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  1. Who would you start this week?
  2. Carson is even leas durable
  3. Gostkowski going on IR

    Who’s the new kicker going to be?
  4. Lots of FLEX options

    I’d definitely start Gordon if Edelman was sitting out, but looks like he’s playing.
  5. Lots of FLEX options

    Thanks guys
  6. 😂 I noticed that when i typed this out
  7. What y’all think? Mattison goes to the Cook owner and Melvin goes to the Ekeler owner
  8. Gordon @ Buffalo Metcalf @ Arizona Penny @ Arizona Chark @ Denver Montgomery @ Minnesota Mattison @ Chicago
  9. Drop will fuller for one of these studs?

    Geez, how are these dudes available in your league?
  10. Waiver wire RB

    Nah you’re good. Stay put
  11. WHAT TE?????

  12. Mack is active. is he a must play over any of these other guys?