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  1. Week 15 Milk Carton

  2. Thielen

    I’m rolling with AJ Brown over Thielen
  3. Looks like Theilen is playing. Who is starting him??

    If you had Brown, would you play him over Theilen?
  4. Im hesitant to start him off injury....Probably going to play AJ Brown instead. But I sure would like to play Theilen. Anyone going to go Thielen this week?
  5. Are You Thielen the Love?

    Im worried about going Thielen too. As of right now, Im playing Golladay and AJ Brown over him.
  6. To Mark Andrews or not to Mark Andrews..

    Higbee is the only one of the ones mentioned in this thread that I would play over Andrews.
  7. WR Help!

    Pick 2 to start at WR this weekend from this group: Golladay vs TB Theilen vs LAC AJ Brown vs Hou Amendola vs TB (no Marvin Jones) G Tate vs Mia R Anderson vs Bal I also have K Hunt at flex, but one of the above could also take that spot if you think its better. What you all think?? THANKS!
  8. AJ Brown

    Im trying to decide between AJ Brown, Amendola, or Thielen for my 2nd WR spot. G Tate and R Anderson are also in that conversation I guess. I am wary of Thielen because of injury. AJ Brown could be really good or put up a 3.6.
  9. Pick 2 at WR

    Thanks!! Any others?
  10. Pick 2 at WR

    Pick 2 to start Golladay, AJ Brown, Robbie Anderson, Golden Tate Go!
  11. You guys like Watson over Winston this week? How about Hooper over Andrews?
  12. Watson vs NE or Winston vs Jags? must win for the playoff bye! What you all think??
  13. Who you all like? Kareem Hunt or Ronald Jones for a flex play? Its PPR. I am leaning Hunt, but need opinions. THANKS!
  14. Who does everyone like? Watson has been a set it and forget it guy for me up to this point, but after last week and the fact Watson is playing on a Thursday kinda has me thinking of going with Winston and his good matchup. What do you all think?
  15. Prepping for playoffs

    I actually like the Eagles and Ravens for the stretch run. Id keep both of those on my roster. Id do that, but I dont have anyone I want to drop.