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  1. [Vikingsfan]Because Pearson pushed off[/Vikings fan]
  2. It looks like 2002 was the last season with week 17 MNF
  3. Superbowl at the movies ??

    The NFL is strongly protecting their transmitting rights. They already forced American movie theaters to ceave showing games there, so don't count on seeing a Superbowl there.
  4. Titans Chiefs

    So this is what happened to spain?
  5. Texans vs. Chiefs

    That is for a 2nd unsportsman penalty. The ref will say that this one was a 1st.
  6. Texans vs. Chiefs

    then muffed the punt.
  7. Browns New Coach

    They wanted a coach who is on a playoff, so they had to wait until they get eliminayed.
  8. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    If SEA wins tomorrow, they will face SF. SF has a better seeding, so they will host the NFC game
  9. Here comes the Judge

    as in Joe Judge to coach the Giants.
  10. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    It's offical, per NFLN
  11. Vikings vs Saints

    Diggs upset that he got zero passes thrown in his direction.
  12. Bill vs. Texans

    I would try the long FG than go for it on 4th and 27
  13. Bill vs. Texans

    What kind of officiating is that?
  14. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    That would be Eddie Lacy
  15. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    ESPN is saying that Lynch signed with the Seahawks.