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  1. Which TE is my best bet? Hunter Henry SD v Chiefs at KC or J. Gresham Ariz vs Rams at Rams Thank you
  2. Wilson
  3. Can I get a couple opinions?????
  4. Starting QB R Wilson at SF RB J Howard at Minn RB D Freeman at Atl RB T Coleman at Atl WR D Baldwin at SF WR D Adams at lions TE H Henry at SD K M Bryant at Atl D KC at SD Bench RB Ware RB Powell WR T Hill TE Gresham TE Reed Should I make any changes? Thanks!!
  5. Which 2 are the better starts? D.Baldwin v Arizona at Seattle D.Adams v Vikings @ GB T.Hill v Denver @ KC Thanks!!!!!
  6. Should I play Wilson v Arizona at Seattle or Mariota v Jacksonville at Jacksonville Really appreciate your help!!
  7. Any thoughts???
  8. Which QB week 14????? Wilson at GB or Dalton at Cle Appreciate your help
  9. Do I start Dalton @ Cle or Wilson @ GB Appreciate your help!
  10. I am playing Howard and need 1 more of the following: Ware v Atl or Freeman v KC Apprecite youe help.
  11. Out of the following 3 WR help me choose the best 2 to start: Adams vs Houston Baldwin v Carolina T Hill v Atl Thanks for your help,
  12. Start Edelman at Jets or Adams at Eagles Thanks
  13. I like Cousins
  14. Who would you start at WR? D. Adams GB vs Eagles at Philly or Edelman NE vs Jets at Jets appreciate your help