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  1. Riddick over D Murray?

    Anybody agree with me here?? Or am I nuts??
  2. Anybody going with Trent Taylor??

    Thanks guys. S Sheppard is active now further complicating things. Taylor over Shepard too?
  3. Or is Tion taking over?
  4. Anybody going with Trent Taylor??

    Would you play him over diggs and stills though?
  5. Anybody going with Trent Taylor??

    The huddle likes him this week. My choices are diggs, stills, or Taylor. Any thoughts?
  6. Am I out of line?

    What about Jordy for Antonio Brown? Who would veto that one right now?
  7. I have Manning. I’ve been offered a trade for Big Ben. I’d have to give up sterling shepherd in return. I kinda like the Manning-shepherd stack, but is Big Ben that much of an upgrade for rest of season?
  8. McCoy for Zeke and Dak?

    I tried! Can’t figure out how to do it! Lol
  9. McCoy for Zeke and Dak?

    I offered the guy Abdullah for Zeke straight up originally and then he countered with McCoy for Zeke and Dak. I could go back to him with Murray for Zeke and Dak. I am 5-3 currently in a 10 team where 6 make the playoffs.
  10. McCoy for Zeke and Dak?

    If it was Murray instead of McCoy would you do it?
  11. McCoy for Zeke and Dak?

    Someone offered me Zeke and Dak for Shady McCoy. Would you guys take that deal? I’d have to roll with Murray and Abdullah/McFadden until Zeke came back. Dak would replace Jameis. Thoughts?
  12. Possible trades - need advice

    Would anybody trade Jordy Nelson or Dez Bryant for Ameer Abdullah? Im dying for RB help since Cooks injury. THOUGHTS??
  13. Stevan Ridley - Taking over - Wishful thinking.

    I started this season 1-3, and have drastically changed my roster to get something going. I just picked up Ridley, Torain, and Redman all at once from the waiver wire. I dropped Big Ben and will roll with Newton as my QB. I didnt think I had that bad of a draft, but now that I have dropped Ben, Winslow, Eli, Chicago, Mike Thomas, Micheal Bush, and Fred Davis, maybe I did. Here is to a miracle season turn around!
  14. Mendenhall

    I wouldnt drop him but id consider adding redman if hes available. or torain. or ridely.
  15. Owners making horrible moves

    Nope, I play with people that are over the age of 7.