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  1. Another Pit Bull Attack

    You've never seen RR gum a ham sandwich, have you?
  2. Nurse in Duchess Kate radio hoax commits suicide

    OK, I gotta figure out a way to become royalty. If that ugly, dumb-looking sombeach could get a woman that beautiful...
  3. Oh boy, need rodent help

    I don't think they exist.
  4. Jacquizz time?

    As DoG has stated, I don't think people realize how much Dahl brought to that line. He was just nasty, nasty nasty. And I think people might be underselling Quizz too. Remember how Warrick Dunn would get you 100+ almost every game he got 20+ carries? I think Quizz could be that kind of back. The kid can stop on a dime and moves really well laterally, as many have already commented on. How much better might he be getting into the flow of a game when he was getting a hole to get through the line 2/3 times? I could be all wet, but I think he could run between the tackles if given the chance.
  5. Dan Rather -Reports

    If he's not following your advice it's saying "Leave me alone!"
  6. Pardon the interuption

    + divingboard
  7. Dan Rather -Reports

    Well, turn out the lights then. Dan Rather, a man who's shown he's not above putting lies on the air to further his own ideals, has declared Romney the victor.
  8. My daughter's observations...

    Oh that's beautiful!
  9. New James Bond movie --- Skyfall

    Gotta agree that Craig is a bad-ass Bond. I love Connery and he set the standard that no one matched until Craig. But Craig is awesome. There's a real darkness to the way he plays the character that no one's had since Connery, IMO.
  10. Benghazi, Libya

    Because they wanted to give the impression of "normalization" - that things were settling down and their policies were working.
  11. I have a wire down in my yard

    If it's not connected to anything at either end it can't be hot, but I'd call someone just in case it's needed for something. You might be helping someone else get their cable up more quickly.
  12. Star Wars Episode 7

    Second the really good books. There was a whole post-Return of the Jedi series that was pretty good. I always wondered why a TV show was never done.
  13. Benghazi, Libya

    I can see that, but I can also see using the video/spontaneous demonstration as deflection to cover up the fact that this outpost was screaming for help and they were denied for political purposes. But your theory of covering up the fact that we're funneling arms to Syrian rebels is plausible too.
  14. Sandy - a PSA

    I had a bitch named Sandie cost me 17 years of my life... Oops, wrong thread...
  15. Benghazi, Libya

    On the one hand, this is absolutely correct and it should be kept in proper perspective. The thing that makes my blood boil though is that it looks like the administration (whether it was obamessiah or his underlings) made a political decision not to send extra security when it was asked for. Those are our people. We sent them there. Our first duty is to protect them in that hostile environment, and to not do that for political reasons is completely and totally unacceptable.