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  1. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    Expected to be 3 games.
  2. GBP backfield

    If you believe this article, they will be going RBBC:
  3. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    According to this, Ronald Jones is expected to get 15-20 touches a game:
  4. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Owens now won't attend the ceremonies.
  5. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    He just signed a 3-year extension with the Browns.
  6. Giants release WR B Marshall

    Seahawks sign Marshall. 1 year, $2M max.
  7. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    AP mentioned several teams, did not include TB, but included "St. Louis."
  8. Is MFL doing maintenance?

    Who wants to add the captions:
  9. Hunter Henry torn acl

    GB will likely keep Kendricks for depth.
  10. Deeper Sleepers

    Allen Hurns at 170 could do well in their depleted WR corps.

    It went away from the last update from the software.
  12. One song

    yes, 10 years ago
  13. One song

    aqualung - Jethro Tull
  14. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Ridley went early and Freeman came late
  15. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    I took a look at this again and it now shows Guice over Barkley.