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  1. I will take the last team if still available
  2. Rookie Dynasty Drafts

    oh yeah that was me... lol... the draft is crazy this year and very hard to rank and separate into tiers IMO. I wasn't trying to come accross as cocky just giving some insight on why I would take a guy where i did. I obvioulsy thought I got good value based on my comments and I know others think i probably reached on several picks. Now i just hope i was at least half right on my rankings.
  3. Rookie Dynasty Drafts

    Yeah he does who is that guy?
  4. Still looking for two teams TEN and TB.
  5. Validation process

    I am wondering if the forum maintenance would cause validation of new owners to be delayed?
  6. Guys you are targeting this year?

    Apparently a lot of people drafted him in the 7th round... Maclin's ADP was 81.37 according to MFL
  7. Guys you are targeting this year?

    There are others but these 5 come to mind.. Josh Freeman - I am hoping he makes it past round 4 in our redraft Emmanuel Sanders - Ward is aging fast and someone has to do the dirty work Jerome Simpson - looked awfully impressive in Week 16 and Week 17. Super Athletic just needed to develop between the ears Miami's RB - DeAngelo would be a good fit Jimmy Graham - Super Freak TE in a high volume pass offense Last year I nailed my 5th 6th and 7th rounders with Nicks, Wallace, Maclin
  8. NCAA Tourney Talk

    He also had the ball at the end of the half and didn't get a shot off. Amazing! you play for one shot and dribble out the clock
  9. NCAA Tourney Talk

    Anyone looking for the definition of "team"? Just watch Butler play.
  10. NCAA Tourney Talk

    It was kind of fun watching Duke get spanked tonight. Williams kid from Zona is for real
  11. Auburn and Arkansas pro days tomorrow

    One of those guys surely will stick If there is one offense that Cam would have an impact in immediately it would be Carolina. Kind of like VYoung in Tennessee (spread QB with solid running game). They have a pretty good run game when their line is healthy. If I was Ron Rivera I would play it safe and take a D lineman or trade down for picks.
  12. Auburn and Arkansas pro days tomorrow

    Hopefully he is going to see Fairley and not Newton. Not that I think Fairley goes #1, but I think it would be a better value than newton. If they do draft Newton they will have a good shot at getting Luck next year.
  13. WDIS WR

    QB Vick RB MJD RB Charles W/R Bradshaw WR A. Johnson WR J. Maclin WR ??? TE Olsen already wrapped up division.. have a 10 point lead in points.. Points leader takes transaction money.. $300+ Which WR is going to go off? D. Alexander vs. ARI Obomanu vs. CAR M. Thomas vs. TEN J. Gaffney vs. KC
  14. 5 year vet of re-draft/team defense leagues and bored. Looking for a new/existing dynasty that is competitive and requires year round management. Feel free to email me at
  15. WDIS DST

    OAK or SF?