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  1. Luck or Wilson?

    Most everything is good but having an issue deciding between these two. I like Luck because he has to play and they have to win but Tennessee D is pretty good. Wilson has the better match up and is at home. Flip a coin?
  2. Reggie Bush

    Have Peterson and Bush. Replaced Peterson with L Bell and have Ivory for Bush but don't like the matchup. Picked Vereen off of the WW.
  3. WDIS: Wilson or McCown

    Wilson is playing so well he is a must start. Plus what he gives you for rushing with a possible rush td is good also. McCown has good upside. But still would pick Wilson
  4. Romo or A. Smith?

    I have Romo but just can't trust him. Picked up McCown on the WW and he is my starter.
  5. Kahill Bell is still out there after being cut by the Bears. Good player and should get cheaply.
  6. New guy in our league picked Justin Blackmon 1.7 His only reason was that he liked him in college and sure he's going to be a stud
  7. sunday ticket deal - again

    Just resigned. Told the lady that my wife would like us to have lower payments and wants to look at Dish(true). Without missing a beat she offered 20 dollar monthly credit for one year, whole home credit for 3 months, sunday ticket and redzone for free. Just have to keep with them for another year.
  8. Who will you NOT be drafting next season?

    I agree with everyone except Bradford. If Gruden does take over there(or any offensive minded coach) I believe he has the tools to be good. Given that he is a 2nd year qb with no real off season to learn McDaniel's system there was the possibility to struggle. I would draft him for my backup qb. My no-draft guy is Dwayne Bowe. Even when he does well it's always a last minute game out of reach kind of thing. I just don't think he tries given his ability.
  9. We are the champions!

    Won my league going against Brees Turner, Sproles and Graham on a week where I screwed up and benched Jordy .. At halftime it had me scared.
  10. Andy Dalton

    As a Bengals fan I'm happy to have Dalton at QB. It's nice to watch a game where the ball doesn't get thrown straight to the other team 2-3 times a game.
  11. Most injuries in 1 season, how many have you had ?

    One league I have lost Danny Amendola, Hillis, Hardesty, Felix Jones(glad I left him on the roster), Foster, Starks, Bradford, K. Smith, and A J Green at one time or another this year.
  12. What is the biggest bonehead move you ever made

    In my championship game I didn't check the weather and just put Kurt Warner out as always. Turns out it was the New England/ Arizona game with the massive snowstorm. Lost by 6 points.
  13. Who are you starting instead of AFoster?

    Felix Jones. Not a great matchup vs the jets but better than some.
  14. Championship Rosters

    Kitna Foster, Forte, Torain Calvin Johnson, Mike Williams(TB) Janikowski Eagles D Won by 10. Lucked out since he started Bowe and Vick but left started Tashard Choice instead of Pierre Thomas.
  15. Favre

    I wish more athletes did PR work then. It really made that families Christmas.