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  1. Who is the better play at WR? Drew Bennett against a tough Balt def. or Donte Stallworth against the Giants
  2. Who is the better start? Lewis splitting with Taylor or should go with Anderson? thanks guys
  3. Who is the better starting QB? Griese (home) vs. NO Hasselbeck (away) vs. NYJ I have been playing Hass last two weeks. Hass doesnt play well on away games. Griese is home playing against a terrible defense. I am leaning toward Griese. DABEAR
  4. Who is better 3rd WR? Rice (away) vsMINN Housh (away) vs NE DABEARS
  5. Rice (away) vs MINN (he has a slight injured quad) Houshmandzadeh (away) vs NE (will weather play in a part of passing game) I have Houshman..... in my lineup right now. DABEARS
  6. Who is the better 3RD WR start? Eric Parker (S.D.) vs. DEN Jerry Rice (SEA) vs. DAL......Monday night game DABEARS
  7. Which DEF is the better play? There both good, but need points. DABEARS
  8. Who is the better play? Griese (home) vs. ATL Hasselbeck (home) vs. DAL......Monday night game, national spotlight game. Im starting Hasselbeck right now, thinking he will save face and light it up against a crappy DAL def. Or should I go the consertive way, Griese consistent stats....225yds, 1-2 tds DABEARS
  9. Who is the better QB start? Griese (home) vs. ALT Hasselbeck (home) vs. DAL DABEARS
  10. Who is the better start this? Griese vs. ALT Hasselbeck vs. DAL DABEARS
  11. Who is the better start Ant. Smith or Tyrone Wheatley DABEARS