a tongue-in-cheek comment about that offense in general. They are still ridiculously good.
  14. K Benjamin

    Yeah, they'll only average 35 points per game without Hunt.
  15. K Benjamin

    So, where does he land? Where would you like to see him end up? (Not necessarily the same thing.) Big red zone target for Cowboys? Saints? Patriots? Unsure how much he's making and whether certain teams can afford him.