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  1. Have the other 7 teams declare their keepers. Let him pick his 3 keepers from his roster and anyone left over. Could also maybe give him an additional pick in the 3rd round or something like that.
  2. That truly makes no sense. If a convo has legs and enough people it will continue. I can assure you that this (and similar) threads has nothing to do with the slow death of this site.
  3. This should be posted in every thread discussing preseason game performances.
  4. This role is not a full-time position and there are no guarantees it will ever lead to one. You will be required to produce work during the regular season to meet a deadline, but at your own convenience. While we do pay for high-quality work, if you are doing this purely for financial reward, the position is not for you. In other words: "I bet you're expecting a nice gratuity" "Maybe next time"
  5. I think Seattle likes both Prosise and Rawls, but neither has been able to stay healthy. They didn't want to go through what they went through last year so they basically brought in a 3rd back who could be the "starter". My guess is they start the season that way with Lacy getting 12 -15 carries, Prosise as the 3rd down back and Rawls getting a few carries. Then they'll let performance and injuries play out and play the best, healthiest back or backs. So with that said, I'll probably take a flyer on Rawls in most leagues and the other two look about right for ADP.
  6. Going from one of best OL's to one of worst can't be good
  7. I gave a guy my 99 Honda civic to take my last wife - this is a similar deal.
  8. who cares?
  9. I see what you did there. Very clever.
  10. Brady's out of his mind. I can assure all that he ain't retiring.
  11. doubt either side would be interested in that.
  12. I'll take the other side and say I'd be shocked if he stayed
  13. Read he's still getting paid from the Eagles in addition to the 9ers. Add a nice big contract in college (assuming that's where he ends up) and he's not doing too bad for himself.
  14. new owners are getting screwed. haven't been involved in expansion so can't advise from that standpoint but i would think you'd have to do something like 2 (max) protected keepers from expansion draft. i can see existing owners having some objection to that, esp ones that have strong 3rd keepers but otherwise new owners are really getting short end of the stick. if an owner loses a keeper maybe they need to be compensated with some type of draft pick.
  15. I had three decisions i was struggling with, i missed on all of them. I would've needed to get all 3 right and then i would've won. They're not really stupid decisions in most cases, just the wrong ones. That's just the way it goes.