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  1. Packers-49ers Game Thread

    Packers defense
  2. Going for 1 when trailing by 2

    Speaking of punting, there were 3 games with no punts, 2 of them in 2014.
  3. Going for 1 when trailing by 2

    A rule of thumb is to go for 1 before the 4th quarter.
  4. Chat room for TNF?

  5. Kupp or A jones

    The snow will be light to none by gametime. I would start Kupp over a RBBC.
  6. Need help with Flex...

    agree, go with Kupp
  7. Non-PPR: Edelman or J. Gordan ROS?

    I would rather have a tested Edelman than Gordon who is still a question mark.
  8. Commissioner responsibilities

    Ask the owner to make drops in order to make his roster compliant. If he doesn't then don't process the trade.
  9. Replacement Owner

    You'll find better results by posting it here:
  10. Is Fournette hurt worse than thought?
  11. Ajayi goes on IR

  12. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Jordan Reed
  13. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    Karma may backfire on you.
  14. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    He was just put on IR
  15. Wth is going on with Crosby?!

    Finally got one in garbage time.