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  1. Ehh Prescott wasn’t a great fantasy player last year either. It’s obvious that without zeke taking defensive focus off of him, he is a middle of the pack quarterback.
  2. Foles, Bortles, or Brady?

    I actually traded for him back in week 11. He’s not touched my bench but I’m seriously considering it given his recent “slump” and the tough matchup.... having said all that, yeah it’s pretty risky to play anyone over Tom Brady in the championship game. Several down weeks usually means a bounce back game is coming when it comes to Brady....
  3. Foles, Bortles, or Brady?

    Absolutely a concern I have
  4. Decisions everywhere

    Ben diggs murray westbrook
  5. Foles, Bortles, or Brady?

    Bortles and foles scored 30 apiece last week. Brady got me 15 and I almost lost. (Praise be to Gurley)
  6. .5 ppr ride the hot hand or give Westbrook one more chance?
  7. Brady vs BUF (2nd toughest against the pass. Underperforming last 2 weeks) Bortles @ SF (is Bortles but hot last few weeks. Also playing fournette and either Westbrook or Cole) Foles vs OAK (nice game last week, playing in poor weather on MNF this week)
  8. Antonio Brown injured

    Team and score?
  9. lmao @ PIT

    Yeah. That was a touchdown
  10. lmao @ PIT

  11. Antonio Brown injured

    Whew. Survived the Antonio injury
  12. Antonio Brown injured

    Not rules out yet...questionable to return
  13. Antonio Brown injured

    No joke. If it’s the bell show from here on out I’m screwed