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  1. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    I don’t believe any of this post draft stuff
  2. Vikes vs the Saints

    Yep that is obviously what happened. Aikman’s commentary was clueless.
  3. lmao @ PIT

    Well I don't think it's an inference. It's pretty clear to me from the main camera angle that the ball hits the ground. Honestly I think only a small percentage of people are arguing that. But everyone's entitled to their opinion.
  4. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Not sure what the 5 stages of grief are off the top of my head but you're in one of them. You'll get through this.
  5. lmao @ PIT

    Seems pretty clear to me that ball hit the ground.
  6. Seahags gettin werked!

    Belichek has done that.
  7. Can we talk about Greg Zuerlein for a second?

    I always thought it was because he had a big Johnson.
  8. Playoff tie-breaker question

    This really needs to be spelled out in league rules. If not i think maybe you have to flip a coin or something because there are pretty legitimate arguments on both sides. In my main league, total points would be tie breaker in 3 way tie where noone won head to head against both the other teams.
  9. PFF 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    don't watch one minute of college football, read some draft articles but never once have heard of Baker Mayfield. mostly read about Darnold, Rosenrosen, and the guy from one of those states in the middle of nowhere.
  10. Luck update?

    They're 1 game back in the division, 10 games left to play. They're shutting him down because he can't play.
  11. AT&T authorizes Sunday Ticket Cancellations

    Well whatever, turn to the Redzone channel then.
  12. AT&T authorizes Sunday Ticket Cancellations

    If you don't want to watch people kneel for the national anthem just tune into the game after the kickoff. Problem solved.