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  1. Post your rookie drafts

    That owner's name isn't Dave Gettleman by any chance, is it?
  2. New England's CB depth a concern?

    they won the super bowl last year without a secondary. looks like they'll have to try and do it again.
  3. Marcel Shipp

    not sure i'd do that...
  4. Ron Dayne?

    i won't believe it until i see it
  5. Mewelde Moore the man in MIN?

    well, that was in the 2nd half when the vikes were down by about 30 points
  6. Ronald Curry

    really too bad. great athlete and he was really looking pretty good last year b/f he got hurt.
  7. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    As an owner of carr in one league and AJ in another, this is good news - things can only get better - i hope anyway
  8. I'll be changing the channel

    if that's true, that is seriously f'd up.
  9. Holmes is looking old!

    yeah, haven't been a lot of lanes. holmes has looked ok IMO
  10. who has more upside

    bookers the safer play probably. ferguson may have the potential for higher numbers but he may also do nothing
  11. Steeler #39 jersey on its way

    does anyone want to buy a quentin griffen jersey for cheap?
  12. what's up with Ferguson?

    Andre Rison played one season with the packers and had 1 touchdown. In the 3 seasons that Bill Schroeder was a full time player he averaged under a thousand yards and 6 tds. Freeman was a stud for a few years and driver's had a couple decent seasons. That's really not indicative of anybody being able to just step in and put up top 5 or top 10 fantasy numbers
  13. Shut up M Irvin

    should that not be admired?
  14. what's up with Ferguson?

    walker was a stud. you can't just replace him and think the #'s will be the same, or even close to it. esp. from someone like ferguson who has always disappointed. will ferguson put up ok stats? probably
  15. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    One big difference is that mcgahee/j jones have much more impressive resumes. I believe willie parker was undrafted. not saying an undrafted player can't become successful (priest holmes i don't believe was drafted) but it's less likely. The original post had a good point - people are very quick to annoint this guy as some awesome future stud after one game against a bad defense. Let's watch him for at least 5 or 6 games first