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  1. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    I was about to type the same thing until I saw your post.
  2. Discussion if no season in 2020

    I’d say contracts freeze and draft is random if there is no season.
  3. Honey Ryders gives DJ Moore Lipstick Bomb gives Joe Mixon I accept.
  4. Appreciate the offer Monkey but I’m going to hold onto him and hope he helps me this year.
  5. I see a lot of rosters that could use a good TE!
  6. LLD 2018 Schedule

    Thanks Henry. Glad I wasn’t going crazy (about this at least).
  7. LLD 2018 Schedule

    I didn’t. It was on the top.
  8. LLD 2018 Schedule

    Why did a 2018 post come up to the top?
  9. 2020 LLD revised schedule - We being now

    I’m good with it.
  10. 2020 LLD Franchise players list

    I’ll tag Jared Cook.
  11. Please help find

    Welcome again! Nice to have you! Side note for all (me included): in most the leagues I’m in we have the huddle name next to the team name. It makes it a lot easier to remember who has what team. Can owners please add their huddle names into their team names in this league?
  12. who's returning?

  13. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Maybe no doubt this year, but I’m working to come after him next year!
  14. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Nice work Brent! Congrats!