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  1. Carr or Roethlisberger this week?

    and I thank you
  2. If I was to pick up someone off waiver I have to drop one for them. Options are Manning, Siemian, Bortles, Keenum, Brissett, Cutler, McCown, Kizer, Trubisky and Beathard. All the match ups are kinda crappy and their all just as trust worthy as Ben and Carr. So unless I am missing something, Big Ben or Carr?
  3. Panicking: Carr or Goff?

    Idk man I got Big Ben and Carr feel like its just who will suck less. Goff was someone I was thinking of picking up but didn't want to drop Carr for him cause he is match up dependent as well and pretty sure the game is in London?
  4. Carr or Roethlisberger this week

  5. Carr vs LAC Big Ben @ KC KC is good match up for QB but Ben has been in a slump and Carr coming off injury when team was already struggling a bit. There are random streamers available like Brissett @ TEN, Goff @ JAX and Hogan @ Hou. I would have to drop Carr or Ben for one though.
  6. Carlos Hyde trade value (PPR)

    Alright so I've narrowed down the teams that have under achieving RB and 3-4 starter WR. One team has: Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Stefon Diggs and Kelvin Benjamin (Their RB's are: Gillislee, Lynch, Gore, Rawls, Mack) They are all pure TD dependent so far this season. Feel like I could two WR here if I add Funchess with Hyde. Second: Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, Garcon, Amendola, John Brown (Gurley, Duke Johnson,Adrian Peterson) Needs 3rd RB badly in my eyes. Here I almost need to add Funchess again to get Allen IMO or too much? I would love to get Allen here. This one to me is tough cause Garcon isn't enough for Hyde. Third: DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, Chris Hogan,Marqise Lee(Abdullah, Ingram, Ajayi, Cohen, Latavius Murray) He has least depth at WR and probably best RB of the 3. Question here is Chris Hogan even straight up for Hyde?
  7. Who to start ? M Bryant or K Golliday

    I think I'm going to start Jaron Brown over Bryant this week. I'm stuck choosing between Ben and Carr, lucky me.
  8. What's the best WR you could get in a trade for Hyde currently?
  9. RB: Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde, L. Blount, Jamaal Charles and Gio Bernard WR: Dez Bryant, Devin Funchess, Jeremy Maclin, Marvin Jones, Roger Lewis As you can see I have a little more depth at RB than WR. I'm always trying to find a legit WR2 off the waiver this season for this team. It's PPR and I need to start someone in place of Dez this week.
  10. This team I would be making the move has Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Blount, Rob Kelley, Jamaal Charles I consider Charles and Kelley about the same value. I also will be starting Blount over Kelley in most situations, unless the matchup is too lopsided. I just hate to let go of a starter when healthy for a purely receiving RB in Bernard. It seems like they are behind and playing catch up a lot though.
  11. Flex (Pick 1)

    I'm personally playing Bryant this week but not with confidence. Not sure about Miami secondary but if you compare match up and Big Ben's road history. Also comparing the fact that they are very similar low floor, boom or bust players. The numbers say Ginn?
  12. WR decisions

    If you were to trade Hyde for a WR, what WR would you go for expecting a deal to be made?
  13. WR decisions

  14. WR decisions

    I feel like I need to make a change or something to improve this roster because the waiver wire is no real help for not having a solid/consitent WR2. Not the team in my signature: WR: Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin, J.J. Nelson, Jamison Crowder, Kenny Stills and Marvin Jones Jr. RB: Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Rob Kelley, Jamaal Charles, LeGarrette Blount My question is do I attempt to trade a RB like Hyde for a top notch WR now while hes hot? Then I would be taking away quite possibly my best player, even over Gordon. That's judging purely by points scored so far this season, not talent. Which would then leave me with Kelley as the main option at RB2. But in that change I should be able to fill my 2nd WR slot with a weekly starter. The follow up question to that is do you think its worth upgrading a WR if I have to start one of the three remaining RB weekly?
  15. which 2 wr to start? .5 PPR

    Jeremy Maclin, Jamison Crowder, JJ Nelson, Kenny Stills or Marvin Jones. Need 2 to start this week.