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  1. Mahomes agree to a 10-year extension.

    ESPN is now saying it is worth over $400M Edit $450M, incl. $140 injury guarantee.
  2. Per ESPN. No details yet.
  3. Washington ????????

    Syracuse University change from "Orangemen" to "Orange".
  4. Washington ????????

    NY Army Ants (aka GI ants)
  5. Washington ????????

    Close to this:
  6. Washington ????????

    Would be ironic as the Redskins first name was the Boston Braves
  7. Washington ????????

    Per NFLN, Rappaport is saying the Redskins are likely to change their name. Sponsors such as FedEx and Pepsi are urging a name change.
  8. NFL cuts preseason down to two games

    The players union want it cut even further.
  9. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    That would be AtomicCEO if he was still around.
  10. Dak Prescott offered five-year, $175 million deal

    Prescott expected to sign $31.4M contract tomorrow.
  11. 76 years ago

    Was D-day. For the first time there will be no ceremony on site due to the Corona virus. So other means have been sought.
  12. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Which Steve?
  13. Due to coronavirus.