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  1. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Last year he was invisible at times. He had his chances as Adams was the only receiver doing anything.
  2. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    The Packers thought Cobb was washed out so they didn't offer him a new contract, letting him walk, which is telling he is not a #1 receiver.
  3. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    Those are throwback uniforms. Second time they wore them this year. Will only wear them this as it is also their 100 years.
  4. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    A heifer is a young cow who has not given birth.
  5. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Not from LA. I am getting trouble getting it to show. google fantasy football losers tattoo to gee that os other tatoos.
  6. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Justin Bieber tattoo
  7. KC wind gusts to 30 MPH

    and snowing ai Metlife Stadium.
  8. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Deadline has passed for playing in 2019.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Huddlers!

    Like with the 1988 turkey in Lambeau Field
  10. "Big" contracts that worked out

    Last year, the Bears' defense was formidable and had to gameplan for Mack, with the offense just to make the playoffs, Not so much this year but I think Mack was worth it.
  11. "Big" contracts that worked out

    Khalil Mack
  12. Andy Dalton benched

    Dalton is now the starter.
  13. Week 12 Milk Carton

    The CBS crawl says he was benched.
  14. How do I get an avatar pic?

    On the upper right, press the C and it will your profile. On the large rectangular block on the bottom left corner there is a button with a art icon. Press this and options will appear.
  15. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    The Bears changed QBs by putting Chase Daniel in the 2 minute offense. What are going to do now?