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  1. List your starting roster. Me - 32 HomARRRRs (32 team league) Chargers TMQB Lindsay J Williams (Assuming Aaron Jones is out) D Adams A Humphries CJ Uznomah Packers TMPK Packers D/ST
  2. Wow...

    They are usually posted on Thursday.
  3. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Need Kamara to lay an egg. Not feeling good about it.
  4. Rams/Eagles

    Goff made an ill-advised toss for an int. Gurley is hurt. Foles magic is bck.
  5. IND-DAL

  6. Aaron Jones knee injury

    Questionable to return.
  7. T.Y. Hilton

    He is active today.
  8. Is Lamar Miller hurt or what? WTF

    Yes he hurt himself.
  9. Ajayi

    Not sure, but the Eagles will have salary-cap issues next year and they have higher priorities.
  10. Ajayi

    He is a free agent after this year.
  11. Unlikely to play
  12. Martavis Bryant is done in Oakland

    He is now suspended indefinitely.
  13. T.Y. Hilton

    He was also questionable last week.
  14. Wentz out this week

    but no surgery required.