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  1. Josh Gordon for OBJ

    If you’re as good at ff as you are at detecting sarcasm and satire, I’ll definitely league up with you next year, homie
  2. Chew on this

    Chew on what now?
  3. Josh Gordon for OBJ

    Try and stop me punks!
  4. Josh Gordon for OBJ

    But Gordon had 1600 yards in 2013. On 87 catches. In only 14 games.
  5. I’m a lifelong Gordonsucker. Should I trade OBJ for Flash? I have Metcalf. Gordon could have some good value down the stretch if Lockett or Metcalf go down with Wilson throwing to him... what y’all think?
  6. Did Rodgers retire?

    Lol lame
  7. Jets @ Mia or 49ers @ Ari? least he started Coleman
  8. Jets @ Mia or 49ers @ Ari?

    Thanks so much for the input!
  9. Who would y’all play this week? I know 49ers have been money but it’s hard to sit a defense against Miami.
  10. There is literally no one that owns them this year that is dropping them. Lame thread, lame op.