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  1. Hockey Question (Part II)

    This was being preached back when I played o-so-many years ago. I'm not sure the argument stands muster, as there is nothing like game conditions to really hone the skills. The argument really works both ways, but I'd simply summarize it as there is better youth coaching in Europe than in North America right now.
  2. Fate of the NHL-- recent bankrupcies

    Not to speak for Canadian men, but when I found myself up in Ontario last spring, their women looked quite....tasty is the word that springs to mind.then i sure don't want to see the hogs you've been screwing.... yuck
  3. Fantasy Hockey Teams You Around?

    i dont' think nolan is coming around. i have sharks tix, and attend many games. he hasn't been the same since his huge "salary drive" year. I think it's his back...there have been loud whispers (but they publish some "groin injury" blab...typical). If i were the sharks, I'd trade him to the East. If I were unlucky enough to have him on my fantasy team, I'd trade him while he still has any value.
  4. Say, who's that atop the Northeast?

    and the Bruins win again, vs. the Sharks.
  5. Predators Have 2 Wins: Guess Who They Were Against?

    i think you know it's more a case of the big boys not showing up for the lowly preds, than something good the preds are actually doing.
  6. M. Lemieux & Shields for Leclair, Gagne, & Belfour?

    even with the eagle's injury problem, this is a steal for you. you really think Super Mario is going to get in 55+ games? Look at LeClair this year. He is back healthy and productive. Upgrades all around. pull the trigger
  7. Forsberg is a manimal!

    there was little doubt that a healthy forsberg would be a top 5 NHL player. he is proving that true. i was at the Sharks Avs game and Forsberg was all over the ice. the save on Forsberg as he stickhandled in on the right, switching over in the crease was unreal. Peter should have scored there, too.
  8. Say, who's that atop the Northeast?

    another original six team makes good, ala the stanley cup champs
  9. Nashville Predators

    Yes, i know quite a bit about the Predators as I make it a habit of knowing those teams that compete in the same division as the Stanley Cup Champ Wings. Here is my take: 1. Great coaching with Barry Trotz. He has the team playing a solid system and they rarely over react. This team had THE BEST overtime record in the NHL last year. They have game plans and stick to them. This 2. special teams. very diciplined. don't take too many dumb penalties. last year they ranked in the top 10 in the NHL in fewest penalty minutes. that's huge when you lack scoring depth, as the Preds do. The Preds were also a top 10 ranked tema in penalty kills. 3. Goalies. solid, but not spectacular. Vokoun and Dunham are interchangable parts. Given the low risk game plans/scratch and claw type system, these guys are good enough to keep the Preds in the game against most teams. 4. Terrible injury problems. Legwand should be their superstar (#2 overall pick in 1998) but he seems to be heading in the wrong direction. He hasn't been healthy (bad back). Stu Grimson, a former Wing enforcer, had a concussion asdid their #1 line winger Scott Walker. 5. This team just doesn't have scoring talent. Greg Johnson, another Wing cast-off, was their leading scorer last year with only 44 points. That means he was the lowest scoring team leader in the entire NHL!!!!! The are a relatively small team, gritty, but not tough. 6. I really like Scott Harnell. He plays great defense for a young guy and seems to be a team leader at age 20 or so. Legwand has just about worn out his welcome. If they haven't already done so, management must be losing patience wit thsi cat. In 4 seasons, he has managed to tally 37 goals and has a career +/- of (-4). Not good. Javing Jere "junkie" karalahti bag on the team was not good. Remember the Preds traded their best player, Cliff Ronning, for this dude. I think the Preds were counting on him to be a top 4 blue liner with upside potential (the guy had a missle shot from the point), but now........ sad 7. I think the player with the most upside is Dennis Arkhipov. He may be what they thought Legwand was. I also think Andy Delmore is a top-10 in the league offensive defenseman. He makes a ton of defensive mistakes but is their most important presence on the power play. It'll be fun to watch Scottie Upshall develop . He was their number one overall 2002 draft pick, but is very slight of build. They also picked up a guy later named Patrick Jarrett who should develop well. This team can't make the playoffs. They promised they would in year five, but that ain't gonna happen. By and large, a boring team with awful third jersies. Long time hockey fans can appreciate what management tries to do with the little talent the team has, but Legwand has been a real drag on the franchise's upward potential.
  10. Fleury suspended

    looks like you've turned on a former av, tough love, huh? wink
  11. Fleury suspended

    this guy has serious emotional problems brought on as part of the "sheldon kennedy thing" while a junior player. he needs counselling and i hope he makes it back. Fluery is a good guy who was victimized at a young age. Certainly fun to watch when he is on his game.
  12. Drury to the Flames!

    i have not seen morris enough to really make an educated comment, and the Avs do seem to know what they're doing, but on the face of it, they gave away an awful lot. Drury is a huge playoff performer and somebody who could skate as top 6 on any team in NHL. should have gotten more, imo
  13. yes, good place to get good info and to put down the Predators and Avalanche. Wait until after the NFL season and you'll see.
  14. Betting on games this Saturday

    michigan state will cream ND this weekend, literally bet on it.