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  1. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    This is not a brag thread. I got lucky as hell in the draft and lucky as hell with some early waiver wire grabs. Anyone who thinks it’s not fun to celebrate a good team and reminisce about great teams past must be having a cruddy season tbh
  2. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    Well, I mean, I had And started Fuller for his entire 4 week outburst, managed some good fill in weeks from some other ww drop outs. Fact is I’m still averaging over 130 and have a 300 point lead over 2nd place team lmao
  3. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    Oh and let me throw this out there - none of these wussy 6, 8, or even 10 team leagues. To qualify it has to at least be 12 competitive teams in your league!
  4. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    Dayummm. You remember your average points scored per week?
  5. Mine, this year, methinks.... Brady (via trade) Gurley (draft), Fournette (draft), Kamara (week 1 ww), Collins (week 4 ww), L. Murray (week 7 ww) Brown (draft), Davis (week 8 ww), Westbrook (week 8 ww), Gordon (week 1 ww) Gronk (via trade) Zuerline (week 1 ww) Jaguars (week 1 ww) yeah yeah I'm weak af at wr2, but I drafted allen robinson and could never quite fill that hole. hoping one of davis, westbrook, Gordon can get the job done for me down the stretch. but honestly, I haven't been in need of high points at wr2. what's the best fantasy team you guys have ever seen/assembled?
  6. Fournette or Collins

    Lol with all this no-brainer nonsense
  7. Fournette or Collins

    Even still with the dnp today?
  8. Fournette or Collins

    I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Browns been stuffing good rb’s all year. Collins usage is on the rise and he gets a reeling gb team just trying to get thru the rest of the season. I think potential is there for a blowup game from Collins
  9. Fournette @ CLE Collins @ GB .5 ppr, who you got?
  10. Standard scoring .5 ppr Thanks!
  11. Dede Westbrook

    Haha iv got him rostered, but he expects a 200 yard receiving game? Good luck bro lmao
  12. Why Can't More Games Be Aired?

    NFL network subscribers
  13. Anyone else getting In"sta"gram-ed???

    Lmao alright that’s on me, for some reason i just couldn’t get my brain to reference mark Ingram with in”sta”gram-ed
  14. Anyone else getting In"sta"gram-ed???

    In”sta”gram-ed ??
  15. Pulled the trigger. Graham’s 17pts last night will be the last points he scores for me this season...