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  1. Week 2 Chat

    Jones with another TD
  2. Week 2 Chat

    packers Def TD
  3. Week 2 Chat

    A Jones 75 yd TD
  4. Week 2 Chat

    D Adams is back to the field
  5. Week 2 Chat

    D Adams to the locker room.
  6. Kittle out

    Posted just now Did not see this on any thread.... Kittle out this Sunday knee.
  7. How many leagues?

    6 And don't be shocked by the number Henry Muto has.
  8. Opening Week Talk

    safety GB
  9. Opening Week Talk

    GB went for it on 4th and failed
  10. Opening Week Talk

    Aaron Jones TD edit: under review reversed. 2nd and goal
  11. Opening Week Talk

  12. Cook of MIN signs 5 years, 63m
  13. Remember Me & No One

    Both of you posted 41 with the memory/s death.
  14. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    NFLN is breaking into the 9/11 memorial.