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  1. Julio Jones for E.Elliot?

    Why wouldn't it be???
  2. I'd take it, zeke only has like a 60% chance of playing the whole season before suspension is enforced
  3. Standard. Drop Rudolph for Graham?

    Graham is available?
  4. Which WW Def is the real deal

    I ended up getting the jags somehow with 11th waiver priority. Everyone was going after offensive players to round out their rosters after week 1!
  5. Which WW Def is the real deal

    My bad, wrong forum
  6. Rams, jags, eagles? All played crappy opponents, jags had 10 sacks! Damn! which team should I take a flyer on?
  7. alright well I'm down 16 going in to final 3 games of week 1. I have My flex and Denver D, opponent has Brandon Marshall and D Cook. Probably need the home run , rather than safe bet. So I'll ask again... GINN OR SHEPARD?
  8. Week 1 Injuries

    Ugh. Guess I better rescind all my Antonio brown offers
  9. Week 1 Injuries

  10. Week 1 Injuries

    Anyone see the Robinson injury?
  11. Do you agree with my trade?

    THere is only one person in the world who would not agree with your trade and that is the idiot that accepted it. C'mon, what is this? Why even post this?
  12. Fournette or Forte

    Yeah, my major reason for leaning fournette is that I don't see Texans/jags being a high scoring game so he should remain in the mix offensively the whole game
  13. Fournette @ HOU Forte @ BUF just read that Houstons game plan is to focus on stopping Fournette. Jets may see what they have before they go in tank mode, also may want to showcase Forte for potential trade suitors, so I could see Forte getting some serious run. What do you guys think?