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  1. KC/OAK Game Thread

    it would have gone to the on-existent pursuing kickoff.
  2. KC/OAK Game Thread

    He scored a TD.
  3. Murray vs Henry

    Murray tweaked a hammy so it skews the results.
  4. What do you need for the W?

    A time machine
  5. Milk Carton

    The whole KC offense.
  6. Milk Carton

    He says he needs a QB first.
  7. Milk Carton

    Hopkins, Hogan
  8. Milk Carton

    TD pass to him.
  9. Rodgers hurt

    First completion to Adams for a TD.
  10. Will Fuller

    Like Cris Carter "All he does is catch touchdowns"
  11. Rodgers hurt

    That was Hundley.
  12. Rodgers hurt

    shoulder, questionable to return
  13. Bowman has now been cut, so do that.