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  1. WDIS QB

    One more week.. 300 yd bonus of 5 points Fitz vs Cin or Minshew @ ATL
  2. WDIS WR .5 PPR

    .5 PPR 100 yard bonus of 5 points In order of trust, Need a WR 2. T. Boyd @ MIA S. Shepard @ WAS J. Ross III @ MIA B. Perriman vs HOU
  3. Minshew or Fitz? Also Jacobs or A.Jones? .5 PPR
  4. Pick 1 QB

    Minshew, Fitzpatrick, Manning, Kyle Allen, Trubisky, Carr Which one would you start for semi finals? Currently have Minshew.
  5. 3 RB out of 4 .5 PPR

    I play RB in my flex cause my WR are poop, so pick 3 for semifinals please. .5 PPR ,100 yard bonus rushing/receiving (+5 pts each) Alvin Kamara Josh Jacobs Aaron Jones Chris Carson
  6. .5 PPR Flex

    Flex Start - Josh Jacobs or Chris Carson?
  7. Jacobs Update

    Jacobs has been solid but this is the first week they talked about his injury and he practiced the least. True game time decision for first time to my knowledge. Raiders have been getting killed and he wont be used in the passing game.
  8. WDIS as my flex, full ppr

    Snell for floor, Kirk for boom.
  9. .5 PPR Starting Lineup

    Been questioning WR2 all week. Mainly between Shepard and Boyd. I also thought about dropping T. Williams for Robby Anderson vs MIA. I like Darnold at home and MIA gets beat deep. I like Boyd for floor and Shepard for Boom with Tate playing and him being outside. Thanks for any and all input even other positions.
  10. Foles or Darnold?

    Both have 17-18mph Winds. Foles storm coming in later increases winds to 20mph, but its Florida and storms there come and go quickly, but the winds stay. Ignoring weather, Foles should have to throw more. Jets have better chance to run on Bengals. 6pt TD 300 yd 5 pt bonus
  11. .5 PPR Need 2 WR to Start

    .5 PPR Need 2 John Brown @ DAL Allen Robinson @ DET Tyler Boyd vs NYJ Sammy Watkins vs OAK
  12. Carson Or A. Jones?

    Same situation, I am not so confidently starting Jones over Carson in my flex. Kamara and Jacobs RB1/2. I think Carson has safest floor but Jones biggest boom.
  13. WDIS - 2 WR .5 PPR

    Start 2 WR .5 PPR Allen Robinson vs NYG John Brown vs DEN Tyrell Williams @ NYJ Sterling Shepard @ CHI
  14. WDIS - 2 RB .5 PPR

    Start 2 RB .5 PPR Josh Jacobs @ NYJ Aaron Jones @ SF Chris Carson @ PHI
  15. Antonio Brown?

    Apparently those text messages he sent are enough to get him disciplined because it breaks their code of conduct rules, or something like that not sure word for word. I had him half the season cause my WR are unreliable. I think he really wont be playing this year as much as I would love to roster him and have him help me win playoffs. I personally didn't think the txt were THAT bad but the media and people acted like he murdered someone.