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  1. What’s your floor and ceiling comparison between the two?
  2. Very nervous about Carson. I feel like this is the week Carrol might try to get rashad Penny finally going. Throw in some mike Davis runs and all of a sudden Carson only gets 10-12 touches. Then I could also see them going heavy Carson again and resting him next week against a probably unwinnable game vs Rams so that he’s available on the short week Thursday game that comes after. Tre’quan is at least available for a shootout game with a low floor and a high ceiling. Where exactly is Carson’s floor and ceiling this week? I have no idea
  3. go out and get this guy

    It’s Carson or Tre for me. Carson questionable tag makes me nervous. May pull the trigger with Quan whether Carson plays or not...
  4. The Mostert Mash

    Sucks. Poor guy.
  5. The Mostert Mash

    Yeah I see he is questionable now. Wtf
  6. If I went with trequan, who should I sit for him?
  7. Feel like there is homerun potential with tre’quan vs Rams however...
  8. Lol that’s exactly what I have in...
  9. Set my Lineup .5 ppr. Must win matchup. Watson @ Broncos or Ryan @ Redskins WR1 ? WR2 ? RB1 K Hunt RB2 ? TE O Howard FLEX ? K Zuerline DEF Vikings J Brown vs Steelers T Smith vs Rams J Landry @ Chiefs C Carson vs Chargers A Jones @ Patriots I Smith @ Redskins
  10. Ty Montgomery to the Ravens

    Big bump for Jones
  11. Raheem Muststart

    Why won’t they let this kid play
  12. Removing Owner

    Well then yeah, get his ass out of there
  13. Removing Owner

    “Won’t trade his best players, dominates the league, he must go” lmao
  14. Against the rules? No. Lame? Yes.