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  1. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    College football?
  2. which will be a Busch Light.
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  4. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    And he tore his ACL today.
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    The Chiefs just traded fir him.
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    He was hurting at QB and didn't want to trade down.
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    ATAP Scoring tilted to TE and no starting RBs required Fusion Some early surprises as teams were drafting for need.
  8. Supposedly to get his life in order.
  9. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    They just re-signed Doug Martin.
  10. Doug Baldwin's career in jeopardy?

    Yes, he is a Seahawks fan.
  11. Doug Baldwin's career in jeopardy?

    I thought he was talking about Steve Largent.
  12. Will it be Rosen to Miami?

    and a 2020 fifth.
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    Raiders reach for Ferrell.
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    NFL Network
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