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  1. We did that for week 1 and to draft in high-stakes leagues (then WCOFF ow FPPC)
  2. Mr Roboto - Styx
  3. Packers re-sign Michael today. Looking like a third stringer to Montgomery/draft pick.
  4. He weighed in at 267 for one of his suitors.
  5. R Rodgers is a questionable blocker but has good hands so he can be a TE3 in situations.
  6. Deal done, includes Pats 1.32 selection.
  7. Will be interesting to see the details of the contract.
  8. To make up for the impending departure of Cook.
  9. Formally fired today:
  10. a 2nd to take him off their hands (did the Texans receive anything else in return?) Must be cheaper than cutting him? Also do they have an inside track to Romo?
  11. the new software has reduced post counts. He was at 3000 before.
  12. Landing spot, Denver? Houston?
  13. the link says he is a guard, so what does he guard?
  14. OK, I see it now. Thanks.
  15. A spammer is running wild and i don't see a place to report spam to an administrator.