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  1. Saints/Giants game

    They made this decision weeks in advance. Was is the best. No. Did it cause the Saints to turnover the ball 6 times, no. Will the Giants or The saints go to the playoff or miss the playoffs because of this, doubtful. All this bitching is just stupid. Saints should just move to Vegas anyhow.
  2. Shut up M Irvin

    I think the point was that Rosenhaus was right. 512k is not worth the injury risk when he could likely secure 8 million plus in signing bonus for a multiyear deal. Football is all about the guaranteed money, and BRett should keep his nose out of it. Shame on Javon and Drew for listening to him though.
  3. New York Jets...

    Laverneous should rethink his "I can't beleive its not Butter" endorsements. His gloves were covered in it.
  4. Pennington looks terrible.

    Coles dropped 2 sure TDs though.
  5. Any thoughts on my team?

    I would think it impossible to get Edge, Portis, and Randy Moss in a 12 team league
  6. M CLarrett

    Well Ron Dayns hasnt been cut. That should give you insight to Maurice's skills.
  7. Brady= 10 Million a year!

    14 million signing bonus and 12 million bonus option next year. 26 mill guaranteed he deserves it.
  8. Do you/Would you trust McGahee?

    I think you keep macgahee DD and peyton. The whole point of an auction league is tracking inflation and gettign value. With 2 stud RBs on the cheep you should feel confident paying 33 for mannign just to lock up the best QB. You said yourself he will likely go for more then that in the draft. Recievers are easy to pick up.
  9. Baltimore: Pretty Good 1st Round Picks

    Baltimore's draft strategy reinforces the when in doubt draft a U of Miami player theory.
  10. Best player in the league?

    Ed Reed
  11. What has been your best pick

    In Portis's rookie year I took him in the 3rd round, which was really high at the time. Olandis was still the starter i think and the guys at the draft thought i was nuts. I had Peyton, Ladanian and Portis wound up losing int he playoffs, but i thought that was a great pick cause i took portis 3rd round and shoved it up everyones nose
  12. Denver RB to Browns?

    So is Tatum Bell the man now?
  13. To pick one player to build a team aorund I think I would take Michael Vick. I think he requires the least amount of talent around him to make his team better. I don't think hes the best player in the league, but i do think he's the easiest pick to make your team a playoff contender.
  14. Early Vegas Lines for Super Bowl

    I think Carolina at 12-1 and Atlanta at 12-1 are good bets. The NFC is the place to make money here. Vikings is very appealing too.
  15. How 'bout these keepers?

    I think I would keep C Mart and Dante, that gives you top 2 Qb and a top 12 back for $1. Lets you really over bid on a 2nd RB if u need to.