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  1. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Maybe no doubt this year, but I’m working to come after him next year!
  2. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Nice work Brent! Congrats!
  3. FA bid: Brandon Allen QB DEN - The Honey Ryders Won

    In case this doesn’t get processed in time, I intend to start him this week (unfortunately).
  4. Long Road Trip

    Nice! We went to Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach this year. It was the first trips without the kids. Loved both areas.
  5. Long Road Trip

    That road trip sounds great.
  6. Trade: Mr. Big and Honey Ryders

    I’m going to extend Kelce by a year please
  7. Trade: Honey / Oddjob

  8. Trade: Cantank / Honey

  9. I'm done and selling up for the year

    I don’t blame you on the time machine. He would have been a building block for me if not for Mahomes. I just knew he wasn’t going to start over Mahomes. The only thing more disappointing is the Broncos as a whole.
  10. Trade: Honey / Oddjob

    Cut Jordan Matthews to make roster space.
  11. Trade: Honey / Oddjob

    Agree. Please extend Ertz 2 yrs ($30)
  12. FA bid: DJ Chark WR JAC - H Ryders win

    3 yrs please