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  1. The bold and italics functions are not working.
  2. The bold and italics functions are still not working. Edit, i also put that in the site and support thread.
  3. You can as a moderator, but it is not intuitive. in the thread itself, hover over the title, then while holding the left mouse button slide the mouse right, and you will see the title in edit mode. For other mod functions, there is a checkbox at the right of each thread where the mod powers will appear when checking the box.
  4. That is back on.
  5. Look now, the other mod features have been added.
  6. I was waiting until it was complete to say i don't have lock nor move in my mod abilities.
  7. I think it means the new software is putting an emphasis on the number of likes you get. It even has you "winning" days for having the most likes.
  8. they're back.
  9. Apparently so. Taz, it says hall of fame above your avatar. I noticed some other things but will wait until it is complete then check those again. And i just noticed my post count significantly went down
  10. Pled guilty to extreme DUI today:
  11. After an altercation in Pittsburgh.
  12. Then what will with Stewert?
  13. Being discussed here:
  14. Figured, on the wrong side of 30 and didn't do much when healthy last year.