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  1. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    12 team full point PPR Flacco Duke Johnson Kenyon Drake Demaryius Thomas Adam Thielen Charles Clay Keelan Cole Buttkicker Panthers D
  2. STEW!!!!

    Yeah, yeah... Put a monkey in front of a typewriter and eventually he'll type a word. Same thing here with Stew.
  3. Up in Smoke

    My playoff weekend started with Kamara leaving the game early with a concussion. He's been one of the driving forces in my playoff push. I consoled myself knowing that this particular league uses the total of two weeks for each playoff round and hopefully I'd have Kamara back next weekend. Turns out it may not matter after all. With Wilson, Bell, Hopkins, Thielen, Engram and Duke Johnson at flex (because Amari Cooper is a bust) I still went for 150+ and that even with a -6 from Baltimore's D my opponent only managed 102.
  4. Wentz Injury

    I hate to see this as he's a talented player, fun to watch and a totally nice guy (good for the league). This is just a brutal sport and sometimes I wonder how anyone plays a whole season without getting hurt anymore when you consider how easy it is to get rolled up on, etc. in addition to all the big hits these players give/take.
  5. Coach of the Year

    Hard to call Goff a bust of a rookie QB when any veteran put behind that line would have struggled mightily. Gurley went from RoY to nothing because of that line and with Whitworth and an upgraded line Goff and Gurley showed their talent.
  6. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    Jimmy Smith out for the rest of the year for the Ravens now.
  7. Do you think Hunt will rebound after the bye?

    His nickname should be Krispy Kareem. Much like the donut, he's only good while still hot out of the gate but once he cools down he's just a pile of sugar-coated lard.
  8. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    Because a TD in the final seconds of a game already clearly won by the opponent is representative of future performance.
  9. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    One of my teams in 2010 had: Ray Rice - 1220 rush, 556 rec, 6 total td's Arian Foster - 1616 rush, 604 rec, 18 total td's Calvin Johnson - 1120 rec yds, 12 td Roddie White - 1389 rec, 10 td Brandon Lloyd - 1448 rec, 11 td I don't remember the QB, TE or Def but does it really matter after those five?
  10. NBC Skycam/view fail

    I was going to say the NFL doesn't care if we post our disdain for it on social media but they actually might listen and make changes since it won't cost them any money to change back (like say, canceling the London games would).
  11. richard sherman tore his achillles?!

    You're all so off base it isn't funny. NFL football is a brutal, brutal sport. I heard one NFL player explain it like this - basically we practice all week and then get in a car accident every weekend. These guys are beat to snot even when they're "healthy". I wouldn't disrespect any player for saying that even a week between games wasn't really enough, but 4 days as it is now for a Thursday night game is asinine. If you think they're whining without merit then you go get hit by 240 pound players who run 4.5 40's for 60 minutes and see how ready you are to do anything 4 days later. Sherman already had issues going on with his Achilles and himself even said he figured it would pop eventually. Did playing on Thursday night cause it? Who can say, likely not but there's no denying an extra 3 days before playing again most certainly could do nothing but help.
  12. richard sherman tore his achillles?!

    I have had a complete rupture of my right Achilles. It didn't hurt. There was a pop but it felt like someone kicked me in the calf when I was going up for a rebound. I limped a little bit immediately afterward for a couple steps but I mine was misdiagnosed by my internal med doctor when I went in the next day and not caught until a month later when I went back in because I could then see a visible gap between the two ends where it ruptured. So I walked on it for a month without much noticeable pain.
  13. Doug Martin looking good

    What are you talking about? He looks great! Not a single hair out of place. Perfectly coiffed as he sits on the sidelines. We're talking GQ material here.
  14. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    Apparently granting authority to the commissioner and committees and then trying to retract it when you don't agree is all the rage on both the players' and owner's (note: singular grammar) now. Don't extend Goodell and let Jerry install himself in the position. He's not just bigger than the NFL, he is the NFL. And Dallas fans wonder why everyone hates the Cowboys... Starts at the top.
  15. Pains me to say it ...

    I don't like him. He's been dead to me ever since he dumped Carrie Underwood. HTF does anyone ever dump Carrie Underwood...