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  1. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    What would the other guy's team look like with the trade? That may make all the difference.
  2. I would take the shot with Dayne. Pittman is getting scraps, Perry won't play unless it is a blowout or Rudi gets injured, but Dayne has the potential to split carries or possibly get a start if Anderson does not heal up well. I would take your shot there.
  3. MN RBs

    Anybody got anything?
  4. MN RBs

    As bad as they may be, with byes coming into play, I was wondering if anyone has a crystal ball on this situation and let me know if M.Moore, Bennett or Moe is going to be the featured back. I use "featured" figuratively......
  5. Which handcuff player to drop?

    I agree M. Morris would be the obvious pick here.
  6. Dropping Harrington ...

    I don't think I see a down side on this. Holding onto Harrington for another 7 weeks to cover the Bulger bye in week 9 makes little sense. While Detroit does go against MN in week 9, I doubt that anyone is going to jump on that guy.
  7. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    I have really been impressed by Gibbs use of the shotgun. Not once last year did he use it and three times today resulting in two sacks and a false start....
  8. Which IDP stoked your team

    mhayhurst With an IDP lineup of: Do. Edwards, R. Lewis, K. Bullock, J. Vilma, R. Harrison, R. Barber, T. Polamalu Who were you drafting against? Is this a 4 team league? Edwards, Lewis, Bullock, Harrison and Polamalu were half of the top ten IDPs taken.
  9. Ed Hartwell?

    Hartwell found the bench for week 2. Thank goodness, Al Wilson found it necessary to do some manly work this week. Hartwell is now sitting third on my LB depth chart Al Wilson Eric Barton Hartwell M. Greenwood....
  10. Peyton owner ripe for a deal

    I agree about the favorable schedule for Manning in the next few weeks. He should ring it up between now and his bye week in week 8.
  11. Brandon Jacobs

    Is he the only option? What about others? I am in a similar position and may have to try to pick up Ron Dayne - which may not be all that bad. Mike Anderson has not looked very good lately.
  12. I traded up on draft day, so I would not be in the position to have to take C-pep. However, I did take Manning...right now that seems questionable.
  13. Edge

    What is going on with the Indy running game?
  14. W D I S ?