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  1. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Must be something in the ATL-area water 'cause I had the absolute exact scenario in one league...
  2. Anyone bench McNabb

    I benched him for Palmer in one league, Brady in another. Looks like I'm going to win both games, but I'd be rolling in the league where I benched him for Brady if I'd started him.
  3. pick up big ben?

    I too would sit tight with what you have, unless you want a third QB. Ben is a good QB, but I think both Plummer and Bledsoe are the better fantasy QB's. Bledsoe, IMO, will finish w/top-10 fantasy numbers. He's getting good protection and has a good running game. He's still a smart, strong-armed QB and will be very effective when he gets protection.
  4. GRR!

    Some weeks you're the windshield, some weeks you're the bug...
  5. Clayton for Boldin?

    I think Bouldin's the better of the two, FWIW. That can't be more than an 8-team league if he's on waivers though - either that or you guys have REALLY shallow benches.
  6. The Race Is On In The AFC North

    It's like a pretty good o-line just forgot how to play in the offseason. I thought Anthony Wright was a decent QB till today. If Lewis doesn't get his act together after the bye, it'll be a long season for Ravens fans. The sad thing is, the Browns appear to be on the way up. If they shore up their lines and get a good QB in the offseason, they could be .500 next year. They have good WR, a decent stable of backs (if Suggs can ever get and stay healthy, he could be a great back) and decent secondary and LB corps. I'm not a Brownies fan at all, but I'd be pretty optimistic if I were. Menudo, you'd better watch out for those Bungles. That O is looking like a top-rate unit, and that D will only get better on a weekly basis. They definitely have the best passing attack in the division and two above-average backs, with an O-line playing like a great unit right now. I still think Pittsburgh is the best team in the division, but not by much.
  7. Buffalo QBs

    I really don't think Losman will get better. I think he's like Ryan Leaf - too arrogant to be coachable. Plus I don't think the head coach is a head coach, just an above average o-coord.
  8. My FF nightmare week 2

    Earlier I thought I'd be commiserating with you guys today, but Palmer and Thomas Jones appeared to have pulled it out of the fire for me. My teams got to 1-1, 1-1 and 2-0 - whooooohoooooo!
  9. Titanic Week 7 looming for Bengals?

    That certainly was an impressive showing from the kitties today. No Jenkins, NE comes out and punches them in the mouth, and they get up off the mat and pitch a near shutout the rest of the game. Nicely done. For my money, there isn't a better coach than John Fox right now. Some are probably as good, but no one is better. With 17 players on IR last year they almost fight their way back into the playoffs. They are disciplined and really believe in themselves right now. Again, nicely done.
  10. I can't believe the NYJ-Miami game isn't on tv

    It's on here in Atlanta - opposite Falcons/Seabags
  11. W.Parker

    These are my exact thoughts. I've started him two weeks in a row, but I will be looking at the matchups hard next week (who do the Steelers play?).
  12. Can Tice be fired in the middle of a game?

    I'd just jumped on to see if C-pecker looked as bad as the stat line would indicate. I'm glad I stayed away from him this year. Man alive. How did he just all of a sudden forget how to read coverages?
  13. Please help..wdis @ WR...who should sit?

    Definitely go w/the first three...
  14. Trade for Fitz or Branch?

    Thanks all, that was kind of my thinking after sleeping on it (do one or the other, but not both). Now to flip the coin to decide which!