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  1. pick and drop help

    i see that dywer is a good play also this week now that reedman and whats his name is not playin
  2. Start Richardson or Ridley?

    T-Rich i would roll with man he is a beast
  3. Fair trade offer for McFadden?

    um yea do it man
  4. pick and drop help

    this is off the list from the huddle projections these are the top guys projected to get more points than Tate. that are avalible
  5. i have ben tate playing this week not to happy about that. so should i drop him and pick up either Pierre Thomas Baron Batch Daryl Richardson also we have only so many waiver moves a year its 20 and im at 7 so that plays into a faxtor to.
  6. i play keeper and have webb should i keep him on my ir for a keeper next year or say the hell with him we keep 4 on D next year
  7. haha there you go. funny spoof on refs from greenbay side
  8. how the hell can i put in videos
  9. dont know if anyone else has seen this but its funny.
  10. Fme i didnt start him well who thinks he could be a good RB2 for the rest of the year
  11. Jacksonville tanking games

    Barkley here you come!
  12. MY Team Sucks!

    haha nice man. one crazy thing is i dont even have one raider guy on my team maybe thats my problem. o and i did grow up in Humboldt. so i do know all about those sticky Grean Beans!
  13. how can i change my screen name
  14. WDIS - TE and Flex question

    toss up between Tamee and Jeffery but i would go Jeffery