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  1. 2018 LLD Rookie Draft

    Didn’t want to hold up draft.
  2. 1.02 OTB

    Last chance for someone to jump up. Let me know.
  3. 2018 LLD Rookie Draft

    He’s taking Mayfield. Just draft him for him.
  4. Trade: Sir Hugo & Fabergé Legg Warmers

    Wow. Drinking a lot?
  5. 1.02 OTB

    Here’s your chance to come up and get your guy. Send offers or an email and we can chat about it.
  6. changing the franchise tag system

    Couldn’t you have waited just a couple more hours to return so I could have gotten a TE?? It’s not always just about you!
  7. changing the franchise tag system

    True but beyond that, I owe it to my family to leave my phone alone at times. If I worry about trying to be the first owner here, I’d be neglecting what matters. If I ignored being the first owner here, my teams would suffer and I’d have to just give it up anyway. Love be the new options for FT so long as it’s done right. I just don’t see FCFS as part of the right way to do it.
  8. changing the franchise tag system

    FCFS isn’t right. Our lives outside of here matter much more. It’s never a good idea to penalize someone because he had a life to live.
  9. Virginia residents can't join MFL10s leagues anymore

    That is the age of liberal views. You only do what they want. Why are you confused?
  10. Commissioner Making League Fun

    So always your own then huh?
  11. It's as though the Cowboys keep getting burnt by signing these guys with questionable character...hmmmmm!
  12. Ex-Colt Zurlon Tipton killed in gun accident

    My guess is they were ready for his next criminal act.
  13. RIP Buddy Ryan

    Never said they were good coaches. My guess is they will be coaching "for their Dad" this year though. Besides, I'll wish almost anyone who lost a parent a good year. No need to keep piling on.
  14. RIP Buddy Ryan

    Now I will be rooting for the Ryan brothers this year. RIP Buddy. Have to love guys willing to be themselves.
  15. Ex-Colt Zurlon Tipton killed in gun accident

    In no way was it the guns fault. It was his fault.